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Bio: Meryl D'Sa-Wilson writes about travel, fashion, social issues, books, communications, and various cultures. She dabbles in fiction, nonfiction, reviews, interviews, blogs, and other types of content. She reads, she teaches, she pets dogs, she adores cats, she loves ginger wine and all kinds of peppers.

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Complete Guide to VoIP Number Porting

Tired of dropped calls and bad call quality? Need to get out of a long-term phone service contract? Want to add more call management features to your phone system? One …Read More »

What Is a National Number & How Does It Work?

When choosing a business phone number for your company, you will come across a few different phone number options — local, toll-free, mobile, and national number. Picking the right type …Read More »

The Death of the Office Desk Phone

Between video calls, live chat, and automated customer service solutions, the office desk phone seems less of a requirement within your office setup. This begs the question: Can we do …Read More »

6 Call Flow Templates for Efficient Business Communication

Well-designed and efficient calls flows can help your business offer uninterrupted and reliable service when your customers need it the most. We’ve put together 6 call flow templates and examples …Read More »

Geographic Versus Non-Geographic Numbers

The type of business phone number(s) your business uses determines how easy it is for customers to connect and interact with your sales and customer service teams. And there is …Read More »

What Is a Call Flow & How Is It Used?

As a business, one of your primary goals is to make people comfortable with your products and services, staff, and company. And part of creating that environment of comfort and …Read More »

How to Use Number Masking: Examples and Use Cases

Phone number masking is a popular cloud communication feature being used by companies around the world for various reasons. In this post, we will go through different examples of number …Read More »

What Is Cloud Telephony & How Does It Work?

With the wide adoption of cloud computing and technology, companies have enjoyed greater versatility and efficiency by incorporating the cloud into their functionality. In this article, we will take a …Read More »

Planning Your Transition to Cloud Communications

Growing a business means upgrading your systems and tech to use more efficient solutions that will help your employees do their job better. Upgrading your business communications, in that vein, …Read More »

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