Answer and transfer your incoming calls with an automated voice menu system.

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What is Auto-Attendant?

Auto-attendant software acts as a virtual receptionist or operator for incoming calls. With this VoIP feature, you can automatically answer calls, provide general information, and route inbound calls to an agent or department. It is also known as cloud attendant, digital receptionist, interactive voice response, or cloud IVR.

How to Get Auto-Attendant Software?

Global Call Forwarding offers IVR as an included feature with our virtual phone number plans. The auto-attendant software is easily accessible in the control panel once your account is set up. Want to learn more? Speak to your dedicated account manager today!

How Does It Work?

When you receive an incoming call, the auto-attendant answers and runs callers through a pre-determined voice menu system. During this process, the automated voice will ask the customer to input a number. These selections determine how the call is handled and where it is routed.

Here is an example:

  • Caller dials the phone number.
  • Automated phone system answers the call and plays a preset greeting.
  • Then, it asks the caller to press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish.
    • When the caller presses 1, it triggers English menu options.
    • When the caller presses 2, it triggers Spanish menu options.
    • If no option is selected, it repeats the message 5 times. After the 5th time, it ends the call.
Benefits of Using an Automated Phone System

Auto-attendant software has many benefits that can help improve call management and caller experience:

check Increased proficiency
Minimize irrelevant calls and repeat callers by quickly connecting callers to the proper department or agent.
check Avoid customer frustration
Decrease wait times and improve customer satisfaction by promptly answering calls and accurately transferring callers, especially in businesses with high call volumes.
check Cost-effective
Instead of managing your calls with a secretary or receptionist, save money by using an automated cloud attendant.
check Customizable to your needs
Personalize greetings, menu prompts, and more to fit your business and customer needs.

Setting Up the Auto-Attendant Software

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After signing up for a cloud phone number, you will have access to the cloud automated attendant feature in your control panel. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit our Plans and Pricing page.
  2. Select one of our 5 plans, whichever one works best for you!
  3. Choose your new phone number and the forwarding destination (i.e. any phone number, PBX system, or SIP destination)
  4. Add any optional features you need, like Call Recording or Outbound Calling.
  5. Submit your order and wait for your service to be activated.

Once your service is activated, log into your control panel and set up your Auto-Attendant (IVR).

  1. Go to your Control Panel.
  2. Select My Phone Numbers on the side menu.
  3. Choose the line you want Auto-Attendant on.
  4. Click on the Call Forwarding tab and then the IVR tab.
  5. Select Manage IVR Applications.
  6. Choose Create New Application to build a new call flow.
  7. Click Add a new prompt to create a recorded message.
  8. Once you’ve configured your call flow, click Save Application or if you create a new prompt, click Save Changes. You’re all set!
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