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Forwarding Numbers to VOIP

There are many reasons why you would want to forward your phone calls through voice over IP. By forwarding your phone calls you can move about freely while never missing a call. You may have virtual office or run a part time business and staying in one place for a set amount of time to answer the phone is not a reasonable option. For some larger business VoIP is way to save money. Voice over IP can allow a business to purchase a local or toll free number and have that number forwarded to a central location at different times of the day or year.

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Many options are available when you forward a phone number to VoIP. Some basic features will let you forward a call to voicemail after hours or have the call redirected to a customer service center. Along with basic features companies like Global Call Forwarding will allow you to have a fax forward to your email as an image file. Services like these can make a business truly mobile and connected.

What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) allows voice to travel over an IP network as an audio stream. Using session control protocols as well as audio codec’s permit this transmission to happen. VoIP has been used in various ways both proprietary and open protocols and standards.

What Type of Equipment I Need to Forward Numbers to VoIP.

To use VoIP you will want to have a high speed internet connection either through a cable modem or a DSL network. In some cases you will need to purchase a special phone while some services will permit the use of an adapter with a traditional phone.

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