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Global Call Forwarding Blog

Drive Up Sales for Your E-Commerce Business with Outbound Calling


Maintaining the sales growth rates can be overwhelming as businesses of different kinds go through high and low periods. But as an owner, you must ensure that your e-commerce business …Read More »

On-Premise vs. Virtual Call Center Software: How to Choose

virtual call center software

Want to know if your business can benefit from an on-premise or virtual call center? Here we will run through a comparison between these two call center software types so …Read More »

What is Call Tracking?

what is call tracking

Want to get insights into customer preferences and behaviors? Call tracking can help you determine the best ways to reach your target audience and sell to them. Learn how virtual …Read More »

Tech Tips for Managing High Call Volume

tech high call volume

Is your tech company having trouble handling its incoming call volume? Are you afraid of losing strong potential clients? Then, it may be time to start considering virtual communication tools …Read More »

How to Create the Perfect IVR System for Your Medical Answering Service

ivr systems medical answering service

As a business owner, it is your job to provide good and quality customer service to callers investing in your business. Whether it is hiring highly skilled agents or using …Read More »

1800 Numbers for Hotels, Resorts, and Timeshare Properties

1800 numbers hotels resorts

More and more businesses in the travel industry are using 1800 numbers as their contact numbers to offer callers a free way to call. Learn how getting a 1800 number …Read More »