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Bio: Meryl D'Sa, a Creative Writing major, writes about travel, fashion, social issues, books, communications, and various cultures. She dabbles in fiction, nonfiction, reviews, interviews, blogs, and other types of content. She reads, she teaches, she pets dogs, she adores cats, she loves ginger wine and all kinds of peppers.

Posts by Meryl D'Sa:

Calling Brazil for Business? Use a Local Number to Build Trust

The largest country in both South America and Latin America, Brazil has a population of over over 208 million people. Due to mass immigration over the years, this country is …Read More »

Work From Home Call Centers You Can Apply For Now

Tired of working out of an office every day from 9-5? Well, you’re not the only one. Certainly, the regular day job is not for everyone. Believe it or not, …Read More »

How to Call Phone From Computer

Everything we do now revolves around the use of our phones or laptops. We search for information, news, restaurants, services, and even find new people through this virtual web. But …Read More »

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