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Your Complete Guide to Call Center Offshoring & BPO

call-center offshoring business bpo

What are the advantages of outsourcing your communication-needs? Do the advantages outweigh the cons? Learn everything you need to know about call center offshoring & BPO services. Call Center Offshoring …Read More »

What Is a Chief Customer Officer and What Do They Do?

chief customer officer

Looking to understand what a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is and what they do? In this post, we look at what a CCO is and what they do. Chief Customer …Read More »

14 Reasons to Choose Global Call Forwarding

14 reasons use global call forwarding

Global Call Forwarding is a leading provider of telecommunications solutions for global businesses of all sizes. Why should you choose us for your communication needs? Read on to learn more. …Read More »

Softphone vs. Desk Phone: 6 Reasons to Use a Softphone

softphone vs deskphone

A softphone has all the functions and features of a desk phone, except it works on any device of your choice and in any location. Softphones provide flexibility and mobility …Read More »

5 Ways to Create a Customer First Strategy

customer first strategy

A customer-first strategy can help your business enhance customer experience, increase customer retention, and boost employee productivity. How? In this post, we outline some proven ways to put your customers …Read More »

6 Cost-Effective Ways to Maximize International Call Forwarding

international call forwarding

With international call forwarding, your business can extend sales, marketing, and customer support services to new target areas around the world. Step closer to global expansion by getting the right …Read More »