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7 Benefits of Making Calls with a Local Caller ID

Benefits of Caller ID

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Part of running a company is ensuring that clients stay satisfied, leading to a high customer retention rate. And how do you make that possible? By boosting customer care efforts. Businesses must pay attention to how incoming and outgoing calls are functioning to see where they can do more. You can boost your outbound calling efforts by using a local caller ID when making business calls.

What is a Local Caller ID?

Local caller ID — also known as custom or dynamic caller ID — is a cloud telephony feature where you can override your phone line’s caller ID to display a different one. Businesses can use this feature to display their business phone number when calling customers from locations other than their main office building.

For instance, remote employees and employees in other office locations need to use a business caller ID when calling customers. How else will customers recognize who is calling? And when customers do not recognize a caller ID or phone number format, they may choose not to answer the call. This is especially the case with businesses with global customers and where international calls lead to caller IDs displaying unknown numbers. That’s where a local caller ID proves helpful.

Using Customized Caller IDs with Outbound Calling

To display custom caller IDs, you will need an Outbound Calling service and local phone numbers from a cloud communications provider. Then, when making outbound calls, you can display the caller ID for any of these numbers. A strong customer support team and a few local phone numbers will give you the ability to reach customers near and far with a caller ID they will recognize.

Example of Using a Local Caller ID

Say, your sales team is located in California but is making calls to clients in New York and Florida. They can display a local New York and Florida area code number as their caller ID instead of a California number. This way, customers are more likely to answer your call because they recognize it as a local call. They might dismiss a call from a number and area code they do not recognize.

7 Benefits of Making Calls with Local Caller IDs

So, what can your business achieve with custom outgoing caller IDs? Here are the top benefits of customizing your caller ID when making sales, marketing, and customer support calls:

1. Enter New Markets and Expand Globally

Use cloud phone numbers to connect with global customers spread across the world. And use these numbers as your caller ID by overriding the existing ID. Expand and scale globally at your own pace.

2. Establish a Local Presence

Use local phone numbers to make your business appear closer than it physically is by creating a virtual local presence in different locations. Customers tend to respond more positively to business entities that are within their localities, which can help foster trust.

3. Two-Way Local ID match

You can use the local phone numbers you own to match your caller ID with the location of the customer or contact you call. This way, the recipient recognizes your phone number as a local number.

4. Increase Local Response Rates

Displaying a local caller ID increases the chances of your call being answered. Customers tend to ignore call centers using toll free or blocked numbers. And you could lose a valuable client due to this minute detail. But locals receiving a call with a recognizable area code are more comfortable answering. This is mainly because they know they won’t be charged extra for a local call.

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5. Make Your Business Accessible

It is important to make it easy for global customers to call your business. The fewer interruptions and hoops to jump, the better. A local call incurs regular local calling rates. Customer prefer this and calling for free (toll free) instead of calling an unknown number and getting charged with high international rates. The custom caller ID feature lets customers call your local phone number for local rates, even if your business is actually located elsewhere.

6. Support Remote Employees

The major benefit of cloud communications is the ability to stay connected from any location, with no interruption to business continuity. No matter where your teams are located, traveling and remote employees can use business local IDs to appear professional during business calls.

7. Easy Caller ID Management

Cloud providers make it easy for you to change and adjust your caller IDs as and when needed. Most of the time, you can simply log in to your account, navigate to call management settings, and update. The change goes into effect immediately and you are ready to make calls with your desired caller ID.

How Can You Get a Local Caller ID for Business Calls?

You can get outbound calling and customized caller IDs with Global Call Forwarding:

  1. First, visit our Outbound Calling page to find a cloud phone service plan for your business.
  2. Choose from the five different plans available.
  3. Scroll down to add Hosted Call Recording to your plan.
  4. Click on Add to Cart, enter contact and payment information, and complete your purchase.

Once your order is submitted, a customer service representative will get in touch with you. Then, you can log in to your control panel and make changes as needed.

Get Outbound Calling with Global Call Forwarding

Outbound Calling with custom caller IDs makes it possible to call local and international clientele while eliminating physical distance. If you think your company can benefit from having this service, now is a good time to add Outbound Calling to your business communication system. Boost your business communications with Outbound Calling and local caller IDs from Global Call Forwarding. Call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 to learn more!

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