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Resolutions 2019: The Best Gadgets to Get into Shape

2019 resolutions gadgets

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It’s almost time to start making those New Year’s resolutions for 2019. One of the best promises you can make to yourself is to get in shape and maintain good health. Fortunately, this is getting easier thanks to modern technology. These days, tech gadgets can help you with just about every area of health and fitness, from eating right to taking care of your skin. Here’s a rundown on some of the latest gadgets to help you get into shape and stay healthy.

Protecting Your Skin

Makeup manufacturer L’Oreal has branched out with a new device that can help protect you from the sun’s damaging UV rays. The L’Oreal UV Sense is a tiny battery-free wearable that you can wear on your sunglasses or even a fingernail. The miniature electronic sensor is only 9mm in diameter and 2mm thick. It measures UV exposure and transmits the information to an app on your phone to give your warnings about your sun exposure.

Protection From Food Allergies

Having a food allergy can range from tricky to downright dangerous, especially if you like to eat out. But now it doesn’t have to be if you carry a portable allergy sensor such as Nima’s portable gluten tester or their peanut tester. Simply place a small sample of food on the sensor and the device will let you know if it is safe to eat. These devices could be great for school children with allergies.

Keep Track of your Fertility

Women who are trying to get pregnant know that there is only a small window of opportunity every month, and then they have to wait until next time. But EarlySense Precept can make it much easier for you. You simply position the monitor under your mattress for three months. While in place, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to collect information about your fertility while you are sleeping. It does so by paying attention to your heart rate and respiration. It connects with a smartphone app so that it can alert you of your six-day fertility window, so that you can be ready to seize the next opportunity.

Get in Shape, Stay in Shape

If you’ve been slacking on your exercise regime over the holiday season, but you are still determined to get in shape, then you may want to check out the PowerDot. The device uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to activate the fibers in your muscles, enabling them to strengthen and recover faster. You just attach the PowerDot to the muscles you wish to work out and control your workout via an app on your smartphone. So, you can do all the hard work without going to the gym. It does make you feel like you’ve had a workout and it’s small and compact, so you can carry it along with you on your travels.

Keep Track of Your Fitness

The Ionic is currently Fitbit’s most advanced fitness watch. It’s so much more than just a timepiece; it can keep track of your fitness all day long. It can provide you with dynamic personal coaching every step of the way based on your personal feedback. It allows you to store and play more than 300 songs and has a built-in GPS which will allow you to see your distance, pace, elevation climbed, and a map of your route. As well as collecting and collating information about your activities and fitness levels, the Ionic will also track your sleep stages and give you personalized insights to help you improve your quality of sleep. The Ionic wirelessly auto-syncs all your information to your computer, phone or tablet on Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Genetic Profiling

Health and fitness are becoming more and more personalized these days. You really can’t get any more personalized than your own personal DNA. Combine DNA testing with a high tech wearable and you get Muhdo. This epigenetics company is set to lead the advancement of genetic profiling. Muhdo offers the most technologically advanced and comprehensive bio-marker analysis and DNA testing for the purpose of fitness, health, and performance. All you have to do it put your saliva sample in a tube, send it in to Muhdo and within a couple of weeks you will have a fitness and nutrition plan designed especially for you, which is based on your unique genetic markers. What a great way to start of the New Year!

Whether you want to track your fitness, keep an eye on your diet, get a more restful sleep, or simply need some motivation to help you work out on a regular basis, you will easily be able to find a hi-tech gadget to help you. So, why not start off 2019 with a resolution that you’ll be able to keep throughout the year?

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