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5 Top International Call Forwarding Benefits

International call forwarding benefits

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International call forwarding is used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, as there are many associated benefits. Here we outline the top 5 business call forwarding benefits that an international or remote call forwarding service brings to any business.

5 Benefits of International Call Forwarding for Small Business

International call forwarding helps your company do business internationally, by forwarding or rerouting calls made to a virtual phone number to a destination number, or multiple destinations anywhere in the world.

For example, calls made to your virtual number can be forwarded to your smartphone, remote employees, or office PBX system. This makes it possible to receive free phone calls from any location in the world. It also gives your business credibility. So how can international call forwarding benefit your small business?

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1. Make Your Business Reachable

With international call forwarding and toll free numbers, your business can provide international and long-distance customers and contacts a free way to connect with your business. Customers in different countries can call your international toll free number for that country for free and get the support they need. Meanwhile, you can forward incoming calls to any device or line that is convenient for you.

Making your business reachable and accessible is an important part of doing business internationally. Customers trust a company that responds and resolves issues quickly. If they struggle to get a hold of you, then your customers will take their business elsewhere.

2. More Global Coverage

One of the most popular business call forwarding benefits is the ability to improve a business’ global reach. If global expansion is on your company’s list of goals, then you need to find the right tools to help you enter the global market without dramatically increasing the cost of operation. Global Call Forwarding, for instance, offers virtual phone numbers such as local, mobile, and international toll free numbers for more than 160 countries across the globe.

You can use these numbers from your country of origin, without needing to relocate or open field offices. Then, test how your product/service is doing and how customers are responding to it. Based on how well the market test goes, you can choose to open a field office or hire remote customer service agents or employees in the vicinity. This way, you can add customers from various countries to your customer base.

3. Increase Local and International Presence

Virtual numbers help you create a local presence within countries, states, and cities across the world. This is because you can get a local or toll free number assigned to that area and callers can contact your business as a local business while you receive calls instantly in your home country through the international call forwarding service. And so, even if you are not physically present within a region or country, you have a virtual presence. However, customers are not privy to this information. Globalization is at a critical juncture, and call forwarding services enable businesses to stay connected to customers on a global scale.

4. Reduce Use of Voicemail

With international call forwarding, you can have calls forwarded to your smartphone or home office during the evenings or the weekend. This way, when callers contact you outside of business hours, they can still get a hold of your services instead of leaving a voicemail. This can help build customer loyalty during this age of continuous connection, as customers appreciate talking to someone instantly.

5. Offer After-Hours Customer Service

Being able to provide uninterrupted service is another one of the top business call forwarding benefits. Additionally, you can aim to offer 24/7 customer support. Do this by forwarding calls to your home office or remote employees located in different time zones. This not only makes your business more reachable but more likely to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

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