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What is Voicemail to Email?

Voicemail to email is an extension of the voicemail feature, which can be configured to automatically forward voicemail messages to your email inbox as MP3 files. It serves as an excellent tool to manage your incoming messages while simplifying the numerous daily communication tasks of your business.

Voicemail to email is one of the most convenient, free advanced features because it allows users to listen to voicemail messages at any time, from the device that works best for them.

Every business has different needs, however, with a feature like voicemail to email, you have the ability to customize how you receive your messages to best be able to handle them.

Voicemail to email is also referred to as virtual voicemail, cloud voicemail, and hosted voicemail.

How Does Voicemail to Email Work?

A missed call does not have to mean a dissatisfied customer or lost opportunity. Callers to your business are able to leave a voicemail if someone does not answer the call, and one of your representatives can reach out to that caller at a later time. Voicemail is widely utilized by countless individuals and it is becoming an increasingly versatile tool for businesses that want optimal communication with their clientele. Voicemail to email takes the concept even further by streamlining and simplifying the process of listening to received messages. Instead of having to take the time to listen to each individual message, having all the messages in a single place, sent automatically to your email makes things so much easier.

Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Voicemail?

With cloud voicemail (virtual voicemail), you can manage all your business voicemails in the cloud. In other words, you can listen to, store, and manage voicemails from any location and device and stay up-to-date. Since you can forward voicemails to specific emails, employees can check them even if they are not present in the office and provide support, if urgently needed.

Benefits of Voicemail to Email

  • Manage your messages and calls when it’s most convenient for you to do so
  • Allows customers to interact with your business 24/7 with better responsiveness
  • Access voicemails through email at all times via mobile phones
  • Easily access voicemails from global customers
  • Handle calls from different time zones across the globe after operating hours with ease
  • Enables greater organization and so your business can return calls during work hours

How to Get Cloud Voicemail?

Voicemail to email comes included with all virtual numbers purchased from Global Call Forwarding. You can arrange all settings through the customer control panel.

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Customizing Your Cloud Voicemail Settings with GCF

Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to log in to your control panel and customize your voicemail.

  1. Visit www.globalcallforwarding.com
  2. Click on the link for “Account Login”
  3. Choose “New Login” and enter your Account # and Password
  4. Under “Account Overview” identify the Call Forwarding Number you would like to access and modify
  5. Click on the link for Forward To/Change for the number you would like to modify
  6. Click on “VoiceMail” to further customize this feature

And that sums it up. Using the Voicemail to Email feature from Global Call Forwarding is ultimately very simple and straightforward. It allows you to streamline your business communications within a single location, while still allowing you full access. Also, with your voicemails saved in your email inbox, you can listen to them again in the future at your own convenience.

Customizing Your Voicemail

One of the best aspects of voicemail to email is all the control it affords you over your business communications. Your specific needs can be met, and tailoring the system is quite simple using the intuitive dashboard from Global Call Forwarding. Voicemail can be customized in the control panel. Users can set a PIN, upload/record busy and unavailable messages, and choose to forward voicemails/faxes to up to two different email addresses. Voicemail can also be configured with Automatic Failover from the control panel if you want to utilize that service as well.



Accessing Your Voicemail Box with Global Call Forwarding

There are several ways for you to access your voicemail box. First, you can access your voicemail from any phone line by dialing xxx 305 351 8771 and entering your mailbox ID. If you are unsure what your mailbox ID is, please feel free to call our support staff for assistance. This method is the simplest way to listen to any messages. However, you can also listen to your voicemails from the control panel of your account on the Global Call Forwarding website.

Below you will find detailed instructions on logging into the control panel and customizing your voicemail. Finally, you can listen to voicemails as MP3 messages from your email inbox with voicemail to email.

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F A Q | Voicemail

Voicemail to email is a cloud communication feature that enables users or subscribers to receive incoming voicemails in their email inbox.

The voicemail to email feature forwards voicemails left by callers directly to your email inbox. You can then listen to and store these MP3 files for future use, all in one place.

With a voicemail to email feature, you can manage all voicemail and messages in one platform and allow customers to interact with your business even during after-hours. Furthermore, you can access these voicemails from any location and any device, as needed.