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Medical Answering Service Feature Ideas for Small Business

Medical Answering Service Feature Ideas for Small Business

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Why Having a VoIP Phone Number is Necessary

Why Having a VoIP Phone Number is Necessary

Have you been considering getting a VoIP phone number? Or, have you wondered why it’s a necessary part of your business and personal life? In this article, we will explore …Read More »

What Happened to Rejection Hotline?

Rejection hotline

You are out on the town with friends when a stranger starts talking to you. Before you know it, the conversation goes from casual to creepy. Next, they ask for …Read More »

Can VoIP Change Your Sales Game?

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Rejection hotline

What Happened to Rejection Hotline?

Can VoIP Change Your Sales Game? Tips for Sales Teams

Can VoIP Change Your Sales Game?

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Managing Your Professional Finance Company Sales Team

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Things To Know When Starting a Medical Answering Service

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SMS Forwarding Makes Connecting with Customers Easy

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How to Get a Business Number

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The Daily Challenges of Being a Call Center Agent

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Top Rated Bluegrass Cellular Phones for Business

Is It Illegal to Record Phone Calls?

Is It Illegal to Record Phone Calls?

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FreedomVoice vs Global Call Forwarding Business Phone Service and Pricing

Global Call Forwarding Announces New SMS to Email and Outbound Calling Features for Virtual Phone Numbers

Global Call Forwarding Announces New SMS to Email and Outbound Calling Features for Virtual Phone Numbers

Why Having a VoIP Phone Number is Necessary

Have you been considering getting a VoIP phone number? Or, have you wondered why it’s a necessary part of your business and personal life? In this article, we will explore why having a VoIP number is necessary, including:

  • Advanced Functionality vs. Traditional Landline Phones
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Empowering Remote Workers
  • Gaining a Global Reach

Before we cover these topics, it is first essential to understand what VoIP is and how it works.

What is VoIP and How Do VoIP Phone Numbers Work?

As a relatively new tech term, not many people know what a VoIP phone number is. VoIP, short for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol,’ uses a standard internet connection to make phone calls. This differs from traditional landlines, but the concept is the same.

Similarly, a VoIP phone number looks and works exactly the same as a landline number. Essentially, a VoIP phone number is a string of digits entered on the dial pad, connecting two parties who want to communicate. Therefore, a VoIP phone number is basically an identifier that is used to make calls on VoIP networks and landline networks.

There isn’t a steep learning curve or vast tech knowhow to use a VoIP phone number. Global Call Forwarding empowers its users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to handle calls on any device that has audio and Internet capabilities. This means that your new VoIP phone system requires minimal training for employees to begin using effectively.

Advanced Functionality vs. Traditional Landline Phones

The way that landline phone numbers are currently used has not experienced much change over the past several decades. Callers dial out, recipients can receive/access voicemail, and a caller’s info displays on the caller ID.

By comparison, a VoIP phone number has these functionalities and many more advantages to offer its users. These include:

First, VoIP phone number users can use nearly any device to make and receive calls; landlines are restricted to ground communication.
Second, VoIP phone numbers can connect to multiple devices which makes it possible to use them in unique ways. This means that users can make calls from a smartphone, desk phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer using the same number. This grants users unprecedented mobility and flexibility, especially for those constantly on the go in a business context.

Third, area codes are less significant across VoIP networks than on landlines. VoIP phone numbers work independently of location. This enables most calls to work without incurring long-distance fees, service blockages, and more.

Why Having a VoIP Phone Number is Necessary
Source: – O#77424232 ID#27446420

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

VoIP phone numbers are predominantly aided by cloud computing technology. Therefore, it goes to follow that recent advancements in the cloud are affecting the possibilities of VoIP numbers. With no signs that the cloud will stop developing, having a VoIP phone number helps your business align with current trends.

As an example, it has never been easier to store and access information anywhere in the cloud. VoIP-based phone calls can be easily recorded and reviewed with ease using “call recording” from Global Call Forwarding. Call recording can open up new dimensions to your business and protect its interests.

Empowering Remote Workers

As VoIP enables instantaneous routing, remote workers can benefit from working where they wish to, while keeping office overheads to a minimum. As a result, calls can route from nearly any location around the world.

For instance, suppose you have a staff member that has a child that is sick. You can route calls to their smartphone instead of requiring the presence of staff members to at the office. Therefore, this enables the accessibility of your staff while also handling life’s important challenges as needed.

Gaining a Global Reach

Perhaps the primary benefit of using a VoIP phone number is that it facilitates global calling. This is of primary importance to businesses wanting to target new markets cost-effectively and efficiently. As you may know, dialing outside of your home country presents certain obstacles in your way to trouble-free calling. These include:

  • Long-distance fees
  • Service blockages based network restrictions
  • The hassle of dialing out of your country
  • Ignored calls when recipients only deal with businesses perceived as domestic

Luckily, VoIP phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding circumvent these problems entirely. Instead of having to set up a branch office in a new country or deal with exorbitant long-distance fees, VoIP numbers open up lines of communication around the world without hassle.

In Conclusion

Above all, you are probably now aware of what VoIP phone numbers are and why they’re necessary to your business. So, now it’s time to take action. To proceed, you can subscribe through our website or contact a representative from Global Call Forwarding today to start using VoIP numbers today!

What Happened to Rejection Hotline?

You are out on the town with friends when a stranger starts talking to you. Before you know it, the conversation goes from casual to creepy. Next, they ask for your phone number. What do you do when someone puts you on the spot by asking for your phone number and you don’t want to give it? You could give out your number anyway or you could hand out a prank phone number. Many people made use of a series of phone numbers referred to as the Rejection Hotline numbers some time ago.

What Was Rejection Hotline?

Humor Hotlines created the prank hotline called Rejection Hotline in 2001. Anyone who didn’t want to give their phone number out after a bad date or to some random person they met while out, could give out a phone number from Rejection Hotline. When a caller would call any of these numbers, they would hear a humorous recording on the other end of the line. A recording made it clear this person was being rejected.

What Happened to the Original Hotline?

For those who remember how widely used and discussed Rejection Hotline was, you may wonder, “What happened to the original rejection hotline?” Unfortunately, the original rejection hotline had to close in 2013. At that time, they had over 2,500 phone numbers in their series.

Does a Rejection Hotline exist today?

A company called The Whatever Network reintroduced Rejection Hotline numbers a couple of years later. The Rejection Hotline even offers phone number options that will automatically send texts back. In addition to the reintroduction of the original Rejection Hotline, a number of copycat rejection lines have come into existence over the years.

rejection hotline numbers
Source: – O#281700778 ID#27446420

Copycat Rejection Lines

Copycat rejection lines have popped up around the United States and even around the world. The messages range from funny to just plain stern. One line called the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline says, “Oh, hello there. If you’re hearing this message, you’ve made a woman feel unsafe and/or disrespected. Please learn to take no for an answer and respect women’s emotional and physical autonomy. K thanks.” This line also sends texts as well, after waiting an hour from the time a text comes into the phone line.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Rejection Hotline Numbers

Landline set up is not optimal for these rejection phone numbers. A better option is using virtual numbers. A business owner interested in offering these phone numbers can purchase virtual phone numbers in bulk. A business owner can add additional numbers easily and in various parts of the world, according to demand. Features offered by virtual phone number providers can also come in handy for a business owner to offer add-on services. For instance, the text back feature is the perfect add-on. If someone puts you on the spot and asks for your phone number, these phone numbers could really come in handy.

In Closing

The original rejection phone number was a source of good fun and humor. In addition, a phone number like this offers a safety net. Rejection Hotline is back and offers additional useful features. These numbers are a potential life-saver for someone put in an awkward situation. Between the original hotline and the copycat numbers available today, there is no reason for you to be ill-prepared when put on the spot by someone you don’t feel comfortable giving your phone number to.
For business owners looking to launch a copycat of Rejection Hotline, it’s reassuring to know it’s not difficult. Pick a name and register the business. Next, purchase virtual phone numbers from a reputable provider such as Global Call Forwarding. From there, focus on marketing, providing the service, and growing your customer base. It’s awesome knowing that you can offer a service that can provide both laughs and comfort with your own rejection hotline!

Things To Know When Starting a Medical Answering Service

For decades, medical professionals have relied on medical answering services to provide after-hours telephone support to their patients. Many medical offices even use answering services during office hours, to allow their staff to focus on patients while a virtual receptionist handles incoming calls. As a result, a great answering service adds value to medical practice. With that said, there are many things to keep in mind that separate a medical answering service from other types of answering services.

Why Start a Medical Answering Service?

Medical providers give countless hours of care to their patients each week, but their work doesn’t stop outside of office hours. Therefore, patients often turn to the phone for questions and emergencies after business hours. Even during business hours, medical care providers are seeing patients and juggling phone calls. This is not optimal.

A well-run call center helps a medical practice increase efficiency, improve patient care, and reduce overall costs. This fulfills the ultimate goal of every patient-focused, growth-oriented, forward-thinking medical practitioner today. This type of business provides much-needed support to medical practitioners. Patients benefit from the support given to their doctors.

Services Your Medical Answering Service May Provide

Services offered may include:

  • Answering incoming calls
  • Giving responses to general questions
  • Transferring calls to a staff member, as needed
  • Handling new patient information
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Ensuring the medical practice is HIPAA compliant
Things To Know When Starting a Medical Answering Service
Source: Lic#160702298 ID#48158333

Hiring Highly Trained Staff

The cornerstone of a medical answering service is its staff. A business owner must continuously invest in training and workforce development to ensure every call center agent responds, empathizes, and engages with patients in the most effective way. Medical answering service staff will handle sensitive information. A business owner must ensure the staff is highly trained and training is supplemented regularly. These are critical aspects to this type of business.

Customer Service is Important

You may not think of serving patients as customer service, because you are not selling a product, per se. However, the truth is that the principles of great customer service very much apply when dealing with patients. Communication skills are extremely important. Medical answering service staff should aim to always interact with patients in a friendly, helpful, and positive way. Pay close attention to things like the length of hold times as this is also a great way to ensure patient satisfaction. The goal of a customer service agent is to exceed expectations with patience, attentiveness, knowledge, time management, and the ability to read the needs of customers and fulfill those needs.

HIPAA Compliant Standards for Business

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Several aspects of HIPAA relate to doctors, their medical practices, and the care of their patients. The key element concerning HIPAA and medical answering services is protected health information (PHI). Medical practices and their service providers must safeguard protected health information at all times. PHI requires secure storage and secure transmission, as well.

Under HIPAA, a medical practice is what is referred to as a covered entity or CE. The medical answering service is a business associate (BA). Both the CE and BA must adhere to HIPAA regulations. The fines for not adhering to HIPAA regulations are significant. Being HIPAA compliant is extremely important for a medical answering service’s credibility.

Cost Savings Provided to Medical Practitioners

We have all heard the saying time and time again – “time is money.” Every minute that a medical practice staff member spends on the phone is a minute that they could have devoted to more important tasks. Taking care of patients is always the most important task of a medical services provider. Medical answering services help medical care providers to refocus attention from phone calls to patients. You can also provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A 24/7 response time ensures a call is never missed and this helps patients feel they always have the attention they need.

By outsourcing duties related to inbound calls, your answering service will help medical service providers reduce employee costs, increase efficiency and profitability, and reduce potential liability by being HIPAA compliant.

Best Communication Systems for a Medical Answering Service

A business owner starting a medical answering service will most likely start small and grow over time. You may think you have to invest in heavy-duty telephone equipment and the installation of numerous phone lines. Though that is always an option, there is a much simpler and cost-effective way to go about setting up communication systems. With advances in technology, virtual phone numbers have been in place for some time now, and they are quickly becoming more widespread.

A  business owner can avoid the cost and hassle of equipment by using virtual phone numbers. Virtual phone numbers also offer mobility and cost savings that surpass traditional phone lines. In the case of an emergency, such as a weather-related incident or power outage, an off-site medical answering service acts as an emergency phone system and is extremely helpful.

Where to Buy Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers allow for medical offices to provide a phone number for their patients and calls to that number are easily forwarded to the number of a virtual receptionist. With virtual phone numbers, a business owner modifies call forwarding numbers quickly and easily. You can also opt for other features, such as adding phone extensions, time of day routing, and call recording. Features such as these will help your medical answering service run more smoothly and efficiently.

With time of day routing, you may have a virtual receptionist in another time zone answer the calls at certain times of day or night. This is the typical solution when providing around-the-clock service.

Call recording acts as a tool for quality control and training purposes. A business owner can go back and listen to how certain situations were handled. Call recordings provide valuable insight, specifically in regards to the handling and processing of calls.

When dealing with information as sensitive as medical records, it is important to keep the medical practice safe. Calls made through an answering service that records calls helps to provide accurate and irrefutable records whenever needed.

In Closing

The sheer fact that you are handling the important personal information of patients makes this service stand apart from other answering services. Doing your research will help you to prepare to offer your services with excellence.

The benefits you bring to a medical provider with your answering service will help to create a more satisfying patient experience. It will also help medical caregivers to do their job to the best of their ability. A medical answering service represents a win-win for everyone involved.

SMS Forwarding Makes Connecting with Customers Easy

Happier customers will stay loyal to a business for a longer period of time. Therefore, these same customers are also more apt to spending money with your business and referring your products and services to others. Communication is at the core of every great customer experience. The SMS forwarding feature allows you to make connections with customers in a simple, quick, and effective manner that is convenient for your customers. So, this helps to increase customer satisfaction and retention. 

What is SMS to Email Forwarding?

SMS forwarding allows businesses to receive incoming text messages from customers in email format. This service feature helps businesses to become more accessible to their customer base by offering another way to communicate effectively and efficiently. 

How Does SMS Forwarding Work?

SMS to email forwarding works by sending incoming text messages to a specific email address. For example, a business owner will purchase an SMS enabled virtual phone number to receive text messages from select countries. Next, incoming SMS content is quickly and conveniently forwarded in email format along with the sender’s caller identification information. 

Advantages for Businesses Who Use SMS Forwarding

  • A business will incorporate the feature to forward all SMS messages to email automatically. Some of these advantages include:
  • An additional option for mobile communication between the business and the company’s clients and customers.
  • A business owner can easily update the email address where messages are sent if needed.
  • Virtual numbers with the SMS feature receive incoming texts directly to an email inbox.
  • This feature is another way to stay up-to-date with mobile-friendly trends related to communication.
  • Empowering your customers with an additional option to reach out to your company.
  • Because email is mobile, you can receive SMS messages forwarded to email anywhere.
sms forwarding enhance customer service
Source: – O#183562746 ID#27446420

Speed and Convenience

Many factors contribute to great customer service. Likewise, speed and convenience are among the most important. Each of these impacts the customer relationship with the business and, ultimately, customer retention and value. Speed and convenience go hand-in-hand. A business owner’s customer service strategy should reflect both of these characteristics. SMS forwarding of messages is an excellent way to accomplishing this. 

Ongoing Customer Engagement

Every business owner aims to keep the company’s customers around longer and increase their value. However, to accomplish this, you have to give them a reason to stay. SMS messages are great for sending reminders and friendly updates. Customers can reply to you and their messages go straight to your email inbox, allowing you to quickly and easily attend to whatever they are saying. That is a good business practice! 

SMS Forwarding For Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers work perfectly with the text forwarding feature due to the overall flexibility and mobility they provide. A business can purchase individual virtual phone numbers for individual tasks and departments, allowing the business to handle incoming texts in a more organized manner. 

How Do I Get SMS to Email Forwarding For My Business?

Setting up SMS to email forwarding is a quick and easy process. A business owner just has to purchase a virtual phone number from a reliable provider, such as Global Call Forwarding, and then request to connect the SMS forwarding feature. It’s as simple as that. 

In Closing

Recent studies indicate that many customers prefer using text messages to communicate over a phone call or face-to-face. A business owner provides an easy-to-reach virtual number to customers while having the text forwarding feature in place. This is an extra route to support relationship building with customers by providing quick responses to inquiries, feedback, and any other information your customers need. A business owner is able to access all SMS information, such as date, time of day, and content through their control panel. Using this feature for relationship building and record-keeping helps to solidly support business success. In closing, if you’d like to have the forwarding SMS to email feature, contact Global Call Forwarding today.

The Daily Challenges of Being a Call Center Agent

Customer service is a central part of any organization. The quality of service provided is undoubtedly a direct contributor to the overall success of a company. This means more companies are investing in call centers to handle their communication needs. With technological advances, call center operations have evolved. The daily challenges of being a call center agent have also changed. Having a good grasp on these changes helps in being prepared to overcome the challenges. This type of preparation ultimately contributes to the overall success of the organization. Let’s discuss some of these challenges to get a better understanding of how to manage them. 

Customers Express Interest Only to Opt-Out Later On

A call center agent may spend a lot of time on the phone with a customer going over the details of products and services. A customer may express a lot of interest and this motivates the call center agent to continue to invest time. Later on, however, the customer may change their mind and opt-out of purchasing the product or service. When a sale falls through, it affects the productivity of the call agent in numbers and in the resources spent through their time. 

The best way to convert leads to sales is to follow up regularly. Stay in touch with those who have expressed interest while communicating your value. Establishing this rapport and reminding them of the value of what your offerings is the best way to increase sales. 

Not Knowing the Answer to a Question

Call center agents undergo extensive training. There is still the possibility that a customer is going to ask a question they do not know the answer to. If a call center agent does not know the answer to something, they should bring an expert into the conversation or make sure they call the customer back as soon as possible with an answer. 

Managing a Never-Ending Queue of Calls

A call center agent will have what seems like a never-ending queue of calls, especially during peak business hours. This may mean long hold times for customers. Customers can become frustrated with long wait times. 

A business owner manages this issue by having FAQ pages, DIY instructions, and tutorials on the company website. A call center agent can utilize self-service options and a callback option to better deal with heavy call volumes. 

Transferring Calls

A call center agent will need to transfer calls from time to time. This may mean transferring to a different department and this could upset the customer. Being personalized and specific when transferring a call will help to ease a customer’s concerns. Also, making it a point that it is in their best interests in order to get them the best answer to their query really helps as well.  

being a call center agent
Source: – O#: 174295982ID#27446420

Adapting to New Technology

A call center agent will have to adapt to new technology from time to time. The environment is extremely dynamic and this presents challenges. Especially when trying to simultaneously manage productivity. 

A business owner must introduce training courses to help familiarize agents with any new technology. This is the best way to allow the call center agent to grasp the full potential of the new technology rapidly and efficiently. This will then translate to higher productivity in the workplace. 

Virtual phone numbers are a perfect example of new technology that has been introduced in relation to an inbound call center. Virtual phone numbers are relatively easy to adapt to and are beneficial to the company as well as call center agents. Introductions tools like these help companies to stay ahead of their competitors.  

Understanding Customers and Dealing With Various Situations

A call center agent acts as a representative of the brand. This necessitates that call center agents operate within certain constraints. This can present challenges as some customers are expressive and very easy to read and others are not. Dealing with customers who are upset is also a challenge, as is dealing with unexpected issues without clear solutions. 

The call center agent should always remain patient, calm and courteous. A business owner must also have a uniform process for dealing with a customer that is upset or an issue that is unexpected. That may mean simply going to a supervisor for their suggestion before moving forward with anything else. 

In Closing

The daily challenges of being a call center agent certainly require preparation for. Agents require training in areas such as communication, marketing strategies, and telephone etiquette. Ongoing training to manage the path in adjusting to new technologies is also crucial. Managing time, staying cool under pressure, and the prioritization of goals are also very helpful. Call center QA is a critical piece of the puzzle in the success of a business. With the right personnel in place, as well as the right call center technology and training, call centers can help a company soar far ahead of the competition. 

Is It Illegal to Record Phone Calls?

If your business makes phone calls, as all businesses do, you want to protect yourself in every way possible. For this reason, you may be wondering, “is it illegal to record phone calls?” Certainly, before investing in call recording services that could put your business at risk, it’s best to understand your rights. This way, you can be sure that you’re making the best decision for both your business and your consumers.

Understanding Consent for Recording Phone Calls

There is no one answer to the question, “is it illegal to record phone calls?” This is due to the fact that it could be illegal if you go about recording calls in the wrong way. To get around this, all you have to do is understand consent. But, there are both federal and state regulations that involve consent to recording calls. In simple terms, consent is having permission to record calls before doing so. Consent can come either by you, the person on the other end of the phone, or both.

Federal Consent Laws

According to federal regulations, it is legal to record phone calls if one of the two parties consents. This means that you can make a phone call and give consent to the call recording, as an employee or otherwise. Then, the other person (who answers the phone) doesn’t have to give their consent to record. This is the “one-party consent” law. But, this means that if you are not one of the two parties that were on the phone, you’ll need the consent of the person that’s called to record the phone call legally. However, only if you’re the one recording the calls (rather than the employee him/herself).

Is It Illegal to Record Phone Calls
Source: Lic#158441172 ID#11194007

State Content Laws

It’s important to note that while there is one overall federal law that permits a “one-party consent” law, not all states adopt this concept. And, with different state laws, this could affect businesses recording calls in these states. For example, there are 38 states (plus Washington DC) that have a state “one-party-consent” law. So, if you’re not in one of these 38 states, you could need the consent of the calling party before recording any phone calls.

Getting Around any Legality with Recording Phone Calls

So, what if you find that you’re not in one of the 38 states that allow for “one-party-consent”? Or you just want to play it safe? You can always protect yourself legally in one way. Simply have a call recording play out a sequence. Use this to describe how the call is recording before a person connects to a person on the other end. This provides the consumer with the choice of whether or not to provide consent before the phone call even takes place. And, it protects businesses from any legal issues concerning call recording. States that require this consent before phone calls are “two-party-consent” law states. These US states include:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Connecticut
  • Montana
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Hampshire
  • Washington
  • And Hawaii in private call settings

Closing: Recording Your Business Calls

Be confident in your ability to record phone calls to protect your business from any potential threats. It is surely legal to record phone calls, it’s just about knowing your rights as a business owner or employee. Now that you know how to protect your business by learning about consent laws, you may be wondering, “How can I record my phone calls?” Well, with virtual phone numbers available from companies like Global Call Forwarding, it’s simple to set up and record any call you make through your business phone numbers. This is because virtual phone numbers use the internet to work on virtually any business phone system. Above all, they can utilize any business phone feature imaginable, including call recording.

Best Sales Strategy for an International Finance Bank

Do you work as part of the marketing department for an international finance bank? Whether you’re employed by a national finance company or corporation bank, boosting sales through optimized advertising is key. 

In this guide, however, we won’t be talking about the typical ways of increasing the number of leads through having a well-honed sales team. Nor will we cover the in’s and out’s of crafting clever advertising that gets results. Instead, we will take a look at a relatively simple concept: how virtual phone numbers can impact the success of your international finance bank. 

How Virtual Phone Numbers can be Beneficial for your International Finance Bank

Virtual phone numbers have been evolving with the latest developments of telecom and modern computing. Thanks to their enhanced functionality over traditional communication solutions by phone, virtual phone numbers can greatly benefit your international finance bank.

Broad Access

While we live in a modern era of telecommunication, not every caller can reach your international finance company. By accommodating every customer regardless of their ability to communicate from outside of their country by phone, you exponentiate your sales results. 

The best way to remove barriers of communication is by incorporating virtual phone numbers in your business model. Virtual phone numbers enable callers to call your international finance bank without incurring long distance fees and service blockages – two factors that can influence how likely a customer is to transact with you.


Businesses that deal within finance can’t afford to appear out-of-step with technology – particularly if your competitors are dedicated to appearing more professional. By using toll free virtual phone numbers, your international finance bank gains two advantages of professionalism: First, your organization pays for each call made to the number. Second, numbers with a toll free prefix immediately impart a professional aesthetic that customers associate with high-volume professional enterprises. 

Selecting Your Target Markets

Being able to directly call your leads and prospects with outbound calling is a pivotal sales strategy. However, you’re probably aware that broad cold-calling campaigns can bring less-than-stellar results. The secret lies in narrowing the scope of your intended target market by appealing directly to your potential customer. How? With local access numbers from Global Call Forwarding. 

Global Call Forwarding offers virtual phone numbers in over 140+ countries around the world, with innumerable cities and regions included. This means that your international finance bank can target hyper-specific target markets with virtual phone numbers that have the same country/area codes customers are familiar with. This aids in the localization process, particularly when your customer base may only want to do business with domestic entities – or organizations that they perceive as “local.” 

Virtual Offices

The days of having multiple branch offices spread out around the world are no longer necessary. Thanks to the advent of “virtual offices,” customers simply aren’t required to handle their business in-person. Virtual offices are simply a method of approximating the same level of service that a brick & mortar location offers by leveraging Internet-based technologies. 

This is especially true for big-name corporation banks and national finance corporations. Customers that want to open up accounts and get loans at these institutions can do so without stepping foot inside a brick & mortar location. Of course, speaking to your international finance bank’s representatives directly over the phone is still an important part of doing business. And virtual phone numbers are the key to driving sales and taking care of customer concerns, all in one solution. 

Sales Strategy for International Bank
Source: – O#100204681922ID#100186088462

 The Best Virtual Phone Numbers for your International Finance Bank

As you’re probably wondering, what makes Global Call Forwarding such a great service provider for international finances banks? Especially when there are literally hundreds of companies offering what appears to be the same basic service, Global Call Forwarding sets its service apart with top-tier features and add-ons. These include:

  • Extensive Experience: For more than two decades, Global Call Forwarding has provided enterprise-level, startups, and SMBs with the best in telecommunication.
  • Instant Access: When it comes to sales, the best strategy is immediacy. Thankfully, working with Global Call Forwarding enables your business to start using virtual phone numbers quickly. The subscription process only takes a few minutes to select a business phone number for your international finance bank. 

How To Improve Lead Generation Services with Virtual Numbers

Growing your business is directly linked to the strength of your lead generation services. With no new leads, your company must rely on a well-established customer base. This is something that’s unlikely to be sustainable in today’s fast-paced economy. Whether you outsource your lead generation services to a company or use an in-house sales team, there is a solution: virtual phone numbers. 

Virtual phone numbers can improve the quality and quantity of your leads in a number of ways. This is thanks to the versatility of cloud-based communication technology available through Global Call Forwarding. In this article, we’ll cover a number of methods to improve lead generation services, including

  • Tracking Where Your Leads Are Coming From
  • Better ROI for Marketing Campaigns
  • Testing New Markets
  • Dedicated Phone Lines for Customer Types

Tracking Where Your Leads Are Coming From

Knowing where your leads are coming from is important to determine where your marketing efforts should be focused. After all, if your lead generation is only providing low-volume or poor-quality leads, what’s the point? Conversely, if your lead conversion rates are better through certain methods, delegating more effort can grow your business. 

Virtual phone numbers offer the option of tracking the metrics of inbound call data. This can be done through the virtual phone number provider’s interface/ dashboard. Similarly, using a virtual phone number dedicated to only one type of marketing campaign (ex. social media) can help you pinpoint accurate data.

Better ROI for Marketing Campaigns

The more you market, the greater the reach for your brand. To get a better ROI, 

Global Call Forwarding offers affordable payment plans and services geared towards businesses of all sizes. However, considering there are no unlimited marketing budgets, virtual phone numbers can be a high-performing marketing tool for your business with low overhead costs. Furthermore, virtual numbers are simple to implement, can be used on nearly any device, and require minimal training. 

In essence, virtual numbers enable your business to gain a wider audience at a lower cost than other advertising methods. 

Testing New Markets

Like it or not, but improving lead generating services requires risk through trial and error. After all, if you knew exactly which methods worked to improve your sales, you can make better organizational decisions. Virtual phone numbers cost little to begin using. Also, they can be ready to use within 24 hours or less. For these reasons, your company can try out new target markets instantly. And if you discover potential in a market, you can increase your services. And vice versa, for poor performing markets, your company gains the knowledge of where its brand presence is weak.  

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Dedicated Phone Lines for Customer Types

Virtual phone numbers are available in a wide variety of types. These include geographic numbers, toll free numbers, ITFS numbers, DID numbers, UIFNs, vanity numbers, and more. Similarly, Global Call Forwarding offers a wide variety of add-ons that enhance how inbound and outbound calls are processed. Let’s look at a couple examples, as each organization is different and can use its creativity to improve lead generation:

  • If you want to dedicate a direct line for your international and domestic sales teams, this is possible with virtual phone numbers.  
  • For directories of your business’ departments and individual staff members, using a PBX is a smart solution. Short for Private Branch Exchange, a PBX can enable customers to self-select through a directory system by phone. This helps customers find the person or info they need to guide themselves down your sales funnel. 
  • Depending on whether a caller is a previous customer or a new one can help improve your sales. Based on the type of callers, you can offer private customer-only lines for troubleshooting and account advice. For new customers, you can assign a virtual number dedicated to nurturing new contacts. To boost the quality of your leads, you can offer a private line of virtual phone numbers for more dedicated service (i.e. B2B, large enterprise contracts). 

What Makes a Good Customer Service Agent

As you may be aware, competent call center customer service agents are hard to find. And it’s no wonder, as dealing with the needs of customers can be a daunting task. In order to be the best customer service agent, they must have the right personality, skills, and adequate training. Because customer service directly impacts revenue and how your company is perceived, building the best customer support team should be a top priority.

This article will cover the traits you should be looking for when hiring new customer service agents. It will also cover those that you should emphasize when training your team. 

Patience with the Customer

Perhaps the primary trait you should foster with every customer service agent in your company is patience. Being able to handle the pace of each customer’s unique situation can lead to a positive customer service experience. This is especially important when callers may be irate, confused, or unknowledgeable. Those at your inbound call center should know that each customer simply wants their problems solved in the most efficient way possible. Unclear issues should be explained in a level-headed manner without assuming that a customer’s negativity is in any way a personal attack. To develop patience, part of every customer service agent’s call center duties should be focused on resolving problems with empathy. 

Clear Communication

Part of being a good customer service agent is clearly communicating what callers are trying to get across and responding in ways that ultimately make sense to each caller. This includes company protocol, grasping the issue at the heart of the call, and troubleshooting technical aspects beyond their grasp. This is especially important for tech-heavy industries, where simple definitions and explanations can be used without delving into jargon and complexity. However, when the occasion calls for it, your customer service agents should be able to explain more advanced concepts that are understandable for all levels of comprehension. 

what make a good customer service agent?
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A Positive Attitude

Moods are infectious. Therefore, having your customer service agents focus on projecting a positive outlook and looking on the bright side is paramount to success. This can be difficult when customer service agents encounter constant negativity, especially when customers despair at their problem, or maybe at their wit’s end. First, part of call center duties should include the ability to uplift callers and gradually shift their thinking as inquiries are solved. Try to see part of the job description as being a well-spring of positive emotions. For instance, you may want to train your agents to take callers on a journey towards happiness; at first, a caller may be upset, but as the problem nears resolution, a positive outcome can be reached – even better and more efficiently than a caller realizes. In a fast-paced world where callers may feel that it is them vs. the world, encountering a positive, smiling voice on the other end of the phone can be a breath of fresh air. This is something that reflects well on your company’s public image. 

Be Creative with Your Solutions

Customer service agents should be trained and rewarded for using their creativity when it comes to problem-solving. Being able to provide customers with uniquely tailored solutions to their problems and understanding the frame of mind that they present requires the ability to think beyond standard procedures. Encourage your customer service agents to come up with their own ways of troubleshooting problems. For instance, if a customer continually has problems with their billing, a customer service agent can suggest ways that fit how the caller prefers to do business. This, of course, requires that your customer service agents have a deep knowledge of your business, as the more you know, the easier it is to see a wider range of options for any given obstacle. When these dilemmas present themselves, agents can devise solutions that may call for out-of-the-box thinking when particular issues arise. 

What is Cloud Telephony and How Does It Work?

In this article, we’ll take a look at one of the most recent advancements to the telecommunications industry, cloud telephony and cover how it works. Then, we’ll provide readers with the many benefits that come with using cloud-based telecommunications for their business model and entrepreneurship. 

What is Cloud Telephony and How Does It Work?

Defining cloud telephony isn’t a straightforward process. Part of the problem of answering the question “what is cloud telephony and how does it work?” is that cloud computing is a loosely-defined process; one that is continuously developing and being redefined as it is developed. 

Cloud telephony uses protocols such as VoIP and software (dubbed “softphones”) to make the process seamless, while enhancing typical landline communication and avoiding the drawbacks of such. These drawbacks can range from technical aspects such as poor call quality and latency issues, as well as logistical problems such as long distance fees, service network blockages, network restrictions, and more. 

 Cloud Telephony and Virtual Phone Numbers

Furthermore, advancements in cloud telephony have made it possible for service providers to offer virtual phone numbers. Virtual phone numbers are identical to normal phone numbers in both function and appearance (containing the same country code and region/area codes of your choice), which means that ostensibly, there’s no difference for callers. However, when a virtual phone number is dialed, that phone call is routed through the Internet to another phone number, known as the destination phone number. In essence, this means that the virtual phone number serves as an overlay to the destination phone number, but avoids the quality and logistical drawbacks of normal calling. 

What does this mean for business? The answer is that a company located in one area can reach callers in other geographic regions without restriction. As a prime example of cloud telephony at work, a business located in Canada can make direct calls accessible to the United Arab Emirates just as they would by placing domestic calls. Vice versa, if the Canadian business pairs their virtual phone numbers with outbound calling, the business can call customers in the United Arab Emirates just like calling a local customer. All the while, a United Arab Emirates telephone number will appear on the recipient’s caller ID. In both instances, using virtual phone numbers enables your business to reach and be reached by a broader audience. 

Now that we have answered the basic question of “what is cloud telephony and how does it work?” it is time to discuss some of the many benefits that come with its usage. 

What is Cloud Telephony and how does it work?
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Benefits of Cloud Telephony

No Need for a Brick & Mortar Presence: As you may have guessed from the description of cloud telephony and virtual phone numbers, getting in contact with customers directly is the primary benefit of this technology. In traditional business models, it was necessary to establish a brick & mortar presence within a country to tap into potential markets; with cloud telephony, those markets are instantly available. This reduces the need to create an expensive and resource-intensive branch office to interact with customers. 

Versatility: Cloud telephony brings many benefits that enable your organization or personal life the ability to be more flexible. Virtual phone numbers are available in a wide variety of types, including geographic-specific phone numbers, toll free numbers, vanity phone numbers, UIFNs (Universal International Freephone Numbers), and more. Depending on how you want your business to interact with customers, choosing one of these types of phone numbers can make your organization adapt to market trends and preferences. 

Expanded Business Models: Similarly, add-ons are being introduced from service providers that can expand how your business processes inbound calls, complies with regulations (i.e. GDPR, HIPAA), and increases streams of revenue. As an example, consider the popular add-on “time of day routing,” which routes inbound phone calls to different destination phone numbers depending on the time of day that the call was placed. By using these routing capabilities, businesses are able to make their business operate 24/7 around the clock to ensure that every customer call is processed for maximum customer service and profitability. Another add-on, simultaneous ringing, gives your business similar coverage. It enables all connected devices (smartphones, laptops, desktops, landlines, etc.) to ring at the same time. This ensures that every call is answered in the shortest time possible and that no call is left unanswered.