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Outbound Calling Solutions

Outbound calling solutionsGlobal Call Forwarding provides a reliable and high-quality outbound calling service that enables businesses to make high-volume outbound calls with their virtual phone number’s caller ID.

Enabling Business Communications over the Phone

Outbound calling is a turnkey solution for businesses to make long-distance, international, and sales calls. You can even display a customized Caller ID with your virtual phone number. This increases the likelihood of prospects calling you back and it gives credibility to your business.

Outbound Calling Solutions for Your Business

Thousands of organizations around the world rely on services from Global Call Forwarding. Some of the features that improve the service also include:

  • Customized Caller ID
  • API Integrations
  • Call Detail Records
  • Calling Lists
  • Call Recording

How Does It Work?

Crystal-clear telephone calls are delivered through a VoIP connection. Utilizing highly stable, Tier 1 grade networks, there is no need for additional hardware. This is how outbound calling works:

  1. Select a virtual phone number from 150+ countries for your caller ID.
  2. Install a dialer application on your device.
  3. Start calling your customers and business contacts.
This is a turnkey solution to make calls at a high volume without any extra hardware.
It can be integrated with any virtual call center PBX and it works on any device.
▸ Mobile ▸ Computer ▸ Landline

The Best Outbound Calling Service Providers

Service quality is really important for choosing your provider. With over 22 years of experience, Global Call Forwarding has been helping businesses communicate with customers for over two decades.

We offer clear voice calls and minimal latency for long-distance and international calling. Domestically, the quality of our service is unrivaled. This helps establish a high level of professionalism in phone conversations.

Unique Features

The business landscape has changed over the years, and outbound strategies that worked in the early 2000s might no longer be effective in 2019. Here are several features of calling outbound:

  • Call Tracking: We give you access to detailed call records to improve business analysis. This enables you to track important sales metrics and also can be used for marketing campaigns and efforts.
  • Target the Right Prospects: It’s important for companies using outbound strategies to target the right prospects. They should have call lists with relevant information about who they’re calling. There’s nothing worse than calling someone by the wrong name on the phone.
  • Warm Up With an Introduction: Depending on the type of sale, different cold calling practices can be most effective.
  • Record Your Calls: Monitor and improve employee performance, and adhere to international financial industry requirements with call recording.

Call quality is really important, but so is choosing a reliable service provider.
Global Call Forwarding is the most trusted provider of outbound calling services.

Outbound Call Center Solutions

Many businesses already benefit from using an outbound phone service. It helps facilitate better communication with more customers over the phone. Global Call Forwarding offers outbound calling plans that benefit all team sizes.

It’s a highly scalable solution that only requires a high-speed Internet connection to establish multiple agents who are dialing prospects and in outbound call centers. Another benefit is that you can also call anyone in the world, whether it’s a local or international phone call.
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How to Get Outbound Calling For Your Business

It’s easy to set up calling outbound with your virtual phone number in just a few steps. It can be activated right away when you sign up through our website and all settings can be managed in real-time through an online control panel. We also offer 24/7 support and corporate account management if you would like to talk to an expert before signing up.

Make and Receive Calls Using Our GCF Dialer

Powered by United World Telecom

Use our new web-based dialer to make and receive international phone calls from your computer or Android device.
Web dialer is included with our outbound calling service.

  • Two-way voice calls from any of your Global Call Forwarding phone numbers
  • Set a Dynamic Caller ID to display for outbound calls
  • Make assisted call transfers to other active users in your network
  • FREE in-network calls between users
  • Fully integrated Contacts and Call History Features
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