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Virtual Phone Numbers

In today's business world, you just can't afford to miss phone calls or allow possible deadlines to get away, just because you can't get your messages right away, or you have no way to communicate with clients or colleagues.
That's why I always recommend to home-based businesses and entrepreneurs acquiring the services of a virtual phone number system. When you sign on with someone that offers toll free services, you are given the opportunity to launch and grow your business, no matter how small.

Companies like Global Call Forwarding can help enhance your company image while increasing productivity, which in turn helps increase your profits. You will be available to clients, inquiries and new audiences. This can help increase your bottom line. With the vast features available with such a service, you can enjoy 1 800 numbers, unified messaging and follow-me call forwarding service.

Once you have these features working for your business, you can gain the look and feel of an established corporation, which can save you the expense of purchasing costly and complicated phone system equipment that you may or may not be able to maintain on your own.

Gaining the benefits of a virtual phone number system is a simple way that will show you immediate results. And you won't get caught out of town with no resources available to respond to calls promptly. Having such a system on your side may just keep you in contact with important people ... like writers who need your input for a story. You never know who is trying to contact you.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

For those seeking phone numbers that are not directly associated with landlines, but wish to forward calls elsewhere, virtual phone numbers are an excellent option. There are many uses for a virtual phone number, such as use in an actual office in a non-localized region, technical support for local residents and several others. Companies such as consultation firms and similar business ventures which do not require confinement to an office can benefit from virtual phone numbers in a big way.

Remote Forwarding

By not being chained to a landline a business owner or representative has free time to take care of other business matters, yet still on hand to respond to calls whenever they come in and wherever they may becoming from. Missing phone calls as a business owner means leaving money on the table and no company succeeds that way in this highly competitive era.

Simultaneous or Sequential Rings

Incoming calls can be configured to ring simultaneously or sequentially to as many as fine phones. Cell phones, home office phones, local and satellite phones alike. Our features include call forwarding in a simultaneous format, voicemail to email, call waiting, fax to email, custom menus and quite a bit more.

Much satisfaction comes from owning and running a business, however, rewards always come with a price. Managing your time, deadlines, dealing with competition and a slew of other challenges can taketheir toll on a person. Keeping stress levels to a healthy minimum is necessary for a person's well-being and positive state of mind.

Luckily, with technology available like our virtual phones, one's stress levels and quality of life can improve quite well. Here is a list of some of our popular virtual phone number features:

Here is a list of some of our popular virtual phone number features:

● Auto-Attendant Service - With all calls being passed through our auto-attendant service, missing important calls cannot happen. If you are busy and therefore can't answer a call at a particular moment the auto-attendant steps in and handles it. At this point, one can finish whatever pertinent task or project they had started on and return the calls at a later date in order to follow with regular or potential clients.

● Furthermore, the ability to forward callers to several departments such as local offices, marketing, support and customer service and sales, your image as a business professional shines even more.

● Virtual Phone Numbers Offer Privacy - Given that clients and customers will be calling a virtual number, your actual number will not be displayed. This offers much in the way of privacy against shade and spammy callers, as well as other stresses we all like to avoid.

● We also offer a click-to-call option which enables you to return a call from your cell phone and yet the person on the other end of the line only sees your virtual number. It really is guaranteed privacy.

The Virtual Phone Number: A Brand Aid for Your Business

Effective branding can be carried out in a variety of ways and is most effective when clients are exposed to consistent and well integrated branded messages or experiences about you or your company. These company 'touch points' say more about you, and your brand, than you might think. One such touch point is a phone call. To build a stronger brand using the phone call example, you can start out by using a virtual phone number that welcomes customers with a branded company message or motto.

For example, when clients call, you can have the professionally recorded greeting mention that short company motto, the name of the company, or perhaps your name followed by a short motto. At least one of these ideas should always be incorporated into your message to add a bit of branding to client calls. This way, every time anyone calls any of your virtual phone numbers, they will be exposed to your brand. First time callers will probably also remember it too because they took the initiative to contact you.

Branding is a key part of marketing. No matter how small your company may be, you have got to include it into your marketing strategies. Take a spin with Global Call Forwarding to see how this radically better phone number can help you with branding.

Why Choose Us For Virtual Phone Numbers

As you can see from the features mentioned thus far, we offer much in the way of control when it comes to virtual phone numbers. Voicemail to email is another option which our clients really enjoy. The voicemail is saved as an mp3 file and emailed to you so you can open it up at a later time and respond as you see fit.

We have been offering virtual phone numbers ever since they've been available to businesses and the general public. Our 1000's of satisfied customers, competitive pricing and excellent customer service are only part of the reason we are a great choice for this service. Call us today to get your highly controllable, extremely convenient virtual phone number.


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