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A Guide to Easier Business

Running a business is becoming more automated these days, especially considering how technology seems to become more capable of doing extraordinary things once thought impossible. Therefore, business is becoming easier for the ones who know how to use this advanced technology to their advantage. For those who stick with traditional methods, you may be lost in time, fail to align with your customers’ demands, and eventually get left behind — and no one wants that for their business as they try to expand into the markets of the US Virgin Islands!

The solution? US Virgin Island Virtual phone numbers. Having virtual phone numbers that are local to the area in which your company communicates with is beneficial for many reasons. Here is a more in-depth look at the many positive attributes of US Virgin Island Virtual phone numbers, how they work, and why you need them.

What are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Many businesses have more than one phone number associated with certain departments, and extensions for certain people that need to have a two-way communication system for clients and customers, which is why phone companies started offering 800 numbers. These enabled companies to organize their telecom systems efficiently, all while being toll-free for the person calling in, the majority of the time.

Now, the future has arrived, and the telecom system for businesses has changed, and companies are offering virtual phone numbers that are specific to a certain area, with a local area code just like a home phone number. This has enabled companies to reap all the benefits of having a virtual phone number.

Sailing into Cruz Bay on the island of St John in the US Virgin Islands
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Why You Need US Virgin Islands Virtual Phone Numbers

Having US Virgin Islands virtual phones number is especially crucial if you do business there, because it is a territory outside of the contiguous US, and the culture is not quite the same as on the mainland.

Therefore, a “local” number allows you to work on building trust, because as we all know, a solid reputation is a major key to success. US Virgin Islands virtual phone numbers will help you obtain that, along with good business practices, of course.

Many companies all around the world offer virtual phone number systems for businesses. The competition is high because the services are great and the prices are low. These companies have gone all out, and provide you with not only virtual numbers, but they also provide an interface to organize and manage every phone number associated with each individual employee and company departments.

Why Get US Virgin Islands Virtual Phone Numbers?

When you crunch the numbers, the evidence shows that US Virgin Islands is a great, and very easy, place to start or expand a business. The overall GDP (per capita) comes in around $37,000. With only around 105,000 people taking up residency there, people have money to spend, and your business could very well thrive there. The US Virgin Islands GDP surpasses Puerto Rico, Guam, Saint Lucia, Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas. Life expectancy is around 80 years old, which is longer than US statistics, so you can ensure loyal, paying customers for a very long time.

Now here’s the best part: The US Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority gives enormous tax breaks to any entrepreneur or business that enhances the lifestyle and functionality of the islands. You could be looking at up to 90% tax breaks on all income taxes and even 100% tax breaks on business property, excise, and other taxes. Does one need any other incentive to set up US Virgin Islands virtual phone numbers system for their new or expanded business?

US Virgin Islands Virtual Phone Numbers Are Cost Effective

Calling is different in the US Virgin Islands, since they are not part of the contiguous US, and phone plans may cost them more for calling outside of the territory. Most 800 numbers are toll free, but some are not, and it may burden the customer and client with extra costs just to talk to a representative. The decision to provide your customers and clients with a local number mitigates the worry of extra cost and hidden fees associated with some phone plans.

Easily Recognizable & Easy to Remember

Just think about it. Would you pick up the phone if you see 800 numbers calling you all the time? No. You probably don’t. In reality, most people don’t. However, if a local number shows up, there is a much larger chance that a person will pick up the phone, or at the very least, not block it so you can try again later. The person receiving the call will be much more receptive to talking with someone that called them from a local number rather than a random 800 number.

These are just some of the included benefits of having US Virgin Islands virtual phone numbers.

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