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Get high-quality and reliable SIP trunking solutions from Global Call Forwarding. Add SIP trunks to your existing PBX system; no additional hardware or equipment needed.

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Need to upgrade your legacy phone system and add more functionality and reliability? Get global SIP trunks for different countries worldwide and expand your global coverage with high voice quality.

Benefits of Using SIP Trunks from a Reliable SIP Trunk Provider

  • Global SIP Trunk Numbers Available in Over 160 Countries!
  • International SIP Termination and Dynamic Local Caller ID
  • International Call Forwarding to Any Destination Worldwide
  • Instant Provision and Quick Activation
  • Cost-effective Solution with Amazing Voice Quality
  • No Setup Fees, No Commitment; Cancel Anytime
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Responsive Customer Service
  • Advanced Communication and Call Management Features
  • Improved Scalability and Global Coverage
  • Flexible for Local, Global, and Remote Teams

SIP Trunking and How it Works?

SIP is the protocol that sends high-quality voice and unified communications via the internet from one end to another. This means that you can make and receive business calls virtually (over the cloud).

A SIP trunk can hold multiple SIP channels, and each channel works as an inbound or outbound call. And so, your business can make multiple calls simultaneously using one SIP trunk.

All you need to do is have a global SIP service from a SIP trunk provider and integrate it into your existing PBX system.

International SIP Trunks From Over 160 Countries

Global Call Forwarding has partnerships with Tier 1 carriers around the globe. This ensures we provide reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality SIP trunking services. We have global SIP trunk numbers available from most of the 195 countries and 4,400 cities worldwide. Top countries include:

How Much Does SIP Trunking Cost?

SIP trunk prices vary by country. With Global Call Forwarding, each trunk comes with included minutes to make and receive calls. These factors determine the price:

  • Type of subscription (monthly or annually)
  • Outbound calling rates (cost of the number)
  • Add-ons and premium services
  • Set-up fees

SIP trunk pricing starts at $32.95 for 10 channels by default. Custom SIP trunk pricing is available for larger orders.

How to Set Up Your SIP Trunk Service

We make it easy for any business to set up a SIP trunk service in only a few minutes. There are several ways to set up the service:

  1. Buy SIP trunks online directly on our website (above). This takes about 5 minutes, and the service can be activated instantly.
  2. Call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 and talk to an expert. We have been in business since 1996 with top-quality experts. Contact us to set up your SIP trunk service or for a consultation.
  3. Fill out a contact form to request a demo.


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