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Personal Toll Free Numbers - Business Toll Free Numbers

Personal Toll Free Numbers - Business Toll Free Numbers

The world of toll free numbers, and how they provide help for small businesses and individuals

Remember the good old days when all toll-free numbers were 1-800 something? Who new back then that there would be so many options today. For instance, did you know that toll-free numbers now can begin with the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, or 866?

As you probably know, toll-free numbers allow callers to reach businesses and/or individuals without being charged for the call. The charge for using a toll-free number is paid by the called party (the toll-free subscriber) instead of the calling party. Toll-free numbers can be dialed directly to your business or personal telephone line.

Toll-free numbers are increasingly common and have proven wildly successful for small businesses, particularly in the areas of customer service and telemarketing. Toll-free service provides potential customers and others with a 'free' and convenient way to contact businesses.

Personal toll free numbers are also increasingly popular for personal use. One perfect example of this is the popular trend of parents obtaining toll-free numbers to give to their child who is going away to college, allowing that student to call home anytime without having to make a collect call or pay for the call.

In order to support a toll-free environment, there is toll-free directory assistance for some toll-free numbers, which can be obtained by calling 1-800-555-1212. The service is free. Note: not all toll-free numbers are listed only those for subscribers that choose to list them.

The flexibility of toll-free phone numbers is increasing, along with the benefits of using them. Make sure your business is enjoying those benefits right now.

Personal Toll Free Numbers

Get a Personal Toll Free Number For Individual Use

Are you a Web entrepreneur, or will you soon be? Lots of folks who run online businesses out of their homes find that adding a personal toll free number to their website boosts their sales tremendously. These days you can buy a 'virtual number' from an online service provider for very cheaply and they usually come with added features to make your business run more smoothly. Even if you've just got a handful of employees (or you're the only one!), you can benefit from your own 800 number.

A Personal Toll Free Number Is A Credibility Booster

The main bonus that you get from having your own personal toll free number is that you look more credible. Online businesses don't always have them, so it makes you look more like an offline business (even if you're not!). If you're a tiny business that runs on a shoestring budget, this makes you look more established and reputable, even if it just goes to your home phone line.

Your Customers Can Reach You Anywhere

Lots of online businesses have no office or base of operations. If you carry a laptop with you and like to turn the coffee shop, park or subway into your mobile office, this can be handy. Customers can still reach you no matter where you are because all calls can be forwarded to your cell phone. This leads right into our next point.

Show Them How You Value Customer Service

A personal toll free number is one of those bonuses you give your customers. They can call you for free from anywhere and you foot the bill. It shows them that you care about customer service and value their business. When they feel like you're more accessible to their questions and concerns, this will make them feel better about buying from you. It's an extra step that most online businesses don't take.

Warning - People Will Call It!

One thing you should be aware of - if you get a personal toll free number, people WILL call it! It's not just something that looks slick on your website. Be prepared to take calls and practice your professional 'phone-answering' spiel. Even if you prefer to take orders through your site only, that's fine. People will call to ask you questions about your services or get clarification. On the other hand, there are ways to get set up with Paypal so that you can take orders easily over the phone, and this will increase your business too!

When you run an online business, reputation truly is everything. Getting a personal toll free number is an excellent way to boost your business online, even if your workplace is your living room.

Business Toll Free Numbers

How A Business Toll Free Number Can Help Your Small Business

A business toll free number is a great marketing tool that can help boost your business. This is an '800' number that can be used anywhere in the country. It offers some great advantages for small businesses who are trying to grow. Here are some ways that it benefits your business.

A More Professional Image.

Imagine calling a company that has a local number, area code and all. Now, imagine instead that they offer a nationwide toll free number. Even if you know they're a local company, this raises their reputation in your eyes, doesn't it? It's amazing how simple it is. Any company can get an 800 toll free number and instantly look bigger than it really is!

One More Layer Of Privacy.

Sometimes it's nice to have your real phone number unlisted. Of course, if a person really wants to seek out your office number, there are ways that they can get it. But the point of this added privacy is that it protects your from annoying calls that disrupt your business such as sales calls. This way, everyone can go through the 'front door' of your toll free number.

Better Tracking For Your Ad Campaign.

When you sign up for a virtual phone service, you can get multiple toll free numbers. This is nice because you can use them to track your ad campaigns. By listing different business toll free numbers in different ads that you place, you can find out which ones are drawing the most calls. This shows you which places are the most cost effective for advertising.

Better Mobility.

If you're a company that's on-the-go, you don't have to deal with updating phone numbers. You can keep the same free toll free number wherever you go. If, like many online businesses, you don't have a steady base of operations, this is a huge advantage. It keeps you connected no matter where you go.

Be More Accessible To Your Customers.

Finally, because it's toll free, this means that your customers can pick up the phone anywhere and make the call. You can be reached quickly and easily, and this improves your response time. A free toll free number can be a huge boon to your customer service.

Getting a business toll free number is one step in the way to growing your business. It's inexpensive and easy to do these days, and most companies that offer virtual phone numbers have other excellent features as well to help you streamline your business.