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What is Toll Free FlexDial?

Toll Free FlexDial is a new solution that can provide global toll-free access to callers in multiple countries through a single phone number. FlexDial enables callers from around the world to connect with your business for free, no matter where they are calling from.

FlexDial can be dialed free-of-charge from anywhere in the world. It is accessible from mobile phones and landlines. Our innovative solution allows businesses to have a single unified phone number that global customers can call without paying for the call.

Make Your Business Accessible Globally

TollFree FlexDial allows you to advertise one single toll free number that is reachable from anywhere in the world. It eliminates the need to display multiple phone numbers, and can also provide toll free access in remote countries where toll free service normally isn’t available.

How Much Does Toll Free FlexDial Cost?

FlexDial pricing is dependent on how many countries you would like callers to be able to reach you from.

Included monthly minutes for each plan depend on the countries from which users will access the service and will be provided based on this information.

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How Does FlexDial Work?

Toll Free FlexDial uses integrated reverse-calling technology to enable global toll-free access through a single phone number.

We assign a special phone number that callers can dial free of charge. The phone number will play a custom prompt (example: Thank you for calling Acme Contact Center. Your phone will receive a call from one of our agents in a few seconds).

After the completion of the voice prompt, our system will hang up the call. Our system will then initiate a new call to the caller’s number in seconds that will connect the caller to your business.

  1. Your customer will dial a special phone number, free of charge.
  2. The caller will hear your custom prompt and then the phone call will end.
  3. FlexDial will initiate a call to one of your agents and then connect your agent to the customer in just a few seconds.

FlexDial leverages our high-availability network to offer reliable international toll-free service for your business.

How Can FlexDial Help Your Business?

Toll Free FlexDial is the best alternative to UIFN and ITFS numbers.

check Global reach with a single phone number
Your business can advertise a single phone number that can be dialed by customers around the world. There is no need to publish multiple phone numbers from different countries.
check Access to toll free coverage where phone numbers are not available
FlexDial can provide toll-free coverage in countries where ITFS numbers are not offered, such as Cuba, Swaziland, Senegal, etc.
check Universal mobile access and consistent dialing
UIFN has many downsides, including no mobile access from certain countries and irregular dialing conventions. FlexDial can be dialed from multiple countries and from any phone.
check Access to full suite of business phone features
FlexDial service comes with a full feature set of our toll free numbers including IVR (Auto Attendant), Advanced Routing, Virtual Voicemail, Call Recording among many others.
check Improved caller experience
Because FlexDial utilizes our advanced auto carrier selection algorithm, it is not dependent on a single carrier to deliver calls like traditional ITFS service. improving service reliability.
check No documentation or registration is needed
Documentation is required to activate toll free numbers from certain countries. This requirement from local telecom operator is industry standard to prevent fraudulent usage.
check Fast provisioning
Unlike ITFS numbers from certain countries, there is generally no wait time required in order to activate FlexDial. It can be set up in less than one business day.
F A Q | Toll Free FlexDial

FlexDial is the perfect solution to have toll-free coverage in even the most remote countries. It is also great for callers who don’t have access to the internet or a smartphone with data capabilities.

Toll Free FlexDial is available for all the countries around the world.

The caller will need to have international calling capability activated on their phones in order to access the FlexDial service.

Yes, by default we provide a USA toll free number for this service which can be dialed from anywhere in the world. However, if you want to use a specific number format from a different country, we can accommodate you for it as well.


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