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Top Providers of International Toll Free Numbers

Finding the right call forwarding provider requires comparing some conditions such as number availability, contract, and features. Can one provider satisfy all consumers, as in the majority of consumers, or are they all different in their own ways? Continue to read our assessment of the Top Providers of International Toll Free Numbers.

Comparing Toll Free Number Providers,, and all offer call forwarding services. Each service provides many features, perks, and disadvantages. Understanding which features are available, along with prices and contact details are necessary elements needed for a consumer to make an informed decision. Regarding the needs of consumers and the products, features, and services of all three call forwarding services, many similarities are present.

About Avoxi

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Avoxi offers two main products in addition to international toll free numbers, UIFN numbers, and local numbers. One is a Hosted Phone System that works as a cloud PBX that keeps businesses that operate multiple offices and locations in contact under one system. Avoxi also offers a Cloud Contact Center which is an inbound call center solution that allows a company to hire agents located anywhere in the world because all they need to work is an internet connection and a laptop.

About Global Call Forwarding

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Global Call Forwarding provides different number types which include virtual numbers, international phone numbers, toll free numbers both local and international, local phone numbers, international virtual phone numbers, porting services, call forwarding solutions for both domestic and international needs, Direct Inward Dialing numbers (DID), 800 numbers, forwarding numbers, and vanity numbers.


toll free forwarding logo has both international and local virtual phone numbers, toll free numbers, 1800 numbers, vanity numbers, local numbers, and a virtual PBX voice menu that handles inbound calls and other telecommunications services, including by not limited to voicemail, extensions, and fax. also offers an easy way for customers to switch between virtual phone providers with the RespOrg site which allows customers to keep their old virtual phone numbers and change to their service.

The features found at all three services are analogous. Each have call forwarding, call transfer, failover routing services, voicemail, and fax to email, call recording, local ringback tones, online bill pay and account management, IVR voice menus, the ability to create a customized greeting, virtual attendants to help consumers with their questions, and more. However, there are a few differences on how each company has chosen to help educate its audience. The Global Call Forwarding site uses a regularly updated blog to give consumers more insight into the services offered and other related business topics. The Avoxi site allows the public to access videos and eBooks for more information on how to use your virtual phone system for free. The eBooks require that you enter your information and sign up for emails before gaining access to the material. also offers free onsite videos to help consumers better understand their product.

Avoxi and both market that they currently offer virtual phone numbers for over 120 different countries and even more cities throughout foreign countries and in the US. Global Call Forwarding, however, has the broadest reach with services provided in over 150 countries. Companies that are looking to take their products or services overseas to several states or in unrepresented places have a better chance at doing so with Global Call Forwarding.

The cost of each service varies somewhat between providers. To understand the price differences, I searched only for toll free number plans within the US. Each site offers several other plans for a variety of different numbers such as vanity toll free numbers or “True 800 numbers,” which saw an increase in price across the board.

Avoxi offers a small business starting price at $4.49/month for domestic toll free numbers, but it does not include any minutes. Each minute is billed at $0.52. Their next small business package starts at $7.99/month and offers 308 minutes. The Medium business package costs from $16.99/month to $25.99/month and offers 761 minutes and 1331 minutes respectively. The large packages are offered at $43.99 for 2360 minutes and $70.99 for 4212 minutes. Additional minutes are priced lower as the package grows larger. For example, the price of the smallest package minutes are $0.52/minute, and for the largest marketed package, it is $0.25/minute. For companies that find the largest package offered to be too small, Avoxi also offers a “Higher Volume” plan that is customized based on that business’ needs. offers “Starter” plans that follow a “pay as you go” model. The cheapest plan is priced at either $5/month or customers can pay a price of $48/annually upfront, which brings the cost down to $4/month. Similar to Avoxi, the price per extra minute goes down for how large the plan becomes. The starting rate for extra minutes begins at $0.05.9/minute and ends at $0.02.6/minute. also provides a customizable plan for businesses that need more minutes than their most extensive plan offers. The largest plan is set up in the same way as the smallest plan, offering a payment price of $79/month or $756 billed annually, which brings the monthly cost down to $63 for 5,000 minutes. places fees on a majority of their features which must be taken into account if a business chooses to use these features.

Unlike and Avoxi, most features are included at Global Call Forwarding. There is an extra charge for the following optional features; RollOver minutes, SMS, Call Recording, and Outbound Calling. The plans start at $12.95/month for 200 minutes and 5.2 cents for each additional minute. Just like the competitors, the amount charged per minute reduces for more extensive plans. The most massive “Enterprise” plan includes 10,505 minutes/month at $248.95/month, and for additional minutes there is an added charge of 3.2 cents per minute. Global Call Forwarding offers the most expensive plans but includes the most free features.

Incentives from each service provider are as follows; Avoxi offers a $100 credit for new customers and a 30-day free trial for Call Recording. Global Call Forwarding provides a week-long free trial, and also provides a 20-day free trial.

All three services offer very similar products. The main difference between their product offerings is that Global Call Forwarding only markets ITFS numbers VS the UIFN numbers that are sold from Avoxi. ITFS and UIFN numbers are similar in that they work as international toll free numbers for the consumer. However UIFN numbers work for a number of countries, and ITFS numbers must be bought for each country. The drawbacks of UIFN, however, are that not all countries recognize UIFN and there are many fees in place to use UIFN numbers. Global Call Forwarding does offer UIFN numbers but affirms on their site that because of the many drawbacks to UIFN numbers, they choose not to market them and in most cases, an ITFS number is a better choice. When it comes down to features, all three service providers are on equal footing; however, Global Call Forwarding offers their service to more countries, a sign that they have created great connections with other countries all over the globe. When comparing price, Avoxi and have very affordable small plans. Global Call Forwarding offers the most extensive plans with the most minutes and includes the most features. Because most features at Avoxi and add fees, they can keep monthly plans lower.

** Please note that Global Call Forwarding and United World Telecom are NOT associated with Avoxi, Toll Free Forwarding, or any other brands mentioned in this article. This article is strictly informative and not an endorsement of any brand.

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