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What is Call Transcription?

Call Transcription is a call management feature from Global Call Forwarding that converts speech and audio from your business calls into text format. You can easily access and share these transcripts with your team. This functionality ensures every interaction is captured and documented, enhancing your team’s productivity and customer engagement strategies.

We offer a comprehensive Hosted Call Recording service with Recording, Transcription, and Translation capabilities.

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How Does Call Transcription with Global Call Forwarding Work?

Once transcription is activated, this feature will automatically transcribe recorded calls and display them in a text format. As a call concludes, the recording goes through a transcription process to convert your entire conversation into text.

These transcriptions are listed in activity reports in the control panel and integrated into the GCF softphone. Those using our integrations will see links to both the recordings and their transcriptions automatically logged, offering convenient access.

You can also activate Translation to automatically translate these transcripts to your desired language.

Benefits of Transcribing Business Calls

Call Transcription from Global Call Forwarding harnesses the power of speech-to-text technology to enhance your team’s productivity and interaction with customers. Here’s how this feature transforms operational efficiencies across your organization:

Review Calls Quicklysoftphone call transcriptions

Sales and support managers can efficiently review calls to monitor service quality and for training without the need to listen to each recording. This streamlined review process helps save time and pinpoint areas needing attention or improvement

Reduce Need for Manual Note-Taking

Sales and support agents can concentrate fully on the interaction, free from the distraction of note-taking. This undivided attention can lead to better customer interactions, more accurate responses, and ultimately, higher satisfaction rates.

Gain Caller Insights

Marketing, sales, and support teams can analyze transcriptions to gain valuable insights into customer interactions, helping tailor strategies more effectively. Learn more about customer sentiments, reactions, trends, common questions, or issues.

Comprehensive Documentation

Every transcribed call acts as a detailed record (and another medium) of customer interactions, which is crucial for dispute resolution, compliance, and training new staff.

Accessibility and Integration

Transcriptions are readily available through the Global Call Forwarding Control Panel and can be integrated seamlessly with CRM systems. This accessibility ensures that valuable call data is at your fingertips, ready to be analyzed and acted upon.

Our Call Transcription feature is not just an add-on but a crucial tool that enhances the effectiveness of your communication strategies.

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How Teams Can Use Call Transcripts

By converting spoken words into written text, you can gain new actionable insights and improved outcomes across different departments in an organization.

Sales Teams: Sales teams can use these transcriptions to analyze customer feedback, refine sales pitches, improve objection handling, identify preferences, and improve closing techniques. Additionally, these insights can aid in personalizing future interactions and developing more targeted sales strategies.

Customer Support: Transcribing calls ensures that all customer complaints, queries, and feedback are documented in an accessible way. This aids in ensuring quality service, assessing agent performance, resolving disputes, maintaining regulatory compliance, and training new staff.

Marketing: Marketers can analyze these texts to understand customer sentiment towards products or services, effectiveness of current marketing strategies, and potential areas for campaign improvement. This direct feedback is invaluable for adjusting marketing messaging and language, planning new promotions, localizing content, and enhancing overall customer engagement.

Legal and Compliance: For industries where legal compliance and documentation are critical, such as finance and healthcare, call transcriptions can provide a reliable record of all telephonic communications. These records ensure transparency, help in meeting regulatory requirements, and protect against liabilities.

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How to Get Call Transcription?

Global Call Forwarding offers call transcription (as well as call recording and translation) as an optional add-on service when you get a virtual phone number with us. To use Call Transcription, you will need to activate Call Recording.

You can easily add these features during the signup process or from within our control panel.

Once set up, your calls will then be automatically recorded and transcribed, and you can access them from the dashboard.



How to Set Up Call Transcription

To activate Call Transcription, log into the Global Call Forwarding control panel.

  1. Click My Phone Numbers from the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  2. Click on the Recording icon for the service line that you would like to record calls.
  3. You will first need to activate Call Recording. Toggle the menu option to the right from Status Off to Status On.
  4. Then, turn on the Transcription and/or Translation buttons, as desired.
  5. Click Save Changes to confirm your request.

You can then view call transcripts in Activity reports, Custom reports, as well as the softphone.

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