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Bio: Luke helps international businesses expand into new markets through virtual phone solutions. He is a Penn State and Ironhack alumni and Nittany Lions football fanatic.

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5 Ways Companies Will Use Toll Free Numbers during Mayweather versus McGregor Fight

Mayweather versus McGregor is being dubbed “The Fight of the Century” because of the worldwide anticipation and more than $500 million dollars that will be at stake when the two boxers square off on Saturday night. Advertisers from all over the world will be vying for a slice of the profits, so we came up [Continue Reading]

4 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business in the 2nd Half of 2017

We hope that 2017 has been good to your business so far. But no matter what happened, there is still time to grow in the 2nd half of the year. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasted that global growth would recover from the slowdown in 2016 to 3.5 percent in 2017. Halfway through the year, [Continue Reading]

A Practical Guide to UAE Local Numbers

UAE local numbers are among the most highly sought after virtual phone numbers in our industry. We receive tens of inquiries for Dubai local numbers each week, but the +971 4 prefix is very rare. Global Call Forwarding just restocked the inventory with UAE local numbers and we created this practical guide, for our readers [Continue Reading]

4 Things to Consider When Setting Up International Call Forwarding

  Answering phone calls from your customers is an important part of doing business. Current customers and prospects might call a business for customer support or to make a purchase. While email is an effective way to communicate, many consumers still prefer to do business over the phone. Businesses have a few options to communicate [Continue Reading]

3 Ways Airlines Use Call Forwarding to Increase Sales

I published an article a few weeks back, ranking the top 10 budget airlines in Asia and how to reach them. I noticed a trend amongst best in Asia: 60% of these airlines offer international phone numbers. The trend continues even further to major global airlines like Qatar Airways and American Airlines! In this post, we take a [Continue Reading]

Getting an 833 Number – How Much Does it Cost?

After the FCC announced 833 numbers, the latest prefix addition to U.S. toll free numbers, Global Call Forwarding received numerous requests from customers. We have provided toll free numbers for many years, and it has become one of our specialties. In this article, we discuss 833 numbers and answer some of the inquiries we received. [Continue Reading]

Top 10 Budget Airlines in Asia (and How to Reach Them)

Flying through Asia on a low-cost airline is a great way to save money on travel. Asia is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and home to major financial hubs, so there are many airlines in the industry. In addition to a rise in tourism, we forecast that Asia will continue [Continue Reading]

5 Reasons to Change Your Virtual Number Provider

2017 is right around the corner, and for an entrepreneur, the start of a new year can be a great time to take a step back and evaluate your business. Not only do we encourage business owners to review their financials, they should determine what their necessary business expenses are.   Each business has different [Continue Reading]

4 Reasons to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Your Business

Entrepreneurs should leverage every possible tool in order to get their new business up and running in the best way possible. In today’s business environment, telephone communication is vital to the success of a business. Potential clients will typically call a business with inquiries, to sign up for a service, or to place a large [Continue Reading]

How a Coworking Office Space Can Improve Your Startup

The past few years have been remarkable for the technology industry. It seems like every week that another tech startup is valued in the billions of dollars. With private market valuations of technology companies continuing to grow, more and more entrepreneurs are looking to get in the startup business. How many entrepreneurs would rather have [Continue Reading]