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Simultaneous Ringing

Simultaneous ringing is very effective in call centers and can maximize the utility of your toll free number. Simultaneous ring allows you to forward calls from your toll free number to two or more phone numbers. This is an included advanced feature with your toll free number from Global Call Forwarding. All enabled phones will ring at the same time, but the call will only connect to the first person that picks up the phone. Simultaneous ring is valuable for a business and has several different uses.

Enabling Simultaneous Ringing with a Toll Free Number

The most common use for simultaneous ring is to have the user’s mobile phone and desk extension ring simultaneously. This allows users to take calls while they are away from the office and ensures that your business will never miss out on another potential sales call! Whenever a caller dials your toll free number, all selected numbers (multiple cell phones, landline, etc.) will ring simultaneously and you can immediately answer the call from any phone. A representative will always be able to hear the phones ring.

Another common use is to have your VoIP number ring at the same time as your cell and office phone. This will make your business more versatile and enables you to answers calls from any location. Simultaneous ring has configurations that add value to a variety of scenarios. This included feature can be configured to work with the rest of our advanced features and allows you to customize your local or toll free number to meet the specific needs of your business.

Setting up Simultaneous Ringing with your toll free number

Simultaneous ringing can be set up in the Control Panel. Below is a detailed set of instructions to configure simultaneous ringing with your call forwarding number.

1. Login to your Control Panel on Global Call Forwarding’s website
2. Under Account Overview select Call Forwarding
3. Click ‘Call Forwarding Configuration’ for the toll free number you would like to configure
4. Click ‘Call Forwarding’, then click ‘Advanced’, you can configure Advanced Forwarding rules
5. Enter the phone numbers that you want to simultaneously ‘Forward all calls to’ when your toll free number is dialed
6. Apply your settings

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