Local phone numbers, starting with a local country code and area code, can be dialed at a local calling cost. Companies typically use local phone numbers to establish a virtual in-country office in a foreign market. Grow your business anywhere in the world!

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Telephone numbers in different countries have various formats and lengths. Each country has a unique country calling code and number format. For example, international callers to the United States need to dial +1, followed by a three digit area code, followed by a seven digit phone number. People calling China need to dial +86 followed by an area code and phone number that varies in length. It can be very complicated and expensive to make international calls.

The bottom line is that prospective customers are more likely to call your business if you have a local phone number. Global Call Forwarding provides local phone numbers in thousands of cities across more than 150 countries. The numbers are easy to calls, and incoming calls can be forwarded anywhere in the world.

How to Use Local Phone Numbers for Business

It’s easy to use local phone numbers for business. Simply identify your target markets, and get local phone numbers in these markets. For example, if your India-based business has customers in UAE (+971) and Singapore (+65), then get local phone numbers in these countries, and forward the calls to India.

Global Call Forwarding, through our proprietary servers and networks with Tier 1 carriers, automatically forwards incoming calls from the local phone numbers to anywhere in the world. We can forward calls to your business line, softphone, call center agents, etc. – the possibilities are limitless.

How Local Phone Numbers Benefit Your Business

  • Fill the sales pipeline with more business leads.
    Local phone numbers will undoubtedly generate more leads for your business. You might be losing out on business because customers can’t call you! Provide an easy-to-dial number, and fill your sales pipeline.
  • Access to new markets – create a virtual presence anywhere in the world
    Creating a virtual presence in a foreign country with a local phone number is more cost-effective than opening a physical office. Global Call Forwarding provides local access to a plethora of markets with phone numbers in more than 150 countries. Get local phone numbers and establish your brand anywhere in the world!

Advantages of Local Phone Numbers

  • Advertise a familiar phone number that is almost free to call
    International calling can be expensive and complicated, but you can provide international customers with an easy way to call your business. Get a familiar phone number that can be dialed at a local cost. Prospective customers are more likely to do business with you, and existing customers will be more satisfied.
  • 16+ Business phone system features like IVR, auto-attendant and advanced call forwarding
    Global Call Forwarding provides local phone numbers with free advanced business features like voice response, time-of-day routing, sequential forwarding, simultaneous ring and an auto-attendant feature. These features can increase the scale and efficiency of any enterprise.
  • No hidden activation fees or long term contract
    Our cost structure is transparent – we only bill you for service. There is no cost activation cost, and we do not require subscribers to sign any contracts. You are free to cancel the service at any time!