Call recording is one of the most necessary features for businesses today. Its uses are endless, and having the ability to automatically record calls offers benefits such as security, training for customer service, and providing evidence if/ when needed. Recording the calls, and storing them for any of your lines is very much possible with plans from Global Call Forwarding.

With the Call recording service from Global Call Forwarding, all inbound calls can be automatically recorded and saved. If you want this service as part of your plan, it is very simple to set up. You will have the ability to customize your settings using your dashboard, which gives you the ability to enable or disable the call recording feature on any of your call forwarding lines, as necessary.

What is Call Recording?

Many businesses find enormous value and convenience in having call recording. Call recording gives you the ability to record the inbound calls to your phone lines automatically. Business calls are often very important, and the information that gets exchanged can be very valuable. Whether the conversation is a general customer service interaction, or it includes a financial transaction with important information, with call recording, all of the information contained in the call can be saved. When the call recording feature is engaged, it records 100% of call traffic that gets received on the designated number. Settings can be changed, and if you prefer, you can record a lesser percent of the calls you receive.

Accessing Recorded Calls

Accessing calls is essentially very simple, and it can be done anytime by logging into your account and heading to the dashboard. Through the control panel, access the virtual phone line you have call recording connected to. From there, open the billing statement for the month of the phone call you want to listen to, and then click on the call recording icon and you’ll be able to hear it.

The Benefits of Having Call Recording

Call recording comes with many benefits, and it is a service many businesses find great value in. Here are some of the benefits call forwarding avails:

Enhanced Customer Service: This allows your business to maintain the best service by easily reviewing the service you are currently providing. You can see where things are being done correctly, as well as where improvements can be made. Interactions between your staff and customers on the phone can be easily monitored, and different methods for handling customers can be tested with efficient reviews.

Training Purposes: Recorded calls are perfect for offering examples when training new staff members, or refreshing your current team.

Quality Control: Call recording allows you to maintain the highest level of control over the quality of service being provided. Because calls are recorded, any important information will be automatically saved, so you don’t have to worry about not writing down a number accurately, or if you forgot the exact quote given to you. Having the ability to recover every detail from a conversation can be very useful.

Liabilities: In the event of legal proceedings, having evidence in the form of call recordings can come in very handy. Threatening lawsuits are part of life for many people in business, and in the event you face one, having your calls recorded can be an important aspect of your defense.

Call Recording from Global Call Forwarding

With Global Call Forwarding, call recording is an offered feature that thousands of businesses make use of daily. When you use the feature with your call forwarding lines, it’s important to know that calls will be stored for free for one month, and they can be accessed through the Control Panel. In the event you want or need longer storage options, we offer different plans for long-term call storage.

Call recording has many excellent advantages for today’s businesses. Here are the key points that make this feature so useful:

  • Call recording reduces a business’s liability
  • Enables companies to maintain full compliance by recording transactions
  • Call recording can be integrated into any operating system you are using
  • Offers a wide array of benefits to your overall customer service output

Call Recording Storage

Call recording from Global Call Forwarding offers unlimited services to enhance your business’s communication efforts that add great value to your phone lines. For many companies, call forwarding lines and virtual numbers are essential to their sales and growth efforts and having additional functionality only increases their abilities to provide great service while simplifying the process of handling calls. With call recording, Global Call Forwarding customers have unlimited recording of calls, and there is no limit to the length of calls per recording. Storage of calls is typically six months, and they can be accessed at any time. If desired, long-term storage of calls is available for an additional fee.