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Mask your phone number by displaying specific business numbers instead

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How Does Phone Number Masking Work?

Call masking is a VoIP feature that allows you to “mask” or hide your personal phone number and show another number in its place. It lets you change the outbound caller ID and display your business phone number instead. Customers will be more comfortable receiving your call from a local number instead of an unknown or international number.

How to Use Call Masking?

Global Call Forwarding offers call masking and caller ID override with our Outbound Calling service. You can add this to your virtual phone number plan and then mask your phone number with any of the other numbers you own or purchase with us. Want to learn more? Speak with our representatives today!

When to Mask Your Phone Number?

Your business may want to use call masking for a variety of reasons from protecting caller’s personal information to extending global coverage. Here are some reasons to mask your phone number:

  • Protect caller’s information when working remotely so that they display the business caller ID instead of their personal phone number.
  • Improve local responsiveness when calling global customers by using local numbers with recognizable area codes.
  • Centralize business communication and increase uniformity when your global teams interact with customers.
Benefits of Using a Call Masking Feature?

There are many ways that small-to-medium businesses can use phone number masking when making outbound calls:

check Use specific business phone numbers
Instead of using a generic international phone number that may appear suspicious to a customer, use a local caller ID to put customers at ease.
check Protect your phone number
Increase flexibility and make calls from different devices without making personal contact information known.
check Increase call responsiveness
Customers who recognize local area codes or your business phone are more likely to answer the call.
check Improve sales and revenue
The more successful calls your business makes, the more sales and revenue is generated.

How to Set Up Call Masking with Global Call Forwarding?

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When you sign up for an Outbound Calling plan with Global Call Forwarding, you will access our call masking feature. To get started:

  1. Visit our Outbound Calling Solution page.
  2. Choose a plan that works for your business; we offer five different plans.
  3. Select the phone number(s) to use for call masking.
  4. Add premium services like cloud-hosted call recording, if desired.
  5. Submit your order and wait for your service to be activated.

Once your service is activated, you can log into your control panel and adjust your call masking settings:

  1. Go to your Control Panel.
  2. Choose the Outbound Calling line where you want to change the caller ID setting.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Under Outgoing Caller ID , you can choose to “Always Hide” or “Always Display” your caller ID.
  5. If you choose to display a caller ID, you can choose the Country and Lines (phone number) that you want displayed.
  6. Click Save Settings and you’re all set!
call masking settings
F A Q | Call Masking

Call masking is a VoIP feature that allows you to “mask” or hide your personal phone number and display another number in its place.

Yes, you can use a call masking or number masking service to hide your phone number and not display it in the caller ID.

You can use a call masking feature to hide your phone number or display another phone number in its place.

Businesses of every kind can use call masking to protect their personal phone numbers when making business calls. This is useful for companies with remote and global teams who can display a recognizable business number instead of an unknown number.

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