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Tips to Improve Online Customer Service

When customers are in the process of making purchases or obtaining any services, the very first thing they do is run a search on the World Wide Web. The internet has evolved into an arena that provides infinite information on anything and everything.   What does this mean for you? Some brick and mortar organizations [Continue Reading]

Virtual Office Systems Provides Relief: Home Business Tips

Home office professionals and entrepreneurs find accessibility with virtual office system benefits Managing the day-to-day administration of paperwork, phone calls and accounting is one of the most difficult challenges of a home business professional. You don’t have the support system that you find in large corporations, with switchboards, trained customer service personnel and personal assistants. So [Continue Reading]

Small Business Tips: Improve Your Company Image with Call Forwarding Numbers

Small business owners and home based businesses can improve business image with advanced call forwarding services. At some point in in time, every entrepreneur or small business owner will have one of those moments where a light bulb goes off and you realize, “Oh, my. My business is growing so fast that I can‘t keep [Continue Reading]

The Virtual Phone Number: A Brand Aid for Your Business

Branding is an essential part of marketing. That might sound really obvious, but, believe it or not, some small business owners never spend a moment’s time on developing, or managing, their brand or building a strong brand identity. Even if you are self-employed and haven’t put much effort into developing your own brand identity, you [Continue Reading]

The Secret to Having a Virtual Staff Without the Expensive Salaries

Running a small business, or even a home business, is no easy task. There are multiple areas that need attention in order for a business to be successful. You need a strong leader at the top, someone who can make the tough decisions and inspire others. Strong financial planning to make sure the business is [Continue Reading]

5 Ways To Minimize Rush Hour Stress With a Virtual Phone Number

With the seemingly ever increasing amount of traffic on the roads, it made me think about the many customer success stories I’ve heard at Global Call Forwarding, and how our customers balance their busy schedules. One of our primary messages is, Smart Phone Numbers for Smart Businesses, and the ability to keep your business connected [Continue Reading]

The Right Brain, The Left Brain, and the Virtual Phone System

Modern cognitive analysis has long suggested the brain is divided into left and right cerebral hemispheres—a rationale that maintains that these two sides of the brain hold unique functions. There is a lot about the human brain we still don’t know or understand, but what we do know is that the left side of the [Continue Reading]

Local vs Toll Free Phone Numbers for Small Business

Making a decision between the right type of virtual phone number and a toll free number that’s right for your local business can be tough. Local Business Numbers The main feature (or drawback) of a local business number is that it betrays the size and scope of your business. To a potential customer, your local [Continue Reading]

1800 Toll Free Number Tricks: Cutting Down Hold Times

Used properly, features like an auto attendant, call forwarding, and call queues with your 1800 toll free number, get your callers to the right person within your business in the least amount of time. Used poorly, these features can create long hold times and frustrate your callers.   This week we’ll cover three ways the [Continue Reading]

Cruise Lines

While luxury cruise trips are being marketed to a very large group of travelers in a very competitive market, reaching out to travelers located in different countries is a challenging operation and requires the right tools. With worldwide availability of local and toll free number call forwarding service at affordable rates from Global Call Forwarding; [Continue Reading]