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Global Call Forwarding Blog

5 Top International Call Forwarding Benefits

International call forwarding benefits

International call forwarding is used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, as there are many associated benefits. Here we outline the top 5 benefits that an international call forwarding …Read More »

5 Ways to Win Back Your Post-Pandemic Customers

How to win back post-pandemic customers.

It’s true that the COVID-19 pandemic put a wrench in our plans to grow this year. Yet, instead of being disheartened about the current state of your business and future …Read More »

5 Ways Call Forwarding and Automation Can Improve Your Phone System

Call Forwarding automation

One of the most important parts of any business is to offer reliable customer support. This means that when a customer calls your business, you are always reachable and can …Read More »

Call Center Best Practices: 20 Proven Tips for 2020

20 proven call center best practices for 2020.

Call centers are everywhere and if you want to up your game and become a reliable call center, then you need to make some changes. Here we outline 20 proven …Read More »

6 Reasons Why a Softphone Is Essential For Any Remote Team

Reasons why a softphone is essential for your remote team.

Managing remote or distributed teams can be a hassle. Ensuring that employees stay connected and are able to contact customers and answer customer service calls is important. However, not everyone …Read More »

8 Proven Tactics to Get More Global Customers

get more global customers

Supporting a global customer base may seem overwhelming and unattainable. However, with the right tools and business moves, bringing aboard more global customers can be a piece of cake. Here …Read More »

7 Proven Tips to Deal With Difficult or Angry Customers

Tips for dealing with difficult or angry customers.

Dealing with a difficult or angry customer can be tricky, yet it is a common occurrence in the customer service industry. And because it happens so often, customer service employees …Read More »