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Bio: Luke Genoyer is an international businessman from Delray Beach, Florida. He is a Penn State graduate and Ironhack alumni. Luke helps multinational organizations discover and use innovative telecom solutions to communicate with their global clientele. He has over 10 years of professional experience and has worked extensively across the United States, Asia, and Europe.

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What Happens After Signing Up With Global Call Forwarding

New to Global Call Forwarding? We’re happy to have you! Let’s go over the process of getting a phone number and VoIP subscription with us. Here are a couple of …Read More »

7 Benefits of Voice and Telecom Network Consolidation

As an IT infrastructure manager or network engineer, your time on the job should be spent maximizing efficiency and reducing costs while building reliable business systems. Do you spend too …Read More »

Ultimate Guide to 1300 Numbers in Australia

If you’re doing business in Australia or have lived there, you’ve probably seen different phone number types, including 1800 numbers, 1300 numbers, 04 mobile numbers, and local area code numbers. …Read More »

Guide to International Number Ordering Requirements

International phone numbers allow businesses to establish a local presence in other countries. Incoming calls can be routed to any phone, PBX, or SIP destination worldwide. Users can also make …Read More »

What is International Local Presence?

Local presence is one of the most powerful features of our cloud-phone service. With local presence dialing, agents can connect with between 4-10x more prospects by showing a local number …Read More »

What is iNum?

The 1990s and 2000s were a golden era of globalization. Global trade in goods and services, as well as capital flows across borders, reached unprecedented levels. As a result, businesses …Read More »

How to Invest in Africa’s Fast-Growing Economies with Call Forwarding Services

The rise in modern technology usage and emerging markets has made Africa a prime location for international business. So, what does that mean for companies wanting to invest in the …Read More »

What is E.164?

E.164 is an international phone numbering plan for public telecommunications. This numbering format defines a general format for international phone numbers. It ensures that calls are delivered correctly by assigning …Read More »

What is Phone Number Regulatory Compliance?

This guide talks about phone number regulatory compliance with Global Call Forwarding. Phone Number Regulatory Compliance: An Overview Global Call Forwarding provides virtual phone numbers in more than 150 countries. …Read More »

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