Vietnam virtual phone numbers

Vietnam Virtual Phone Numbers

Use a +84 Vietnam phone number to connect with customers in Asia. Forward incoming calls to your main office, global teams, or support centers anywhere in the world.
  • Expand sales and support operations in Asia with Vietnam virtual phone numbers.
  • Establish a local presence in this region — no long-term contracts or setup fees
  • Manage calls efficiently with 20+ features like IVR, advanced routing, and more.
  • Enjoy reliable local and international calling from any device, any location.
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Looking to take your business to Vietnam? You can get Vietnam virtual numbers and enter the local market with ease! Connect with locals and increase your customer base by offering inexpensive calling rates.

Get a Virtual Phone Number in Vietnam

We offer a wide variety of virtual phone numbers for businesses that are ready to reach the next level. You can get a Vietnam virtual number from us by simply signing up on our website. We offer the following types of virtual Vietnam numbers:

Toll Free Vietnam Numbers, which have the prefix (120), (122), (800) and can be called for free from anywhere within Vietnam. More information on access and reachability below.

Local Vietnam Numbers with specific area codes are available for different cities including:

  • Danang City (2)
  • Hanoi City (4)
  • Ho Chi Minh City (8)

Types of of Vietnam Virtual Numbers

You can get different types of Vietnam phone numbers for your business. Global Call Forwarding offers:

  • Vietnam toll free numbers — free to call from anywhere within the country.
  • Local or geographic Vietnam numbers — available with specific area codes from top cities in the country.

Vietnam Phone Number Format

The Vietnam dialing code is (+84). The format of Vietnam phone numbers includes a toll free code or area code, followed by a subscriber number. A toll free Vietnam number includes the toll free prefix (120), (122), or (800) followed by a 5 or 6-digit number: +84 (122) + x xxxx.

The Vietnam toll free number format is +84 (999) + x xxxx.

The Vietnam local number format is +84 (2) + xxxxxxxxx.

Service Features

An advanced suite of included and premium features to reliably power your business communications.

IVR/Auto Attendant

Cloud Call Recording

Virtual Voicemail

Call Flow Designer

Time of Day Routing

Geographic Routing

Simultaneous Ringing

Sequential Routing

Outbound Calling

Outbound Caller ID

Number Masking

Failover Routing

Call Blocking

Local Ringback Tones

Fax to Email

Rollover Minutes

benfits of virtual numbers

Benefits of Using a Vietnam Number for Business

Why should your business buy a Vietnam phone number?

With a Vietnam virtual number, you can:

  • Develop a local presence even if you are an international company
  • Gain access to the Vietnam economy
  • Communicate cost-effectively with local Vietnam customers
  • Attract a new customer base to purchase your products and services
  • Increase revenue and sales by entering a new market
  • Get access to cloud communication features for improved call management
  • Use your number for advertising locally

How Much Does a Vietnam Virtual Number Cost?

You can get a Vietnam phone number plan for as low as $34.95 per month. We offer five different plans so you can choose one that is right for your needs. Use a toll free Vietnam number to offer locals a free calling option.

How to Get a Vietnam Phone Number?

You can buy a Vietnam phone number from Global Call Forwarding in two ways:

To purchase your numbers online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our Pricing page.
  2. Select your new number from the left dialog box.
  3. Choose Vietnam, type of number, prefix, and number available.
  4. Then, enter the necessary information in the right dialog box to have your calls forwarded.
  5. Note: You can forward calls to any location or VoIP/SIP system.
  6. Click on View Rates and choose from our five different plans.
  7. Add premium services, if desired. We offer Call Recording, Outbound Calling, Voicemail Transcription, and Rollover Minutes.
  8. Submit your order and wait for your service to be activated.
With Vietnam VoIP numbers, you can enter this booming economy and increase your business’ sales and global coverage. To learn more, speak with representatives today!
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Telephone Numbers in Vietnam

Vietnam toll-free numbers have an industry-wide restriction and their access depends on local carriers.

  • 120 – VNPT Fixed*, Vinaphone Mobile**, SPT
  • 121 – Mobifone Mobile**
  • 122 – Viettel Fixed & Mobile

* Fixed (landline) – not reachable from mobile phones on VNPT, only VNPT fixed/landlines
** Mobile – not reachable from fixed lines, only mobile phones

For maximum coverage and to ensure callers from any network can contact your business, you can purchase:

  1. 122 numbers since they seem to have the most market share (54% of 2021)
  2. Multiple toll-free numbers (120, 121, and 122 numbers) and display them on your marketing materials.
  3. Vietnam local numbers, which are reachable from all phones and networks in Vietnam and internationally.

Need help deciding? Connect with our global telecom experts. We’re here to help!

Vietnam’s telecommunications industry provides locals with various communication services for business and personal use. Here’s information about the telecom scene in Vietnam :

Vietnam telecom regulator — IMSI

Major Vietnam telecom operators — Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group (VNPT), Vinaphone, Mobifone, Viettel, S-Fone, EVN Telecom, Vietnamobile, and GMobile.

Geographic Area Codes in Vietnam

We have virtual numbers available for major cities in Vietnam including:

  • Danang City (2)
  • Hanoi City (4)
  • Ho Chi Minh City (8)

Geographic Vietnam numbers include the trunk prefix and area code (02), and an 9-digit subscriber number:
+84 (02 + area code) + xxxx xxxx.

Get Vietnam Virtual Phone Numbers

Businesses in and outside of Vietnam can use Vietnam business phone numbers to connect with locals, to offer them support and sales, and to develop a strong local network. Get Vietnam virtual phone number for your business today! Sign up online or speak with our experts today!

Get a free consultation with a business phone system specialist.

Reach out and a Global Call Forwarding expert will get back with you shortly.

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F A Q | Vietnam Virtual Phone Numbers

Vietnam virtual numbers are phone numbers that transmit calls via the internet or “virtually” instead of traditional phone lines. This makes it possible to make and receive calls from any location and through any device.

The country code for Vietnam phone numbers is (+84).

You can get different types of Vietnam phone numbers for your business including toll-free, national, local, and mobile numbers.

Vietnam virtual numbers use international call forwarding and VoIP to send and receive calls through the internet. Incoming calls are forwarded to the user’s desired location anywhere in the world.

Yes, you can use your Vietnam virtual number from any location as long as you have a stable internet connection. This means, you do not necessarily need to be located in Vietnam to make and receive calls there.

Virtual phone service providers like Global Call Forwarding offer Vietnam virtual numbers among other business phone numbers. We provide quick activation times and access to advanced cloud features with each of our plans.