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Use of virtual phone numbers can help your business in a multitude of ways. One of these is because an international customer is more likely to do business with you if they see that you are reachable through a local number in their local country.

Get Virtual Phone Numbers for Your Small Business

Virtual phone numbers allow small and medium-sized businesses to place no-hassle international calls easily and economically. With virtual phone numbers, inbound callers can reach your business 24/7, boosting your virtual existence to potentially increase sales. All virtual numbers that you get from Global Call Forwarding include a suite of features. You can customize your usage of them to fit your company’s needs precisely. With time of day routing, you can more easily manage your international calls coming from other time zones. If you use sequential forwarding, incoming calls can ring various numbers in succession to ensure calls are answered.

How Does a Virtual Number Work?

Virtual numbers work over the cloud using VoIP technology. Because unlike traditional landlines, where the connection runs through telephone lines, virtual numbers exist entirely over the internet. Therefore, when you purchase a virtual phone number, you will assign a destination number to it. As a result, this number is where calls will get routed automatically.

Virtual phone numbers operate seamlessly with your business’s existing telephonic system. This means they integrate easily and are activated within a few hours after purchase. Therefore, whether you operate from home or are a multinational enterprise, the benefits are exceptional for businesses of all sizes.

This seamless integration and convenience makes virtual numbers ideal for global/ multilingual call centers. Also, they are ideal for businesses who want their operations available in new locations, while saving on expenses.

Virtual Number Coverage in More Than 160 Countries

Virtual numbers are very simple to use and they can be purchased affordably and easily. A virtual office can be set up conveniently if you are interested in growing your business internationally. A local phone number routed back to your personal line or VOIP device is all it takes. If you intend on expanding your business worldwide, a super-efficient telephone system will allow you to test new markets. This will allow for easy access without hefty telephone bills eating into your budget. So, you can instantly establish your presence internationally without actually having to open new offices in foreign countries.

These are some of the many countries where we provide virtual phone numbers. We have the largest inventory of international virtual phone numbers from more than 160 countries worldwide.

Service Features

Virtual phone numbers have gained immense popularity because of their capabilities in reducing operational telephone costs. You have the option to connect a PBX, as well as take advantage of features like hosted call recording. You can streamline business calls into a single line, or multiple virtual numbers can be connected to a business line using virtual numbers. So, the beauty lies in their versatility; how a business uses virtual numbers remains wholly customizable with our suite of advanced service features.

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How to Buy a Virtual Phone Number

If you want to get virtual phone numbers, it reassuring to know is quite an easy process. And it’s especially simple if you are working with Global Call Forwarding. If you want your numbers set up as quickly as possible, this company specializes in the best services at the lowest prices. The virtual number ordering and setup process is very simple; just head to and enter the necessary info.

Right now is the perfect time to get a virtual phone number for your business. So, if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. Our customer service team is here to help you get the services you need. It’s easy to sign up via our website, and in many cases, you will have a free trial period to explore the service.

F A Q | Virtual Phone Numbers

"A virtual phone number is a telephone number that is not tied to a specific phone or phone line. It enables you to route calls to another phone number at your convenience. You can obtain virtual phone numbers for more than 140 different countries and in nearly every area code of the US. Virtual phone numbers are often used to enable convenient long distance/ international service without incurring substantial charges.

A virtual number is a phone number without a directly associated telephone line. It works just like a normal phone number, however, the connection is routed over the internet using VoIP technology. When a virtual phone number is purchased, a destination number is assigned to it. This number is where calls are routed automatically. Using the "Outbound Calling" feature allows you to make calls using your virtual number, so this number appears on the receiver's caller ID.

"If you want to buy virtual phone numbers, the process quite easy. All you have to do is go to our homepage (or any other page with the signup form), select the number you would like to purchase, and enter your destination number where calls will be routed to. Then just complete the checkout process and you're all set! In many cases numbers are auto provisioned and available to use instantly.

Virtual phone numbers can be used to communicate like a local entity in other locations throughout the world. Some possible uses for them are for sales teams, call centers, startups, and enterprise businesses with large teams. If you do business domestically or globally, you can display local or toll free numbers so your customers identify your business as a local one, and they can avoid costly international calling charges. Many people buy virtual toll free numbers for their businesses because they look professional, are more convenient for customers, and they have access to many features such as advanced routing and call recording.

In many cases, yes. There are some countries where mobile accessibility with toll free numbers is not available, though. You can view accessibility and restriction information when you sign up and select your phone number under “see additional info and restrictions.”

Generally yes, virtual phone numbers are accessible from other countries, however, there may be some limitations depending on the country. Toll free numbers are accessible only in the country they originate, so they are typically not accessible internationally. However, there are some exceptions to this. In the US, Canadian toll free numbers can be dialed without an issue. US toll free numbers can sometimes be dialed by those in the UK, but the calls will not be free for the caller.

Yes. There are no limits to how many numbers you can purchase with us. A large percentage of our clients are international companies with locations all over the world. When placing an order online, you can add as many numbers as you would like to your cart. If you want a custom quote for bulk numbers, please send us a corporate inquiry and we can send you a detailed proposal.

Yes. You are able to forward inbound and outbound calls to an IP address or VOIP device. We have thousands of customers that receive their calls on VOIP devices daily. Please contact us if you have questions regarding IP/VOIP forwarding and setup.

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