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Bio: Luke helps international businesses expand into new markets through virtual phone solutions. He is a Penn State and Ironhack alumni and Nittany Lions football fanatic.

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GCF’s Guide to Call Forwarding

Any business that conducts its operations internationally needs a reliable way of communicating with customers. Accessibility is a major key to customer satisfaction and reliable call-forwarding services will instantly make businesses more accessible to customers. An international call forwarding service can be configured so that customers can call your business at a local calling cost, [Continue Reading]

The History of Mobile Phones

The History of Mobile Phones Mobile phone technology has progressed significantly since ‘cell phones’ were first invented. The first modern portable handset was invented by Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973. Motorola sought to build a personal telephone that belonged to an individual rather than a home or a desk.   1973 – 1980s – 1G [Continue Reading]

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Do you own a global business with customers across the world? If so, you might have heard of virtual phone numbers. A virtual phone number is a local or toll free number that is not directly associated with a telephone line. It doesn’t look any different from a regular phone number and it is dialed [Continue Reading]

The Difference Between 800, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888 Numbers

What is an 800 number? How can owning a toll free number help my business? If you own a web business, you have probably asked yourself these questions before. Maybe you have already done a Google search about toll free numbers. If you already searched the web for information, you probably realized that the benefits [Continue Reading]

The History of Toll Free Numbers

Many successful businesses today subscribe to a toll-free number service. A toll free number allows callers to reach an individual or business without needing to pay for the call. Businesses will often advertise their toll free numbers as a free way of calling, because the toll free subscriber pays for the call. Before the existence [Continue Reading]

The Invention of the Telephone

Earlier today, Apple unveiled two new iPhones: the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The tech giant announced newer models in its immensely popular line of smartphones. Smart phones today come with advanced mobile operating systems, which combine features of a mobile telephone with features of a personal computer. Mobile telephones like the iPhone are [Continue Reading]

International Call Forwarding Explained

What is international call forwarding? Have you ever dialed an 800 number before? Most people have dialed 800 numbers at some point – to make a product inquiry, book a hotel room, etc. Many businesses today offer a toll free number as a point of contact to allow callers to contact the business for free. [Continue Reading]

How to Call a US 800 Number from Mexico

Mexico as a trading partner Mexico is the 3rd largest trading partner of the United States, behind Canada and China. Because of its close proximity to the United States and advancements in IT access, Mexico is an open and welcoming market for US products and services. People in the United States also purchase goods from [Continue Reading]

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