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Streamline your phone call management with Introduction Prompts, an essential feature for professionals handling calls from various business channels. This feature will notify you about the origin of incoming calls based on your unique business setup. Let’s explore further!

How Do Introduction Prompts Work?

Introduction Prompts by Global Call Forwarding is a cloud telephony feature designed to inform you about the source of incoming business calls. This way it simplifies the process of managing different business ventures or preparing for diverse call types, such as sales or support.

As a GCF customer, you simply upload the prompts for each phone line in your Control Panel. For example, “Call from ABC business” or “Call for France number.” Then when you receive a call on those lines, the prompt plays accordingly only for you, and not your caller.

How to Use Intro Prompts?

These prompts clue you into the call’s nature and source, preparing you to efficiently respond to the call. Here are some ways to use this feature:

1. Use prompts to differentiate between work and personal calls. For example, a prompt saying “Business line 927” helps you switch to work mode.

2. Adjust language, expectations, and responses based on where the call is coming from. Global businesses can use prompts like “Call from Italy” or “Call from the UK” to provide personalized and centralized business communication.

3. Easily distinguish between multiple business ventures. Identify which business a call pertains to, with prompts like “Plumbing business call,” ensuring smooth and accurate operations.

4. Cloud call centers and customer service centers can benefit from service-type prompts such as “Call from support number” or “Call from APAC sales number.”

5. Track the performance of marketing campaigns by assigning different numbers to each campaign. Then set relevant prompts such as “PPC ads” or “XYZ Exhibit discount offer.”

Benefits of Segmentation

When you use Introduction Prompts to segment and categorize your incoming calls, you set your teams up for success. Here’s how:

1. Enhanced Call Preparedness — Agents receive immediate information about the source or reason for the call, allowing them to mentally prepare and adjust their communication style accordingly.

2. Efficient Call Handling — By segmenting calls, you ensure that calls are addressed with the appropriate context, leading to more effective and targeted communications.

3. Customized Communications — Use prompts effectively to tailor your sales and customer service interactions.

4. Global Adaptability — By informing you about the call’s regional origin, agent responses can be adapted to specific languages and cultural nuances, offering multilingual support.

5. Streamlined Operations in Multi-Tasking Environments — Agents can quickly adapt their approach, whether the call requires technical support, sales expertise, or general assistance.

6. Strategic Marketing InsightsTrack and use call traffic insights to update strategies, generate more leads, and develop targeted future campaigns.

Setting Up Intro Prompts

Global Call Forwarding customers can enjoy this feature for free with any of our virtual phone number plans. Setting it up is straightforward and can be done through the Control Panel.

1. Once logged in, click on My Phone Numbers, hover over your desired phone line, and click on Settings.
2. Then select Call Forwarding and Basic.
3. Here, under Introduction Prompt, you can Upload or Record your prompts.

We recommend keeping the prompt short to 2-3 seconds. You can adjust these prompts for different phone numbers for better segmentation.



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