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American DID Numbers
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Multinational companies understand the importance of expanding into the United States in terms of developing their businesses on a global scale. In expanding to the US, one of the key components to successfully doing business there is having proper communication tools. Virtual numbers remain one of the best solutions for companies aiming to expand into the US affordably and effectively. Read on to learn more about how to get US virtual numbers for your business.

What Are US Virtual Numbers?

US virtual numbers are phone numbers for the United States. They contain either an area code that designates them as local to certain locations or they are toll free numbers with a specific prefix. Virtual phone numbers are like all other phone numbers, with the exception of being routed over the internet rather than traditional landlines. This means they are cloud-based, enabling efficient international communication.

How United States Virtual Numbers Work

US virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that don’t have a specific landline attached to them. They are managed via the cloud and they provide easy to access features. Global Call Forwarding provides businesses with an online control panel that can be utilized to adjust the settings of their numbers with convenience and ease.

United States Virtual Numbers for Your Business

Here are some of the top benefits of having virtual numbers for your business.

    • Flexibility and accessibility are some of the top advantages of virtual phone numbers.
    • Businesses interested in exploring the U.S. market can use them to begin expanding in the US.
    • Whether a business prefers local, toll free or vanity numbers for their company, Global Call Forwarding provides these services alongside their US phone numbers.
    • Ease of use, seamless integration, and low investment risks make virtual phone numbers the route of choice for many multinational corporations.
    • For advertising, reaching new markets, and more, businesses who wish to offer their services or products throughout the U.S. may want to have US phone numbers for their company.

How to Get a US Virtual Number

Global Call Forwarding provides US virtual phone numbers to companies looking to expand in the United States. If you wish to purchase a virtual phone number for the United States, head to Once there, you will see a set of drop-down menus on the homepage. There, you will select the specific details for the US virtual phone number you want to purchase. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Select the country; USA
Step 2: Select the number type; local or toll free
Step 3: If you opt for a geographic number, select the city
Step 4: Enter the number where you want calls forwarded
Step 5: Click on the link for “View Rates & Try For Free”
Step 6: Select the plan you wish to purchase
Step 7: Add any premium features you may need
Step 8: Enter the necessary information for checkout and proceed to conclude the transaction
Step 9: Your virtual US phone number will be available for use in a short time

Why Your Business Should Consider Expanding to the US

For international businesses, breaking into the U.S. marketplace may present several challenges, however, with the right tools, it is not impossible. US virtual numbers will make it easier to do business in the United States, both affordably and conveniently.

Closing: Why Businesses Use US Virtual Phone Numbers

Building a presence in the U.S. requires either a virtual or physical location. Well-versed entrepreneurs understand that establishing a virtual presence is a more affordable option than investing in a brick and mortar location. Using a virtual office phone system as a stepping stone before launching an expensive physical location is a prudent decision.

Virtual US numbers can be purchased as local numbers for specific locations, such as New York, Los Angeles, or Miami, or as toll free numbers that give the indication of a national presence. Businesses must make themselves accessible to consumers and US virtual phone numbers provide a direct line of communication that works efficiently without high investment costs. Simply, US virtual phone numbers for businesses enable simpler and more efficient expansion into the US. If your business is interested in purchasing a US virtual number, head to Global Call Forwarding today.

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