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Global Call Forwarding Blog

How to Reduce Hold Time in a Virtual Call Center

Hold time in a virtual call center.

Are customers abandoning calls because they are waiting in line for too long? This can hurt your business if not taken care of quickly. Here we will look at a …Read More »

7 Must-Have Communication Tools for Global Expansion

A photo of communication tools for global expansion.

Expanding internationally and entering new markets can be unsuccessful if not planned properly. One of the most important parts of global expansion is preparing to communicate overseas and across borders. …Read More »

Top 5 Countries for Global Expansion in 2020

top countries for global expansion

Is global expansion on your agenda for 2020? Then it’s time to look at the top 5 countries to consider expanding to this year. Here we highlight countries to consider …Read More »

The Ultimate List of BYOD Policy Pros and Cons

the ultimate list BYOD policy pros and cons

How do you decide if a Bring Your Own Device or BYOD policy is right for your business? More and more employees are attracted to working remotely or on their …Read More »

8 Key Points That Any Bring Your Own Device Policy Must Have

A photo of bring your own device policy byod essentials

The rise and comfort of remote working have led to employers considering the different ways to allow remote working without losing employee productivity. In this post, we will look at …Read More »

Work From Home Call Center: 4 Best Practices [2020]

work from home call center

With the rise in work from home as an option, more and more employees demand flexibility in hours and location. This has given rise to the possibility of a home-based …Read More »