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How Do Cloud PBX Systems Work?

Cloud PBX systems — also known as virtual PBX or hosted PBX — is a private branch exchange service offered and hosted by a virtual phone service provider. This type of PBX system works over the cloud and routes incoming and outgoing calls virtually.

By using a hosted PBX provider, you do not need to worry about hardware or maintenance. And you get to enjoy advanced cloud communication features and services to improve connectivity and efficiency.

Why Upgrade to a Modern Cloud PBX System?

By switching to the cloud, take your business communications to the next level with advanced features and better connectivity. Run your business phone system with cloud PBX on your existing connection. No extra hardware or equipment needed!


Benefits of Virtual PBX Systems

What can cloud PBX do for your small business? When you switch over to a hosted phone service with Global Call Forwarding, you can:
Get a customizable and inexpensive business phone service.

  • Access a variety of call management and remote team management features.
  • Reduce communication-related costs otherwise spent on equipment and hardware.
  • Expand globally by opening virtual offices in different locations.
  • Reduce the cost of hiring IT teams to manage on-premise systems.
  • Get global SIP trunking for different regions and countries.
  • Benefit from no long-term commitments or contracts.


On-Premise vs Cloud PBX: Which is Better?

While most businesses start out with traditional PBX systems, cloud PBX systems are increasingly seen as a modern and cost-effective alternative. Here are the differences between on-premise and virtual PBX systems:

On-premise PBX
check Located within the office space
check On-site hardware needed
check In-house IT experts needed
check Expensive hardware & installation fees
check Maintenance and updates required
Cloud PBX
check Hosted offsite
check On-site hardware not needed
check In-house IT experts not needed
check No installation or hardware fees
check Provider takes care of maintenance and updates

Features Included with Our Cloud PBX System

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Global Call Forwarding’s phone service and PBX service come with various features that you can use to build a phone system that meets your exact needs. Our top features include:

  1. International and local numbers: to connect with local and international customers cost-effectively.

  2. Call management tools: to forward calls to different locations and departments as needed.

  3. Advanced call routing: to route calls based on time, location, and skill.

  4. Cloud IVR system: an automated voice system to interact with callers and assist them.

  5. Call recording service: to record business calls and review later.

  6. Softphone: to make and receive calls from any device and location.

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