At Global Call Forwarding we offer multiple types of numbers. Check out a complete list and description of different number types available for purchase here.

International Virtual Phone Numbers

International virtual phone numbers allow you to choose an international location that suits your needs to establish a line of communication. They are very affordable, and they allow you to have a virtual presence nearly anywhere. Whether you need to keep in touch with business partners or associates or offer a means of communication for your clientele in an international location, international virtual numbers allow you to do so easily. For those calling your number, it will appear to be no different than any other local number, even if you are situated across the world. The call will instantly be transferred to you on the phone line of your choice, which gives you the ability to manage your calls from wherever your location may be.

Toll Free Numbers

Few business tools are as versatile, convenient, and cost-effective as toll free numbers for enhancing your business image and making your communication efforts highly efficient. Toll free numbers can be purchased for use in over 150 different countries, which enables you to have them in a wide range of different markets to suit your business’s individual needs. They can begin in a number of different arrangements such as the most common 800, 877, and 888 prefixes, along with 844, 855, and 866 for additional variety. Customers always appreciate toll free numbers because they are easily recognized as numbers they do get charged for. They allow you maintain a professional and established appearance. Best of all, toll free numbers are affordable for you, and they can be activated quickly.

Local Phone Numbers

Local phone numbers are highly useful for a range of different circumstances, and they can be especially useful in a business context. They resemble local phone numbers from specific locations, and they can be used for hundreds of different locations throughout the world. Getting a local phone number is quite simple with a quick sign up, and activation will follow shortly. If you happen to be based in New York, but your company does a great amount of business with Los Angeles or Chicago, getting local numbers for any of these locations is extremely easy. Upon signing up, just designate which phone line you want the numbers to transfer to, and you will instantly have a local phone connection. Local phone numbers allow you to enhance your communication channels, making it easy to connect to important locations with the ease of a local phone number.

International Phone Numbers

International phone numbers allow you to have an international presence wherever it serves your business or personal needs best. Having international phone numbers gives you the ability to reach clientele in markets around the world, and you can choose numbers based on the locales that suit your needs best. Using call forwarding, all calls made to your international numbers can be directly forwarded to the number of your choice, so you can easily communicate with your customers and prospects anywhere.

Port / Transfer Numbers to Us

If you need services to port your number to a new provider, Global Call Forwarding can help! Porting, also known as transferring a number, is done by taking your existing number and having it transferred to a different provider. It is highly convenient, as it allows you to keep your existing number, retain all of your contacts who are associated with this number while taking advantage of the services of another provider. If you would like to port / transfer numbers to us, contact Global Call Forwarding today!

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is one of the most versatile and dynamic services you can have for your communication needs. Whether for business or personal use, call forwarding allows you to have calls from one number directly forwarded to another phone number of choice. This gives you the option to have multiple phone numbers for different areas, if necessary for your business, and have them transferred to your main number, without the calling party having any knowledge of where you are located. Call forwarding is very simple to setup, and it offers a great amount of freedom, which makes it an ideal business tool for all industries.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are one of the most convenient and versatile business tools you can equip your company with. They enable you to have instant and effective communications with an enormous array of locations with little effort. They work especially well if you intend on creating virtual offices, or maintaining virtual presences in different locations, without having to actually be situated there. Wherever your clientele, customers, or business associates are located can be ideal locations for creating a virtual presence, and having local virtual numbers for these places makes it easy for them to connect with you. Because virtual phone numbers are digital, all calls can be easily routed to the number of your choice, so you can handle your calls on the phone line that works best for you. Whether it’s a business phone line or a personal mobile line, your callers will never actually know; all that matters is excellent customer service is delivered. Virtual phone numbers are an excellent and affordable option for businesses of all sizes to enhance their communication efforts.

DID Numbers

DID numbers, or Direct Inward Dialing numbers, are an incredible option for maximizing your company’s communication efforts. These numbers are virtual numbers, and they allow you to have incoming calls routed to your current phone lines via a PBX system. A single DID number is capable of routing thousands of calls to the appropriate extensions, which can streamline business calls very efficiently while saving a company on the costs of phone lines. DID numbers allow for faster operating, allowing for better customer service. They can be conveniently and affordably used with international lines, allowing you to have your international clientele in multiple locations all automatically transferred to your main phone line. DID numbers allow you to handle high call volumes with excellent management, so the best customer service is always provided.

Personal 800 Numbers

Personal 800 numbers are an excellent option for growing businesses, whether you are a startup or a corporate company. They enhance your business image, allowing you to appear firmly established, which is important for making a great impression when it comes to your clients. 800 numbers make it clear to your clientele that you connect with customers throughout the country, and you aim to make communication affordable by offering a channel that is free for them to call. With 800 numbers, you can utilize a range of other services such as call forwarding and sequential forwarding, to allow for even greater handling of your business calls.

International Call Forwarding

International call forwarding is an excellent way to maintain communication with your international customers and business associates. You can establish a presence, or just a means of communication across the world using international call forwarding, and all calls received will automatically get transferred to the number you designate. This service is highly effective for streamlining your international business calls, while also offering an affordable way to manage your calling needs. Plans are available for a wide array of numbers globally, and plans can be configured based on your business’s particular needs. With international call forwarding from Global Call Forwarding, you can easily and quickly establish an international presence to suit your business needs.

International Toll Free Numbers

International toll free numbers, also known as ITFS numbers, allow for convenient and affordable communications. Using international toll free numbers, clientele and customers can reach businesses located throughout the world free of charge, so by offering an international toll free number, you make it simple and affordable for your clients to reach you. These numbers can then be forwarded to the phone line of your choice, enabling you to be conveniently reached, regardless of your location. Give your international clients the best service possible with international toll free numbers from Global Call Forwarding.

Local Business Phone Numbers

Local business numbers are an ideal way to connect with your international customers, allowing them to call you with the same ease as calling a local entity. These numbers work exactly the same as any other local numbers, and they are arranged in the same local format. Once the call is made, it will be instantly and automatically transferred to your designated number. You can be located anywhere, and your clients and business associates can reach you no differently than if you were down the street. Global Call Forwarding offers local business numbers to more than 140 countries throughout the world, and within minutes you can have your number activated. Establishing a local business presence has never been easier; take advantage of this unique technology!

Toll Free 800 Numbers

Give your business an effective communication strategy using toll free 800 numbers. Having a toll free 800 number allows businesses to present themselves as highly professional, and it is a move that communicates to your clientele that you care about their calling costs by enabling a free method of calling for them. An 800 number demonstrates that your company is of a certain size, firmly established, and entirely professional. Toll free 800 numbers allow people to call, whether local or long distance at no charge to them. To serve your business needs, you can have a range of different additional services added to your 800 number, including call forwarding, call recording, and having customized greetings, among many others. Enhance your business communications today with toll free 800 numbers!

Forwarding Numbers

Forwarding numbers are exceptionally versatile for use in business, and they allow countless businesses to up their communications. Using the technology of international call forwarding, you can have numbers located anywhere in the US or the world, and have them forwarded back to your preferred line, regardless of your location. This allows you to establish a means of communication with any market that is relevant to your company or industry, without having to physically be present there. Forwarding numbers are cost-effective and incredibly easy to purchase, which allows you to maximize your communication to other markets without a large expense. By using forwarding numbers for your company’s marketing efforts, you can establish different branches or test out different campaigns in any market.

Vanity Phone Numbers

Vanity phone numbers offer your company the ability to market with a little extra flair. Using a specifically worded vanity number, you can reach a greater number of clients and make your company’s name heard that much louder. Vanity numbers contain wording or numbers that correlate directly to your company or industry, allowing you to place a greater emphasis on the number and its value as a marketing tool. Vanity phone numbers are more easily remembered due to their specific wording, which allows people to recall them when in need. When used in advertising efforts, vanity numbers tend to get more attention, and they can often be associated with your specific industry, which allows you to capitalize on their prominence. Though not a necessity, vanity phone numbers are a simple and affordable way to distinguish your company from the rest while making a lasting impression with your phone number.

Virtual Toll Free Numbers

Virtual toll free numbers are excellent for all types of business communication purposes. They allow you to offer effective and affordable communications to your clientele or associates, as toll free numbers are essentially toll free. Virtual numbers are routed digitally, and because of this versatility, they can be purchased for hundreds of different locations across the world, and routed to your preferred number, wherever you may be located. They are a very affordable means of communicating with your clients and customers, allowing them to call you at no cost at all. Having virtual toll free numbers can make a great statement about your company, demonstrating that your business is large enough and considerate enough to your clientele that you offer a toll free means of communication. Using virtual toll free numbers offers endless benefits with excellent affordability.

ITFS Numbers

ITFS numbers, or international toll free services numbers, are enabling many businesses to expand globally with great ease and affordability. These numbers give your international clientele the easiest and most cost-effective way to get in touch with your company. These numbers are routed using digital technology, and they can be forwarded to any number you want for the most convenience. Whether for large companies expanding further, or small companies looking to begin international expansion, ITFS numbers allow you to do so easily, with no overhead or the need to establish a physical presence. You can be located anywhere and still have access to your international customers and clients. They will appreciate the cost-free method of contacting your company, which shows how much you value their business, and you can maintain a very high level of customer service in the process.