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Call Center Trends to Look Out For In 2019

2019 has arrived and with each new year comes new upgrades and technological advances. Call center trends are changing, and managers and agents should be aware of the upcoming shifts …Read More »

How To Create The Perfect Voicemail Greeting

Can’t get to the phone? That might be fine for your personal number, but not for your business. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a vacation or let the office …Read More »

Call Recording Laws in Australia

There are times when recording what people say during a phone call sounds like a great idea. Maybe you want to memorialize something being promised to you by someone else. …Read More »

7 of the Largest Call Centers in the United States

Call centers are centralized facilities that handle hundreds or thousands of inbound calls every day. With call centers, organizations can communicate effectively with potential customers, current customers, and partners in …Read More »

Interesting Facts We Know and You Don’t

Ready to learn 17 interesting and fun facts? Whether you’re fascinated by computers or human behavior, you’ll enjoy these random tidbits of information. Pick your favorites and share them with …Read More »

The New Cable Between The US And Spain

Communication technology has reached new heights – or length, perhaps, depending upon the context. Microsoft, Facebook, and telecom infrastructure company Telxius have jointly laid a giant 4,000-mile-long transatlantic cable between …Read More »

What is the Do Not Call Registry?

The National Do Not Call Registry is a compiled list of phone numbers belonging to people who do not wish to receive calls from vendors or telemarketers. The registry is …Read More »

Tips to Improve Online Customer Service

When customers are in the process of making purchases or obtaining any services, the very first thing they do is run a search on the World Wide Web. The internet …Read More »

Virtual Office Systems Provides Relief: Home Business Tips

Home office professionals and entrepreneurs find accessibility with virtual office system benefits Managing the day-to-day administration of paperwork, phone calls and accounting is one of the most difficult challenges of a …Read More »

Small Business Tips: Improve Your Company Image with Call Forwarding Numbers

Small business owners and home based businesses can improve business image with advanced call forwarding services. At some point in in time, every entrepreneur or small business owner will have …Read More »

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