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Global Call Forwarding works with thousands of medium-large sized businesses worldwide providing local and toll free virtual phone number services. With added features such as outbound calling, call recording, international call forwarding, IVR, simultaneous ringing and rollover minutes our services can simplify and enhance your communications infrastructure. Learn what people are saying about Global Call Forwarding and how we have helped their business.

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Evelin S.
Market Research Project Manager, GemSeek
Overall, I think it's a really reliable service. We have access to all of the information we need through the control panel system. We can not only check call detail records and call recordings but also see the invoices, all in one place.
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Theron Vickery
Director of Client Support, Synergy Sports
My experience with Global Call Forwarding has been exceptional. They have been phenomenal in their responsiveness and ability to help with my needs. The services are affordable and have been very reliable so far. I highly recommend this business!
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Gabby Gialaboukis
Customer Support Coord., Choose a Challenge
We ported numbers to Global Call Forwarding. The team was very friendly and helpful, particularly Luke and Joyce. The system is great and everything works as intended. We use their Auto-Attendant feature and Voicemail Forwarding.
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Edna D'souza
Finance Lead. omniX Labs
Global Call Forwarding helped us get a phone number that we use to receive and make international phone calls. The service has been very smooth so far. The customer service is great. They are doing a great job!
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Norman Carcellar
Chief Technology Officer, Magsaysay Inc.
Ms. Dale Banaag was awesome! She was very pleasant to talk with and very professional. The service activation time was also very fast and the voice quality is superb. Keep it up!
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Cris West
Director of Operations, Healthy Stuff
Global Call Forwarding is a fantastic service. Everything just works. I've never had any issues. They provide reliable communication tools that we use to develop and support our international customer base.
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Miranda Turner
International Markets Director, MGI Golf
Real people. Real human service. Super easy to deal with. Every request is dealt with quickly and correctly. Could not rate them highly enough for global phone solutions.
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barry k
Barry Krawchuk
General Manager, America's Call Center
We are an inbound customer service call center and a number of our clients need international toll free numbers to the US. Our service has been flawless, billing is clean, easy to set up and excellent customer service. They are the best!
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Lionel Altier
Business Dev. Advisor, Alpina Design Homes
Global Call Forwarding is a fantastic service. Everything just works. I've never had any issues. They provide reliable communication tools that we use to develop and support our international customer base.
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barry d
Barry Dorr
IT Manager, Encore Tickets
I've been working with this company for the past 3 years, and they've been fantastic with every interaction. Nabill is extremely friendly, responsive, and understanding with my company's needs. They offer a great service with flexible options.
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José Reyes
Network Administrator , Novartis
We are very happy with the service and use of the toll free numbers. No complaints. If there is ever an issue with the service, we contact the team immediately and they resolve the issue within 15 minutes. We see ourselves using the service for a long time.
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Jodi Swan
Principal IT Solutions Delivery Specialist, Itron
It just works … I set it up and just don’t touch it. It is an out-of-the-box, easy, and straightforward solution. If we need to expand or upgrade the service, we will come to you first.
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Some of Our Long Term Clients

Global Call Forwarding Reviews

Our customers love Global Call Forwarding.

This article will share testimonials and Global Call Forwarding reviews from our customers.

Global expansion is a logical next step for many businesses. In order to compete in today’s global market, international cloud communications are a necessity.

Companies like ours can help streamline the process for those who wish to expand internationally. In this article, we will share reviews of Global Call Forwarding and the services they offer.

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A Review of the Features Offered by Global Call Forwarding

After completing a review of Global Call Forwarding, one of the variations in offerings is that Global Call Forwarding provides SIP trunking. SIP trunking is a way to make voice over IP (VoIP) calls. Using SIP trunks, users can connect channels to their PBX which allow them to make international calls over the internet. A SIP trunk provider can also enable outbound calls on your existing phone system.

A review of Global Call Forwarding has also found that Global Call Forwarding offers advanced call routing. Users can set up customized rules for calls to be routed globally based on the time-of-day, location of the caller, dialpad inputs, etc. This is very important for managing a high volume of incoming phone calls.

Upon further research, a review of Global Call Forwarding revealed that Global Call Forwarding can provide international toll free numbers and virtual phone numbers from more than 150 countries.

Global Call Forwarding also offers rollover and a free trial. All of these are important factors, in regards to convenience and when making a commitment.

Aspects to Consider When Expanding Globally

Companies aim to expand internationally for a variety of reasons. It could be to increase the exposure of their brand in new markets and to tap into that market’s wide consumer base. This decision could also be based on the notion that the company feels there is talent within the target country with a high level of expertise, which could aid the company in improving upon certain products and/ or services. Whatever the case may be, in order for a company that is branching out into an international market to be successful, there is a lot of work to be done prior to officially launching the brand in the new market.

The scope of the work could include extensive research with regard to the following factors in relation to the specific target country:

These are just some of the things that a company should consider when weighing out the pros and cons of moving into a new international market. With all of that in mind, the one thing that remains a constant top priority in research and in growing a business of any kind in any market is the need for reliable communication.

Global Call Forwarding Review

Other differences discovered upon our review of Global Call Forwarding include:

With regard to calling plans, Global Call Forwarding offers competitive pricing for anyone who receives a better quote from another carrier. If a customer receives the offer of a better deal from others, our sales team can be contacted at +1-561-908-6171 or +1-888-908-6171 and the sales associate will send you a customized quote.

After completing a review of Global Call Forwarding and examining the breadth of offerings and the level of convenience, it is clear that Global Call Forwarding is the preferred choice. Of course it depends on a business’ individual needs, however, the purpose of this information is to assist business owners with results of a review of Global Call Forwarding to aid in making a determination of the company will best suit their needs.

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