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By virtue of buying Netherlands virtual phone numbers, companies can establish local offices in the Netherlands. Calls to these numbers reach designated locations around the world, and there are no long-distance fees to callers.

Types of Netherlands Phone Numbers Available

Global Call Forwarding offers four types of Netherlands virtual phone numbers. The most economical and versatile numbers are National and local Netherlands phone numbers. Callers can reach these numbers from landlines, mobile phones, payphones, fax transmissions, and from other countries. The National numbers begin with a “085” prefix. The prefixes of the Geographic Netherlands virtual phone numbers relate to specific localities. For example, in Amsterdam, the prefix is “020.” and in Rotterdam, the prefix is “010.” Netherlands VoIP numbers help companies establish a virtual office in specific cities.

The most expensive Netherland phone numbers are Toll Free (mobile accessible) numbers. Callers can reach these numbers from landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, and fax transmissions. Toll Free numbers cost less than the Toll Free (mobile accessible) numbers, but they cost more than National or Geographic Netherlands virtual phone numbers. However, callers can only reach Toll Free numbers from landlines and fax transmissions.

Business Opportunities with a Netherlands Virtual Number

The Netherlands is an attractive business market with a total population, as of July 2017, of 17,084,719 residents, of which 91.5% live in urban areas. The capital and largest city is Amsterdam, with 1,091 million people. Other major urban areas are Rotterdam (993,000) and the seat of government, The Hague (650,000).

A great reason to have Netherlands virtual phone numbers is the connectivity of the Netherlands consumers. There are 6,801,678 landline subscriptions, 21,941,981 mobile cellular phones, and 15,385,203 internet users. A virtual office in the country will encourage companies and people to contact your business.

A 2017 estimate of the Netherlands Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $915.2 billion, and the GDP composition by sector is agriculture (1.6%), industry (17.9%), and services (70.2%). In 2017, Imports were $435.4 billion, and commodities imported were chemicals, clothing, foodstuffs, fuels, and machinery and transport equipment. In 2016, its import partners were Germany (15.3%), China (14.1%), Belgium (8.4%), US (7.9%), UK (5.3%), and Russia (4.1%).

In 2017, its exports were 526.4 billion, and export commodities were chemicals, food and livestock, machinery and transport equipment, and manufactured goods. In 2016, its export partners were Germany (24.1%), Belgium (10.7%), UK (9.4%), France (8.8%), and Italy (4.2%).


The Netherlands is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, and it has 12 provincial administrative divisions. Businesses that have customer concentrations in specific provinces, may consider obtaining Geographic Netherlands virtual phone numbers in those areas. Subsequent paragraphs discuss the four largest provinces.

Get South Holland Phone Numbers

South Holland is the most populous province with 3,607,150 residents in 2015. Its major cities include Rotterdam and The Hague, its provincial capital. South Holland borders the North Sea in the Southwestern part of the country. Sectors of the economy include horticulture, flower bulb cultivation, the Port of Rotterdam, petrochemicals, The Hague service economy, tourism, commercial fishing, and stockbreeding. Netherlands virtual phone numbers in this province will help connect to these economic sectors.

Buy North Holland Virtual Numbers

In 2015, North Holland had 2,775,617 residents. Its capital is Haarlem, and Amsterdam is the largest city. The province is located on the North Sea in the Western Netherlands. It has five municipalities with 100,000 or more residents. It is home to Amnesty International as well as the following companies:

  • Akzo Nobel – paints, performance coatings, and specialty chemicals
  • Heineken International – brewing
  • ING Group – multinational banking and financial services
  • ABN AMRO – the Netherlands third-largest bank
  • TomTom – navigation and mapping products
  • Delta Lloyd Group – insurance
  • – travel fare website and search engine
  • Koninklijke Philips – technology and electronics company
  • Randstad Holding – multinational human resource consulting firm
  • KPMG – one of the Big Four auditors
  • KLM – flag airline carrier of the Netherlands

If your company deals with any of these companies or industries, consider getting Netherlands virtual phone numbers in North Holland.

North Brabant Numbers

North Brabant is the third most-populous province with a 2015 population of 2,495,107. Its largest city is Eindhoven. North Brabant is in Southern Netherlands on the Belgium border. Provincial employment depends upon agriculture, food processing, and the industrial and service sectors. North Brabant is famous for engineering, innovation, and research & development, resulting in significant patent activity.

Industries include auto manufacture, electronics, shoes, and textiles.

Gelderland Numbers

Gelderland had a 2015 population of 2,031,123. Its capital is Arnhem, and Nijmegen is the largest city. It is in Southeastern Netherlands, and it borders Germany. With a land area of 5,000 km2, it is the largest province in the Netherlands. Gelderland features forests, large rivers, and rural areas. It has a knowledge-based economy with many international secondary schools and universities.

If you have a knowledge-based business, consider getting Netherlands virtual phone numbers in Gelderland.

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