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Bio: Meryl D'Sa-Wilson writes about travel, fashion, social issues, books, communications, and various cultures. She dabbles in fiction, nonfiction, reviews, interviews, blogs, and other types of content. She reads, she teaches, she pets dogs, she adores cats, she loves ginger wine and all kinds of peppers.

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How to Prevent Phone Numbers from Being Marked as Spam?

Are your teams placing a high volume of calls to customers and prospects? Have your response rates dropped? There’s a chance that your business phone number has been flagged. If …Read More »

What’s the Difference Between Cold vs Warm Transfer?

Call transfer is a cloud telephony feature that lets you place a call on hold and immediately transfer it to another department, agent, or call center. In other words, you …Read More »

What is Hosted IVR?

Need an automated voice response to answer incoming calls and help callers reach the right agent? A hosted IVR can help your business manage incoming calls more effectively so that …Read More »

What is Cloud Communications?

Looking for ways to upgrade and expand your business communication system while improving caller experience? Cloud communication services bring greater flexibility, scalability, and functionality to existing systems. This makes them …Read More »

What is a Phone Menu? (Benefits & How to Set Up)

Want to create a responsive and easy-to-navigate phone system? Start with your phone menu to improve caller experience. After all, that’s the first impression your business makes on a customer, …Read More »

What is Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM)?

A brief overview of telephone number mapping (ENUM), its connection to E.164, and how it fits within VoIP and SIP communication systems. Understanding ENUM Most 11-digit phone numbers are part …Read More »

Low-Code vs No-Code IVR Development: Differences & Similarities

Digital transformation can help you modernize your business processes and improve overall efficiency. And one way to accelerate digital transformation within your organization is to utilize more low-code and no-code …Read More »

FreePBX vs 3CX: Features, Pricing, Deployment

Want to upgrade your business phone system but don’t know which provider is better? In this comparison, we will look at FreePBX vs 3CX, specifically at their features, pricing, deployment, …Read More »

Asterisk vs FreePBX: Features, Pricing, Deployment

Want to upgrade your PBX but don’t know which provider to choose? In this comparison, we will look at Asterisk vs FreePBX, specifically at their features, pricing, deployment, support, and …Read More »

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