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Using Virtual Phone Numbers to Generate Leads on Blogs

There are many proven benefits of blogging for business and marketing. Business blogging is a marketing technique that utilizes blogging to get your business increased online visibility. A business blog is essentially another marketing channel – just like social media, email marketing campaigns, and direct mail – that helps to support the growth of a business.

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Some of the benefits of blogging as a marketing technique include:

Driving traffic to a business website

Some businesses opt to pay for traffic by buying an email list and sending an email blast in hopes that some of the people who receive the email open it and click through to the business site. This is expensive and not at all optimal. Others opt to pay for traffic by placing ads on various sites, which can be very expensive. Blogging gives business owners a less costly and more effective way to drive traffic to the business website. Keeping in mind that the content in the blogs must be useful, key search words should be used an appropriate number of times to optimize the content, and original content should be used, blogging is a prime way to drive traffic to a business website.

Every time a blog is posted to a business website, it is one more indexed page on the website, which means it is another opportunity for the business to appear in search engines and increase traffic to the site through an organic search. Every time a blog is posted, it also gives the opportunity to share this new original content on social media pages for the business. This, again, drives more traffic to the website.

Convert traffic into leads

Once a business owner has an increase in traffic to the company website through the blog, there is an opportunity to convert that increased traffic into leads. Each blog that is posted represents another opportunity to generate new leads. A lead generating call-to-action should be included with each blog post. A call to action can be a free trial with a link to a sign up page or a form that a visitor fills out to receive more information on the product or service. It can also be an entry to a contest, a word or phrase that is linked to another page, or a phone number that is linked to allow the website visitor to directly dial the phone number just by clicking on the number. Using virtual phone numbers to generate leads on blogs is a great example of this. In order for a company using virtual phone numbers to generate leads on blogs, they must first have a virtual phone number that is set up for the company’s use. A virtual phone number provides a way for website visitors, customers, or any other business contacts to reach out to the company without incurring any cost. Sometimes this virtual phone number may be a local phone number. Other times, it may be a toll free virtual phone number.

Establish expertise and presence

Another benefit of blogging is that it gives business owners an opportunity to respond to common questions from their customer base. If a business is consistently publishing content that is helpful to their target market, this establishes the business as an expert in the topics discussed. Using virtual phone numbers to generate leads on blogs offers an additional bonus in this area of establishing expertise and presence. For example, if a company is extending its reach to a new area in Italy and they publish blogs related to offering their products and/ or services in that area and include a virtual phone number through which customers can reach them directly at no cost – this helps to establish the business’ presence in that new target market. This is just one example of how using virtual phone numbers to generate leads on blogs can prove to be a very effective marketing tool.

Both blogging and using virtual phone numbers to generate leads on blogs have been proven to drive results. Well-written content helps to drive traffic to the business website and increase the level of ranking in search engines, while using virtual phone numbers to generate leads on blogs provides web visitors with a quick and easy way to click and contact the company. If the virtual phone number is a vanity number, this provides an easy to remember way to help market the company brand even further.

Using virtual phone numbers to generate leads on blogs can be used most effectively by displaying the virtual phone number in a prominent location within the blog to really capture the attention of web visitors. Frequent blogging and using virtual phone numbers to generate leads on blogs are both smart and effective tools to increase a business’ success.

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