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UK Virtual Toll Free Numbers

Multinational businesses are always on the lookout for new markets. One of the first steps to developing a business in a foreign country like the United Kingdom is setting up an international call forwarding service. UK virtual toll free numbers provide a free and easy point of contact for customers in the United Kingdom to call.

Business communication, whether itís between employees or between businesses and customers, lays the foundation on which a companyís success will build. Global Call Forwarding provides a high quality international call forwarding service so that businesses around the world can communicate with contacts in the United Kingdom.

UK virtual toll free numbers make companies accessible to callers in the United Kingdom without requiring a physical location. However, there are many other benefits to utilizing an international call forwarding service. First, letís take a moment to discuss what the United Kingdom has in store for multinational businesses and how that can translate into opportunity.

The Structure of the United Kingdom Economy

The United Kingdom is a unique country. Built on monarchies, but recently switching gears to a democratic government, the UK is a free nation that plays an important role in the global economy. Within its borders, the UK has four distinct economies, including Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

Of course, the central hub for international financial institutions is London, located in England. As the sixth largest importer in the world, and holding the second largest stocks and inward foreign investments, the UK holds a critical role within the world economy. Interestingly, however, the UKís biggest industry is the service industry, which makes up nearly 80 percent of its GDP. A strong financial services industry as a result of Londonís prominent influence, creates plenty of job opportunities for individuals throughout the United Kingdom. A valuable pharmaceutical industry also adds strength to the UK economy, and gives it the third largest share of pharmaceutical research and development of any nation.

As an important side note, 26 of the worldís 500 largest companies are headquartered in the UK. This provides more opportunities for growth and innovation.

Like most other countries, the UK benefits from oil and gas production and exports. The North Sea alone has generated some 2.9 billion barrels of reserve oil for the country, leaving the rest to be exported.

The wealthiest areas in the UK are South East England and Southern Scotland, but itís London that has the greatest GDP of any European economy. Sectors such as those in the service industry, restaurants and real estate, made the UK economy what it is today. Businesses hoping to tap into this thriving economy do well to research their competition, as the UK is a haven for multinational corporations.

How Do UK Virtual Toll Free Numbers Work?

UK virtual toll free numbers work by receiving calls that originate in the United Kingdom and forwarding the phone calls to another destination number. A virtual phone number is a number that isnít associated with any landline phone number. It is located within the cloud, and is easily managed by an online control panel. The number can be associated with any device, but that number must be forwarded to a destination, either to a landline or mobile phone.

UK Virtual toll free numbers provide unlimited accessibility. For example, if a customer is calling a business from the UK, but that business is physically located in the US, Europe, or anywhere else around the world, a virtual phone number enables them to automatically connect.

Additionally, toll free numbers donít tack on high international calling fees or require complicated foreign country dialing codes. Customers appreciate toll free numbers because they are easy to dial.

Global Call Forwarding also provides an extensive list of advanced call forwarding service features to complement each of the UK virtual toll free numbers they provide. These features include customized voicemail greetings, customized ringtones, and simultaneous ringing.

What Can Businesses Expect from Using Virtual Toll Free Phone Numbers?

UK virtual toll free numbers are ideally suited for international businesses. Companies that extend themselves to foreign markets and have most of their customers located in different countries, need global telecommunication services.

For example, if a business has a call center located in Singapore and wants to connect customers in the UK with that call center, they can use UK virtual toll free numbers to do so. This reduces any confusion on the part of customers since they wonít have to dial outside of the country, and eliminates the high costs associated with doing so. Accessibility stays consistent, and businesses can develop a reputation for providing exceptional customer service when they use UK virtual toll free numbers.

With a global marketplace, it has become more important than ever to use international communication. For a presence in the UK that is both affordable and accessible, businesses should consider UK virtual toll free numbers.

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