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Chile Virtual Phone Numbers

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Get a Virtual Chile Phone Number in Chile

You can get a Chile phone number through virtual phone service providers like Global Call Forwarding. We offer a wide selection of Chile virtual numbers. With these numbers, your business can make and receive international calls by displaying a local caller ID. We offer the following types of virtual Chile numbers:

Toll Free Chile Numbers (800) can be called for free from anywhere within Chile.

National Chile Numbers (44) are also reachable from all over the country.

Local Chile Numbers with specific area codes are available for different cities including:

  • Arica
  • Los Angeles
  • Puerto Montt
  • Santiago
  • Valdivia

How Much Does a Chile Phone Number Cost?

Our Chile phone number plans start at $17.95 per month. Choose between our five different virtual number plans and find the one best for your business communication needs.

Telephone Numbers in Chile

Businesses can get Chile telephone numbers to connect with local customers, vendors, suppliers, and more. Expand your business to this part of the world with a Chile phone number.

Chile Phone Number Format

The Chile dialing code is (+56). The format of Chile phone numbers includes a toll free code or area code, followed by a subscriber number. A toll free Chile number includes the toll free prefix (800) followed by a 6-digit number:
+56 (800) + xxx xxxx.

Geographic Area Codes in Chile

We have virtual numbers available from all major cities in Chile. These are the area codes of some of the major cities:

  • Arica (582)
  • Los Angeles (43)
  • Puerto Montt (65)
  • Santiago (2)
  • Valdivia (63)

Geographic Chile numbers include the area code and a 6-7-digit subscriber number:
+56 (area code) + xxx xxxx.

Chile Telecom Operators

Chile phone numbers are regulated by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications. Popular Chile telecom operators include Telefónica Chile, VTR, the GTD Group, Entel, and Claro.

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