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One of the most impressive sites in the world is the development that has taken place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the past 20 years. In less than a generation, this federation of seven Emirates has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The investments the UAE has made in infrastructure, technology and the ease in which to do business has made it a global destination for entrepreneurs of all sizes.

Investments in digital infrastructure and incentives by the UAE have been keys to attracting next-generation businesses from multinational enterprises and innovative individuals. If you want to establish yourself in the Emirates, getting UAE virtual numbers can go a long way in making the virtual presence of your business felt by local customers. And because it is a virtual number, you don’t even have to be in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to use one.

The Economic Shift in the UAE

The UAE is investing heavily in sectors outside of oil and natural gas as its reserves are slowly but surely dwindling. In addition to tourism, which has made Dubai and Abu Dhabi world-famous, investments in technology, healthcare, logistics, entertainment and other sectors will lessen the shock of losses in oil and gas revenue.

In order to encourage the brightest entrepreneurs and innovative organizations, the UAE has simplified the process of establishing a business. According to the World Bank, the UAE has been improving at impressive rates over the past decades in its ease-of-use of doing business. In the past year alone it has improved 12 places.

This increase is based on the adoption of many policies designed to introduce new levels of efficiency as more people come into the UAE to open a company. For example reserving a company name, notarizing memorandum of agreement and applying for registration at the Department of Economic Development (DED) only takes one day. Similarly, filing company documents with the DED and getting a trade license, as well as registering for membership at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) takes only three days. By getting UAE virtual phone numbers, you will be able to receive incoming calls from people in the UAE and get your business up and running.

Digital Communications

Having a virtual presence is just as important today, or even more so, than the traditional brick-and-mortar outlet. And having this virtual presence means deploying a communication solution that is capable of addressing many of the different channels and outlets that are available in today’s marketplace.

Consumers and businesses are now communicating with smartphones and tablets using voice, video, text on websites and social media. Having UAE virtual numbers brings together these technologies so they can be accessed by employees and customers to better communicate in the digital ecosystem

Another benefit of digital communications is it is virtually limitless in its capability to deliver all of the traditional calling services at price points individuals and businesses of any size can afford. With the UAE virtual phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding, you will have the tools, infrastructure, reliability and support for comprehensive digital communication to ensure you will always be able to answer calls.

The Benefits of Virtual Numbers

A virtual phone number can be accessed from anywhere by anyone because it is delivered using cloud technology. This makes it possible for users to call and chat on their smartphones, tablets, PCs or desktop phones with many of the services Global Call Forwarding as part of its overall communication solutions.

The more than 20 years of experience Global Call Forwarding brings to digital communications is what allows it to provide UAE virtual numbers that are as functional as they are affordable. Having these phone numbers in the UAE come with customizable solutions that can be designed to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Numbers can be created to increase brand awareness and improve marketing in the region. This includes integrating features such as call forwarding so your company is always open for business because the calls can be routed to where you are, no matter where you are.


The UAE virtual numbers from Global Call Forwarding make your business more accessible. This is an extremely important feature in today’s business environment because everyone seems to be operating 24/7, if not in their physical stores, digitally.

With UAE virtual phone numbers the only time you will not be available is if you choose not to make yourself available. The number can be designed and customized by Global Call Forwarding so you and your employees can address the needs of your customers whether they are calling from Australia, the US, South Africa or even the UAE, all without having an office in any of the Emirates.

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