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Toll free numbers are assigned to the country they originate and are not accessible internationally. There are some general exceptions to this rule. Canadian toll free numbers, for instance, are accessible from the US and vise versa. There are other exceptions where toll free numbers in the US can be reached by some telecommunication providers in the United Kingdom and other countries, but this usually is not the case, and it’s usually not for free. This means the caller is charged for a regular US call even if they actually do reach a toll free number within a different country. It is best to assume, under most circumstances, that toll free numbers aren’t accessible from outside the country in which they are based.

There are some countries where mobile accessibility with toll free numbers is not available. You can view accessibility and restriction information when you select your phone number under “see additional info and restrictions”

United World Telecom DOES offer a custom IVR / extensions service. The IVR menu with advanced options enables customers to set up complex rules, more than one greeting, and other settings. For simple IVR setup there is no additional cost, and for advanced IVR setup there may be a reasonable development fee (case by case). We can provide professional voice recordings and prompts with a custom service quote. Contact us for more information on advanced IVR setup.

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