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Cloud Telephony Features

Global Call Forwarding offers various cloud calling features designed to give users flexibility and control over their business phone system

Easily forward incoming calls globally to any landline, cell phone, PBX, or SIP address. Change your forward-to number(s) as needed.
Make and receive high-quality international calls with local and toll-free phone numbers and competitive pricing.
Make free in-network calls to other users within your business phone network and encourage collaboration.
Stay connected from any location by downloading our softphone on any Windows, Apple macOS, Apple iOS, and Google Android device.
Compatibility with a variety of desk phones and 3rd-party PBX systems. Integrate our service into your existing infrastructure.
Inbound and outbound call recordings and playback to easily review conversations and monitor performance.
Connect your phone system, computers, and business applications so that users can access call features via one unified platform.
Use country-specific local caller IDs when placing outbound calls with our caller ID management feature.
Call Management

Handle and route incoming calls efficiently by tailoring your call flow to meet business communication needs

Route inbound calls with predetermined rules, advanced routing strategies, and automated prompts.
Help callers easily navigate your phone system and connect to the right department with an automated voice assistant.
Set up call routing rules to automatically distribute incoming calls across different users and groups.
Transfer calls to other agents or users and increase collaboration wherever they are located.
Build and manage custom call flows to map out your callers’ journeys and provide multiple support options.
Set up VIP routing and offer customer support to priority clients using advanced routing strategies.
Provide consistent 24/7 customer service regardless of geographical location or time restraints.
Stay connected anywhere and receive business calls by routing them to any location and device.
Offer off-hours support by sending incoming calls to different teams based on what time the call comes in.
Send calls to specific locations or groups based on the caller’s location to match time zone and language preferences.
Increase response rates by ringing incoming calls on multiple devices at the same time.
Send inbound calls evenly across different agents or users using an ACD or IVR system.
Create specific rules for managing and routing calls during company-wide and employee holidays.
Deliver calls down a list of predetermined phone numbers if the first number doesn’t answer.
Set up multiple SIP accounts or phone numbers to ensure all incoming calls connect, even if the first number cannot answer.
Add users and agents to a call group and apply custom routing rules such as simultaneous or sequential ringing.
Hide or mask your caller ID when making outbound calls and display another phone number.
Display specific caller IDs when making calls to customers in different regions and countries.
Change and localize the signal tone heard by callers when calling your business with local ringback tones in up to 40 countries.
Filter incoming calls by accepting (whitelisting) or blocking (blacklisting) phone numbers.
Add unwanted callers to a blacklist to reduce spam risk and help agents serve the right customers.
Set up personalized and professional greetings that match your brand voice.
Access voicemails from any location and device by sending incoming messages to your email.
Transcribes incoming voicemails and displays them in a text format.
Store important faxes securely in the cloud by forwarding them to your email.
Receive and store text messages in your email, offering customers another mode of communication.
Authorized corporate users working outside the office to make calls using your business’ main phone line.

Manage your business phone system from anywhere through the Global Call Forwarding control panel

Use our voice API to order numbers automatically and sync call records and recordings with your business systems in real-time.
Manage your account and access service information from your online control panel, accessible by web and mobile devices.
Access helpful articles, how-to guides, FAQs, and more about using our service from the Knowledge Base.
Get the most out of your phone plan by carrying over your unused minutes from one month to the next.
Consolidate your providers and access enhanced features by porting your numbers to the Global Call Forwarding network.
Manage each phone service line within an easy-to-use online interface or API.
Quickly connect callers to the right department, division, or agent within your phone system.
Access call logs and detailed reports to analyze and track call activity.
Create users and roles, and then assign roles to these users who have access to your account.
F A Q | GCF Features

Global Call Forwarding offers a variety of business phone system features such as cloud call recording, hosted IVR, auto-attendant, time-based routing, location-based routing, unlimited extensions, geographic routing, call transfer, call forwarding, number masking, and more.

Service features can be managed in real-time through our online control panel. You can also change your phone number settings by contacting your account manager or technical support 24/7 via phone or live chat.

Hosted call recording, SMS forwarding, and RollOver minutes are add-ons.

Yes, we offer a 15-day free trial for verified businesses. You can also see how the service works by requesting a demo.

Yes, our control panel allows you to add or remove lines and users, create and manage your IVR, set custom call routing rules, and more.

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My experience with Global Call Forwarding has been exceptional. They have been phenomenal in their responsiveness and ability to help with my needs. The services are affordable and have been very reliable so far.