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Sitting in the heart of the Middle East is a country that is so advanced, so diverse, and so much fun, you should be wondering why you’re not doing business there — or at least, why you haven’t taken the family there to visit.

Multiethnic group of businesspeople meeting UAE
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We’re talking about The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a federation of Arab monarchies, the most well known and most populated being Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. About 85% of the UAE population live in just these three regions.

Although UAE is just a little smaller than the state of Maine, its economy is third in the Middle East, and richer than Saudi Arabia.

The UAE has established itself as a leader regionally, by providing generous financial commitments which have been used to help stabilize other middle eastern countries, to help weather the 2008 financial crisis, and which have even gone to aid in the fight against ISIS.


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Although it’s common to think of all economies in the Middle East being fueled by oil, today only 30% of UAE’s GDP is related to oil.

UAE’s diverse business environment was recently ranked as the 31st best country in the world to do business in by Forbes Magazine. The IMD World Competitiveness Center which ranks countries on their business’ abilities to generate sustainable value, recently ranked UAE as 10th globally and first among Arab nations.

This economic prosperity is in part due to the UAE’s welcoming environment to foreign investors. The government has established free trade zones, allowing foreigners to own 100% of businesses tax-free and providing generous incentives.

The country’s international commerce is evidenced by Dubai’s airport, which overtook London’s Heathrow in 2014 to become the busiest airport for international flight.


UAE’s public education and higher education system is overseen by its government, with numerous universities that are known throughout the world. There are over 80 adult education centers throughout UAE as well.

Camel at the urban background of Dubai.
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The country also regularly attracts medical tourists seeking to train with its medical institutions, and many globally-recognized healthcare facilities, such as the Cleveland Clinic, have branches in the UAE.

It’s no coincidence that UAE’s residents’ life expectancy is about 77 years old, and is second in the Arab region, just behind Qatar.

Islam is the official religion of UAE, but the diversity of the country and its global outreach efforts have lead UAE to be very tolerant of non-Islamic religions. Just last year, a mosque was re-named Mary, Mother of Jesus, as a symbol of the UAE’s recognition of the value of differing faiths.


If your business is related to culture or recreation, access to customers in the UAE is a must.
UAE is a leader in art, culture, and sports. Abu Dhabi is building both its own Guggenheim and Louvre museums, and Dubai hosts the Dubai Desert Rock Festival. The United Arab Emirates actively participates in sports, including Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit, and it has world-renowned golf courses, cricket (Dubai is home to the International Cricket Council) and football (soccer) clubs.


A toll free phone line with Global Call Forwarding doesn’t just connect you to UAE residents, but to its tourist population as well. UAE’s tourist industry has been the fuel of its economy, in no small part because of the really cool stuff to do and see that are unlike anything in the world.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, housing the longest elevator channel in the world. The Burj Al-Arab is the tallest hotel in the world, which just happens to sit on its own, man-made island and features an underwater restaurant.

The Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest man-made island, interconnected by the only monorail in the Arab region, features luxury hotels and resorts.

Despite the temperatures outside, visitors can ski indoors at the Mall of the Emirates’ Ski Dubai indoor skiing facility. Dubai’s acceptance of world culture again is featured at the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park, where Marvel, Cartoon Network, and dinosaur-themed rides abound.

All of this is in addition to the natural tourist attractions like UAE’s vast urban beaches, expansive deserts, and scenic mountain ranges.


UAE is leading the way in future technology. Free training for aspiring computer coders, investment in artificial intelligence, and bold plans to settle Mars in 2117 are all on the agenda.

Doing business in this region is becoming a must even if you are a smaller or mid-sized business. Don’t forget about the opportunities available in UAE when planning your online presence.