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Philippines Local Phone Numbers

Philippines Local Phone Numbers
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According to latest statistics published by the International Monetary Fund, the Philippines has the 36th largest economy in the world. Philippines local phone numbers, with the country code +63, will give your business a virtual presence in the Philippines and get people to call your business.

The Philippines is the third largest among the ASEAN economies (Indonesia is number one, followed by Thailand). It is officially recognized as a fast emerging market. In fact, last year, the country’s GDP stood at $811.726 billion, catapulting it to the status of a Tiger Cub Economy that is truly growing and is predicted to be the world’s 16th biggest by the year 2050.

With rapid industrialization, moreover, manufacturing and services in the Philippines have come under the spotlight, and the overall transition from an erstwhile agriculture-based economy has indeed been notable.

Telecommunications services in the Philippines improved remarkably under President Corazon Aquino. With the industry’s deregulation in 1995, numerous telecommunication service providers entered the country to start fixed-line, mobile and internet services. Thus, it goes without saying that that the country has a well-developed domestic telephone system. Philippines local phone numbers will help businesses to expand.

Philippines Local Numbers Make Your Business More Accessible

Philippines local phone numbers can be called from anywhere in the world. Calling from within the country is cheap and simple – the caller simply needs to call the Philippines local phone number (at a local calling cost). The call will then be forwarded from the Philippines to your destination.

People can also call the Philippines local phone numbers from outside the country by dialing the country code +63 followed by the local phone number. However, international calling rates may apply.

These truly work to the benefit of international businesses, and Philippines nationals working abroad that would like to stay in touch with family and relatives. Calling within the country is cheap, and even overseas telephonic charges are reasonable.

What Makes Philippines Local Phone Numbers Special?

With a vibrant economy and rapid industrialization taking place, the expat population in the Philippines is growing by the day, particularly in the country’s major cities.

Philippines local phone numbers, therefore, certainly help them to keep in touch with their families at minimal cost. Even talking to a resident Filipino from abroad becomes easy but a series of stipulated digits need to be dialed before the actual number that signifies that it’s an international call. Calling Philippines local phone numbers becomes even easier when you use a call forwarding service.

Even though some of them may charge a small fee for calling a cell phone or landline in the Philippines, making a cost survey will help you select the cheapest option. The country’s digital calling services are geared more towards the international market, making them more affordable in terms of calling internationally.

Since domestic calling is relatively cheaper, even small, and medium Filipino businesses are greatly benefited by it as it helps them establish very smooth and efficient communication channels at minimal cost with local and international customers, business associates and partners in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, the US, and Japan with which they trade.

How to Call the Philippines Local Phone Numbers

The country code of the Philippines is 63. If you call from abroad, first dial the code of international dialing of your own country followed by 63, the city area code and finally the number. Sometimes, multiple provinces or perhaps a whole island shares the same code such as Samar and Leyte, or even a whole region like the Cordillera Administrative Region.

When making a call within the country that has a similar area code, one doesn’t need to punch in the area code, unless he’s calling from a payphone or mobile phone. While dialing to other area codes, the access prefix for domestic long distance 0 needs to be added.

The procedure for accessing a mobile phone in the Philippines from anywhere abroad is similar to connecting with a land-line phone. All you need to do is dial 00, the international exit code followed by 63, the country code and then the 3-digit prefixes for the network provider and subsequently the 7-digit cell phone number.

When connecting with a mobile phone within national limits, start with a 0, followed it up by the 3-digit prefix of the network provider and then the 7-digit cell phone number. It needs to be noted here that all Philippines cell phone numbers comprise ten digits with a three-digit provider code of the cell phone along with a seven-digit subscriber number. However, different providers come with varying phone prefixes. Since cell phones are sans geographical location, calls made to them are considered “long distance.”

All Philippines local numbers have 7 digits, but prefixes need to be added when trying to connect from one region to the other. The entire country is categorized into 7 areas that determine the 1st digit, and there are a total of thirty-three area codes.

Area codes within the country can either be 1, 2, or 3 digits with land line numbers having different rules and formats as compared to mobile phone numbers. Those regular phone numbers that don’t have an area code subscriber number are of 7 digits. Area or city codes for land lines are 1 or maximum 2 digits.

F A Q | Philippines Local Phone Numbers

The country code for Philippines phone numbers is (+63).

Major Philippines area codes include Philippines (9), Manila (2), Laguna (49), Cebu (32), etc.

Philippines local numbers are geographic telephone numbers. These numbers have distinct area codes for different regions and cities in the country. For example, Manila phone numbers have the (2) area code.

Locals in the Philippines can call your Philippines local number for local calling rates. Furthermore, your number is recognizable by locals, encouraging them to do business with your company.

Global Call Forwarding can get you set up with a Philippines local phone number, among international virtual phone numbers. Browse through our online inventory and sign up. For more information, call us at 1 (888) 908 6171.

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