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Thousands of international businesses use call forwarding services to improve inbound call handling. The service works by forwarding calls internationally from a virtual number to any destination.

Global Call Forwarding provides business call forwarding as the core service to help businesses become more reachable by phone in over 160 countries. Companies can also use the service to make outbound calls with their forwarding numbers.

Business Call Forwarding: A Cloud Communications Tool

Call forwarding (also called VoIP forwarding) has come a long way since the service was first introduced. What started as a simple tool of convenience has become an advanced, cloud-based communications tool that is used by thousands of successful multinational businesses to support mission-critical operations.

The evolution of call forwarding for small businesses has taken cloud communications to the next level. And since the service can be combined with other features, you can create a robust business communication system to connect with your customers wherever they are located.

How Does Call Forwarding for Business Work?

In a nutshell, VoIP forwarding lets businesses forward incoming calls to another number or line. You first need to get call forwarding numbers for target markets; you can get these numbers in virtually any city or country.

Since these are local or toll-free numbers, callers can dial these numbers for free or at the local calling cost and avoid the confusing international calling process. Customers are more likely to call a local phone number and will appreciate how easy it is to reach your business.

Meanwhile, your business forwards incoming calls to any location where your reps and employees are located. The forward-to destination can be a mobile phone, landline, PBX, SIP address, or even a CRM.

The Benefits of VoIP Forwarding

The main benefits that you can expect from call forwarding are:

  • Establish a virtual international presence
  • Improve call handling and customer service
  • Increase in revenue and ROI by becoming more reachable
  • Segment business and personal calls with a second phone number

Without call forwarding, it would be virtually impossible to provide phone support to your clients around the globe. The costs and logistics associated with having international offices can prove expensive for most businesses. Only the largest companies can afford to have physical locations within every country they operate in. With the modern-day version of VoIP forwarding, physical offices are no longer necessary. You can establish a virtual presence anywhere.

A major benefit of forwarding is improved customer service. Your global clients will constantly have access to your business, no matter where it is physically located. This enables you to offer your products and services on a global scale.

Additionally, since you can forward calls to remote and global teams, you can provide around-the-clock sales and service. This creates a sense of security for your local and global clients, convincing new clients to make commitments while ensuring current clients have reason to stay loyal. Customers appreciate the ease of dialing a local or toll-free number.

Increasing customer service directly correlates to an increase in revenue. Since call forwarding reduces costs, the ROI of your business as a whole will improve.

An image of a businessman setting up his call forwarding service.
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Business Call Forwarding Features

Global Call Forwarding offers a suite of advanced forwarding features to benefit business subscribers. Here are the top features:

  • Forwarding numbers in over 160 countries
  • Online control panel
  • Call management tools
  • Hosted call recording
  • Cloud IVR
  • Call flow builder
  • Advanced routing
    • Time-based routing and business hours
    • Geo-routing or location-based routing
    • Holiday routing
  • VoIP redundancy and failover

Does My Business Need Call Forwarding?

Every aspect of business communication continuously evolves. If your business is getting ready to expand and grow, then you may want to consider business call forwarding.

Customers today expect more in terms of customer support. They want to reach your business quickly and with minimal inconvenience. Competition in every industry will ensure that customers are satisfied. Constant accessibility has become the standard and enables businesses to answer every call anywhere.

International call forwarding ensures that your business and teams are available for local and global customers when they need you.

How to Get a Call Forwarding Service?

The process of setting up call forwarding is simple. The only decision that you need to make is choosing the best provider.

Call forwarding, as we provide it, requires no extra equipment or staffing costs. No physical offices, no communication equipment, and no team of operators. You simply choose a new phone number and input your destination number. No more missed calls and no missed opportunities. You simply plug our service within your existing system.


Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you configure the advanced features.

Our network was built to provide a service that you can depend on. We recognize that businesses depend on proper call management to function on an enterprise level. We take the trust of our clients seriously and do everything within our power to provide the best features, service, reliability, and call quality in the industry.

You can rest assured that with our services you will be a part of a vast network of organizations, public and private, which depend on us for their communications.

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