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What Is a Vanity Phone Number?

A 'vanity phone number' is a toll free telephone number that a customer may request with an easily remembered sequence of numbers for marketing purposes. The telephone number can spell out a word relevant to your business such as the service you provide (1-800-TSHIRTS). Companies often use their brand name to help customers remember the business' phone number (1-800-CAR-PROS). Another smart and simple tactic is reserving a vanity phone number with a memorable sequence of digits (1-888-888-8888).

Marketing with Local Vanity Numbers

A local vanity phone number is an advertisement in itself. The marketing advantages of the number are fairly simple, but very effective when it comes to convenience for the customer. Businesses that advertise through television, radio, online, print, etc. will benefit from a local vanity number as it allows customers to easily recall the company's local telephone number. For example, an ad that only has 15 seconds of airtime on the radio will need to leave a lasting impression if they expect listeners to follow up and make a phone call. A good vanity number can be spoken or read once and remembered long enough for the customer to make the call.

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