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Global Call Forwarding Blog

Benefits of Recording Business Calls: Invest in Call Recording Software

Considering recording business calls? You are on the right track. Utilizing a call recording software is becoming a common part of running a company. This is because recorded calls can …Read More »

How to Create the Perfect IVR System for Your Medical Answering Service

ivr systems medical answering service

As a business owner, it is your job to provide good and quality customer service to callers investing in your business. Whether it is hiring highly skilled agents or using …Read More »

1800 Numbers for Hotels, Resorts, and Timeshare Properties

1800 numbers hotels resorts

More and more businesses in the travel industry are using 1800 numbers as their contact numbers to offer callers a free way to call. Learn how getting a 1800 number …Read More »

Push Your IT Business Towards Success with Good Customer Relations

IT business success customer

The most important part of running a business is maintaining good customer relations. Whether this relates to selling new products or offering troubleshooting services, your IT business must focus on …Read More »

How to Find the Right Toll Free Number Provider?

how to find right toll free provider

Choosing the right toll free number provider can be a daunting task. Learn what toll free numbers are, how businesses can use them, and how to find the right provider …Read More »

Coronavirus: How to Keep Communicating During Isolation

coronavirus communicating during isolation

Coronavirus (covid-19) has slowed our lives down and has practically brought the entire world to lockdown. In these uncertain times, it is easier than ever to lose contact with important …Read More »

Work from Home with These Virtual Business Options

Work from Home with These Virtual Business Options

Fears of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have put cities and countries on lockdown and forced businesses to shut down. Fortunately, most businesses and job positions have the opportunity and ability to …Read More »