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Cheapest Way to Keep a Phone Number

Available forms of communication and how communications systems are managed has developed dramatically over the years. Landlines are being used much less, while mobile has become far more mainstream. For those who do not really use their landline anymore, but do not want it to be assigned to anything else or continue to pay the same bill each month, you may be wondering, “What is the cheapest way to keep a phone number?” There are options available that are cost-effective and make perfect sense. One of them is called number parking and there are different features that can be paired with number parking, depending on the needs of the individual or business.

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Industry studies indicate that less than 50 percent of households in the United States still have landlines. This accounts for less than half of the nation. This number is expected to continue to decrease, as mobile devices quickly become the new norm. Mobile devices are not just on the upswing for personal use, either. Many businesses are increasingly relying on mobile-friendly communications and internet-based phone numbers for their communication needs.

Number Parking Equates to Great Cost-Effectiveness

Many are finding that the cost-savings in canceling their landlines alone is pretty significant. Those who wish to reap the money-saving benefits, but do not want to simply cancel their phone number to have it reassigned to someone else can do something called number parking.

If a number is parked, there will be no incoming or outgoing calls through that phone line. This can be done for both landlines and mobile phone numbers. A parked phone number is not assigned to anyone else and ownership of the number is maintained by the person or business that parks it. Inbound callers to this parked number are may be directed to a message that advises them that the number has been parked. Callers may leave the owner of the phone a message or the calls to the number may instead be automatically redirected to another number.

Why Opt for Number Parking?

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to learn more about the cheapest way to keep a phone number. As situations arise in life, opting for the cheapest way to keep a phone number without having the line in use may be the best alternative. Some of the situations that could call for looking into the cheapest way to keep a phone number may be a business or person moving with or without a gap of time in between the old location and the new location, managing of someone’s affairs after they have passed away, and simply look for ways to reduce expenditures.

Reasons to Park a Number

If someone happens to be moving from one place to another and there is an amount of time between the time one leaves one home and settles into the new home, it may be smart to look for the cheapest way to keep a phone number during the time that it is not actually in use. Also, if a person is moving to a completely different area but does not want to lose touch with those in the place they are moving from, they could opt for parking the number and having calls to that number forwarded to their mobile line or a new landline in their new home.

Managing someone’s affairs after they have passed away is another situation that could call for the cheapest way to keep a phone number. While putting someone’s affairs in order, there may be calls coming in that need to be responded to for some time. Having the person’s phone number parked, but with calls coming into that number forwarded, so that news can be passed and arrangements can be made may be very important.

Cutting back on expenditures is another reason to look into the cheapest way to keep a phone number. A business may want to cut back on the cost of certain phone lines, but not want to miss out on calls made to a phone number that has, perhaps, been part of the business for some time. The business owner could then park the number and have calls made forwarded to another phone number.

The parking of phone numbers in partnership with features such as forwarding of calls or having a recording for callers can help to save money and streamline communication processes. Global Call Forwarding provides number parking, as well as the corresponding features and has built a solid reputation based on experience, customer service, competitive rates, and professionalism. Call Global Call Forwarding today to learn more about the cheapest way to keep a phone number that is not in use.

Keep Phone Number Without Service

Telecommunication has changed dramatically over the last 15 years or so. Mobile phones are now the standard while landlines are relied upon less and less. The users of landlines, however, still often want to keep their landline number, if for no other reason than the fact that they have had it forever. Some of us get attached to our phone numbers and can’t bear to part with them. Or perhaps you are traveling overseas for an extended period of time or wish to not use your mobile phone for a particular amount of time, but you do not want to give up your phone number. At the same time, you don’t want to pay the regular monthly fees when you are not even using the number. There is a solution for these circumstances that allows you to enjoy a “keep phone number without service” scenario. It is called number parking.

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There are a number of services that allow for you to park your number so it is waiting for you when you return from traveling or in the event you wish to use it again for any other reason. In the meantime, you do not have to pay the traditional phone service charges that you would normally pay when you are fully using your phone number.

Number parking means that while the number is parked, there are no incoming or outgoing calls on that phone. Global Call Forwarding offers Number Parking for both mobile lines and landlines, as well as international phone numbers. Rates may vary from country to country for the international numbers, but Global Call Forwarding offers very competitive rates when put side-by-side with its competitors.

With number parking, calling a number that is parked no longer leads to the phone ringing. It is also not assigned to anyone else. The person who has parked the phone number still owns the phone number. Inbound callers are typically directed to a message letting them know that their number has been parked. Callers can also typically leave the owner of the phone a message. Another option is to have calls made to a parked number forwarded to another number altogether.

There are a variety of scenarios that help to understand why the “keep phone number without service” idea makes sense. The first situation that comes to mind is when people think about canceling their landline, but instead, park the number to save money while not allowing for the number to be reassigned. People can save money doing this and save the hassle of having an extra phone that they do not really use any more. While that is certainly a good reason, there are a number of others, here is a look at them:


When someone moves from one home to another in the same area, there may be a gap in time between the time one leaves one home and settles into the new home. In this situation, a “keep phone number without service” scenario makes perfect sense to help those who own the number the opportunity to keep their number even when it is not in use. If someone is moving to a different area but doesn’t want to lose contact with people who have their number, then parking the number with notifications or forwarding is a great way to go. For someone who is moving their business, missed phone calls will most likely result in loss of revenue, so parking with forwarding is probably the best route to take.

Estate Management

When someone passes away, parking a phone number and having their calls forwarded can help to make sure that any important calls are not missed and costs are minimized.

Reducing Expenses

Businesses that wish to lower costs without putting their productivity and ability to serve their customers in jeopardy may find that the “keep phone number without service” is the best option for them. The phone number parking features can be a huge advantage in this type of scenario as it helps to eliminate costly phone hardware and expenses, making money more available to the business to be used in other areas.

Phone number parking and related features, such as call forwarding, can offer significant cost savings and efficiencies to those in either short term or long term situations. Global Call Forwarding has been in the business of providing telecommunication solutions both domestically in the United States and internationally across the globe for over two decades. In the “keep phone number without service” market, as well as all other products and services offered, Global Call Forwarding continues to make strides in innovation as well as technology. Superior customer service and products have kept Global Call Forwarding ahead of the game in comparison to its competitors and an aim to keep customers happy is what drives this telecom leader at its core.

Electric Unicycles That Go Like… Really Fast

Have you seen, in person, the electric unicycles that go like… really fast? As battery technology continues to advance, electric ride-ables of all types are evolving at the same time. If you haven’t considered it yet, one especially cool ride that is growing in popularity is the electric unicycle. While a unicycle certainly demands more time and effort from a user in mastering them in comparison to something like an electric skateboard or a hoverboard, with some practice, many riders will learn to love the increased range provided by an electric unicycle as well as the speed and versatility that these ride-ables offer.

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The Top Unicycle Picks

In reviewing some of the electric unicycles that go super fast, here are some of the top picks when comparing specifications and other features:

The Swagtron Swagroller is one of the best high-performance electric unicycles out there. It is a very contemporary-looking offering and it is totally on-trend as a self-balancing electric unicycle. This one comes with a beginner’s kit that is fairly simple to use and includes training wheel accessories that allow for the user to gain some strength and confidence in getting used to riding this unicycle. This electric unicycle has a lot of speed and is resilient to various types of climate. Specifically, it works very well in challenging terrain, because of a very unique wheel design. This unicycle is also priced very moderately, which is always a plus.

The Segway One S1 is another one of the best electric unicycles. Though it struggles on any type of challenging terrain, it is great on solid ground. Also, it offers learning stages to help a rider master the unit with and without the training wheels. There are several designs to choose from to appeal to various tastes and it works with an app that helps the rider to control settings. The Segway One S1 is also very small; it can even easily fit into a backpack for those on the go.

The Inmotion V8 is a contemporary unicycle with superb functionality and it can run at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, absolutely allowing it to the fit into the category of electric unicycles that go like… really fast. This unicycle has great range, well-executed design that is very weather resistant, and it is easy to master with the training guide that comes along with it. The Inmotion V8 also has a handlebar, which makes it easy to pull around rather than having to carry it.

The ArtWheel KingSong is yet another one of the electric unicycles that goes really fast. This unicycle was designed for music lovers. It has quad speakers built in, the ride is lightweight, and it’s easy to carry. It also gets charged fairly quickly and has a battery that can be removed in order to upgrade.

Setting itself apart for speed especially, the Apex Star I SP800 Speeder has been ranked as the fastest of the electric unicycles that go crazy fast. This unicycle offers great mileage and comfortable speed, which allows a rider to cruise across further distances. It is a wonderful unicycle for a beginner, because it comes with self-balancing technology. The Apex Star I SP800 boasts 22 miles per hour speed and is known to be a super fun ride.

Electric Unicycles: More Efficient Than the Average Toy

When compared to hoverboards, unicycles are better for both distance and speed. Electric unicycles that go like… really fast are made to cover a greater amount of mileage in ways that typical unicycles and bicycles cannot. This takes into account the distance each is able to cover, the maximum speed, and the angle degree each is able to go over.

Aside from being trendy, electric unicycles that go like… really fast also have to be made with good design as this affects performance. Unicycles are more efficient to their riders if they are made of light materials. This makes them run better. Also, lighting makes them easier to travel on at night for safety reasons. LED lights as indicators for battery power consumption or other alerts are other details that the best ones feature. A strong frame and shell are also important.

Do Your Research When Choosing a Model

Other important things to consider when looking at electric unicycles are weight capacity, battery power, motor power, and the value for the money. Purchasing an electric unicycle of any kind isn’t going to be particularly cheap. When shopping for electric unicycles that go like… really fast, one should do their due diligence in researching options, features, and prices on a variety of different models and make a selection based on what is the all-around best fit for them.

Legal Issues Regarding Call Recording

Someone may wish to record a phone call for any number of reasons, but it is important to take into consideration that there are both federal and state laws pertaining to the recording of calls. Being aware of legal issues regarding call recording is important for companies, in particular, who wish to record all customer service calls, as an example. United States federal law requires that at least one party taking part in a call be notified that the call is being recorded.

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In addition to federal law, there are laws in some states that require only one party to be notified of the call recording, while other states require two parties to be aware of the call recording.

All-Party Consent States

Approximately 13 states in the United States require all parties to consent to a call recording. Those states include California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington State.

Call Recording in the UK

In the United Kingdom, there are several laws that cover the practice of recording phone calls. Unless you are able to guarantee that the call recording will not be shared with any third party and that the call is being recorded to either gather evidence, prevent a crime, or ensure regulatory compliance, it is the safest bet to consider the United Kingdom a jurisdiction that requires all parties of a phone call to consent to a call recording.

Canadian Laws on Call Recording

In Canada, there is an established single set of rules for all call recording, which is built into its electronic privacy law. Canada also has an all-party consent approach so that in order for a call to be legally recorded, a person/business must notify the others on the phone call that the call will be recorded, what the purposes of the call recording are, and that the call may only be recorded with the consent of every person on the phone call.

Call Recording in Ireland

Ireland also requires all party consent in order for a call to be recorded legally. The purpose of the call recording must be explained in detail to each participant of the call and each party on the call must give informed consent.

When companies are considering implementing a recording of phone calls for both outbound and inbound calling, it is customary to hear some type of default message that is either pre-recorded or stated by a company staff member. One that is heard commonly in announcing the recording of calls is, “For quality assurance, this call be recorded.” Another common one is, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.”

Some of the reasons companies may wish to record calls are for records-purposes. That is, if there is a dispute regarding an agreement regarding a contract or a payment, the company has the recording to fall back on for review and resolution of the dispute. Call recording is also used in order to support the improvement of customer service practices and for staff training purposes. For example, a recording may be used to demonstrate to new incoming staff members how a particular situation should be handled. In the same way, a call recording could be used to show new incoming staff members how a situation should not be handled. Call recordings can be very useful for staff training.

Legal issues regarding call recording can be complicated and sometimes controversial. It is the choice of a business owner to comply with all relevant regulations and any industry standards. Accomplishing the task of compliance requires careful research related to which laws apply to particular types of businesses. Legal issues regarding call recording also encompass a variety of call recording functions. These include, but are not limited to, issues of participant consent, regulations regarding the storage of recordings and the legality of putting a pause on and then resuming any live recordings.

In order to research legal issues regarding call recording for a call center, for example, a number of agencies and resources must be checked to ensure all aspects are covered in recording calls from and to various areas.

As it is easy to see, legal issues regarding call recording vary from state to state within the United States and they also vary from country to country. For a business that operates in various countries, it may be simpler to adopt an all-party disclosure and consent rule rather than aim to investigate and follow the rules of each market the business works within. Making sure that you and your legal team has a clear understanding of legal issues regarding call recording and always obtaining consent when in doubt is paramount.

How Blockchain is Changing the World

You may have heard of blockchain in relationship to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, but there is so much more to it than that. Blockchain is already having a significant impact upon the world we live in. In the future, blockchain’s influence will be huge. From secure communications to banking, blockchain is changing the way we do business and the way we live our lives. But how does it really work and what is all the fuss about?

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Blockchain in a Nutshell

The foundation of a blockchain system is decentralization. This means that no specific person or company owns a blockchain. Blockchain technology is comprised of information stored across a network of multiple computers. The information is secured by cryptography such that it may be distributed freely, anyone can access the system and assist in running it, but no one can delete it or corrupt it. Blockchain gets its name because it is comprised of a continually expanding ledger of transactions stored in blocks, that are permanently recorded and linked in a chain in chronological order.

Blockchain was launched in 2008 as part of a proposal for the virtual currency system known as bitcoin. Bitcoin was the initial application of blockchain.

The system allows for bilateral financial transactions, which are openly shared and distributed. Blockchain reduces the cost of transactions and has the potential to become the preferred recording system of all transactions.

Why is Blockchain Important for Business?

Here are just a few ways in which blockchain can improve your business:

  • Security: These days, hackers are becoming an increasing problem in all areas of business. Blockchain tightens security and is resistant to hackers.
  • Transparency: Because the ledger is shared with all participants, they can all see ongoing transactions, so there is no chance of discrepancy.
  • Cost: Although traditional financial transaction models are costly, blockchain solutions are inexpensive.
  • Preventing payment scams: Blockchain technology eliminates online scams. This is because both buyers and sellers can use smart contracts when buying and selling products or services.
  • Immediate transactions: There is no faster solution for financial transactions than blockchain technology.

How Blockchain is Changing the World

Blockchain is already influencing many sectors of the world we live in today.

These influences include:

  • Banking and finance: Blockchains allow financial transactions to take place faster, more securely, and more efficiently. Many banks and financial institutions are looking to blockchain to enhance their transactions.Communications: Blockchains enable reliable automated digital communications such as call notifications, emails, and system alerts. This is beginning to effect communications through and among large industrial organizations as well as private communications.
  • Cybersecurity: All data contained in blockchains is encrypted with advanced cryptography. This means that it prohibits unauthorized changes and is resistant to hacks. Utilizing a blockchain system will make cloud data storage much safer from attacks.
  • Internet of things: This category already includes buildings, cars, home appliances, security cameras, lighting and heating, and the range of applications is growing rapidly. Currently, however, these devices operate from a central communication hub, which means that hackers can gain access to your personal internet of things. For example, they could take over your car, or your home security system. Blockchain has the potential to prevent this by decentralizing all the data.
  • Charitable donations: Millions of people donate to worthy causes every year, but how can you be sure that your money is going directly to where it is needed? Blockchain systems can help by creating trust through bitcoin-based charities and online reputation systems.
  • Healthcare: Although patient portals are moving toward the centralization of patient information, this type of system is very vulnerable to hackers. With the implementation of blockchain, medical facilities and healthcare organizations could store medical records, only sharing them with authorized medical professionals.
  • Government: Blockchain could improve government services in many ways. The main two are by reducing bureaucracy and increasing security. For example, blockchain could be used to make unemployment and welfare benefits more easily verifiable. Similarly, voting could be made more secure if blockchain was used to verify each vote’s legitimacy and also to count votes in a more secure, tamper-proof, automatic manner.
  • Ride-sharing and rentals: Although you may think that Lyft and Airbnb are decentralized networks, the people who own the platforms are the ones in control and they take a fee for the services they provide. Blockchain could be implemented to allow car and homeowners more control.

Bear in mind that blockchain is still in its infancy and experiments are still being made, some of which will be more successful than others, but this technology has the potential to impact just about all aspects of life, from energy management to retail, online music to logistics, and real estate to business consulting.

Call Forwarding as a Tool for World Travelers

Gillian Melton is a travel writer, that means she’s often flying to an overseas destination to review a hotel or resort. When she traveled, Gillian used to carry two phones and juggle the different rates between carriers. This is because she found that different carriers offer varying roaming rates, so she would pick one with the most affordable charges and routinely switch handsets.

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Sometimes, to avoid the price of a second phone, Gilliam would switch SIM cards. But this came with its own problems, such as backing up data, having to transfer her primary number and the risk of loss or theft. But then everything changed. She heard about call forwarding and communicating while traveling became a breeze almost instantly.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a cool service which allows you to have all incoming calls to your smartphone routed to another phone number. The receiving number could be your home phone, office phone, your hotel room, or another mobile number. As soon as a caller dials your forwarding number, the call is routed directly without your primary mobile ringing first.

How to Use Call Forwarding as a Tool for Worldwide Traveling

Call forwarding was a lifesaver for Gillian because it made things so much easier when she was on an overseas assignment. Call forwarding can also help you in many ways, depending on where and how you are traveling. For example, if you are going on vacation, you may wish to forward your calls to an alternative number so that you won’t be interrupted when you are relaxing. Also, if you are in a busy meeting or you don’t feel like answering the phone, you can have calls forwarded to another member of staff.

How Can You Set Up Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is handled slightly differently depending on which call forwarding service you choose. When you choose Global Call Forwarding, they will provide you will a virtual phone number. You can purchase a subscription, and there is no contract or commitment, and you can have a number that is located anywhere in the world. Calls that are made to this number can then be automatically forwarded to your mobile phone, your hotel, or your business call center. You can also use this number to make outbound calls.

An Example of Call Forwarding in Action

Let’s take a look at how Gillian used call forwarding as a tool for world travel. Last month, she had to take a trip to Hong Kong to review a hotel and conference center. She knew that while she was there, she would need to make appointments to meet with several people, and she needed to stay in touch with them for the duration of her visit. Before she went on her trip, she signed up with Global Call Forwarding for a virtual Hong Kong number. That way she was able to give the number to her business contacts before she arrived in the country. Before and during her stay they were able to call her using the local Hong Kong number, and all the calls were forwarded to her smartphone.

This impressed her clients because it was so convenient, and they had no idea that they were calling a virtual number. Furthermore, she never missed a call.

If she was already in a meeting when someone called, she could even have voicemail messages emailed to her, so she could read them without interrupting her meeting. These are just some of the perks of virtual call forwarding for international travelers.

Let’s suppose you and your newlywed live in the U.S., but you are traveling to Paris for your honeymoon. You might think that you would have to use different phones to switch between locations and SIM cards, but that’s not the case. A virtual call forwarding service allows you to subscribe to a local Paris number, so you can make and receive phone calls as you travel. Imagine how much money this will save you because you won’t have to pay for international dialing charges or roaming fees.

Additionally, you may have made some new Parisian friends with whom you would like to keep in touch with when you get home. You can give them your virtual number, and they can call you when you’re back in the States, and it will only cost them the price of a local call. So, it will remain easy for you and your friends to stay in touch long after your honeymoon is over.

As you can see, call forwarding is a great tool for world travelers. If you want to find out more about how virtual call forwarding can help you when you travel overseas, contact Global Call Forwarding today and subscribe to virtual numbers all over the world.

Taking Your Business Idea from Concept to Business Plan

You may have been nursing your unique idea for a business for years, or it may be something that came to you in a sudden burst of inspiration. Either way, if you have a solid idea and you’re determined to get it up and running, then there are a number of steps that you need to go through. Here are some pointers to help you take your business idea from concept to business plan and beyond.

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Fine Tune Your Idea

You’ve come up with an idea that meshes with your strengths, passions, and goals. The next step is to flesh out your idea. You may find that your initial idea changes quite significantly, so don’t be too possessive over it. Give it room to grow and transform.

Talk it Over

It’s a good idea to talk your business idea through with someone who is business savvy. Perhaps you have a mentor or a friend who is already running his or her own business. These people would make the perfect sounding board, and you could end up coming away with some great advice. You could also consider talking it over with potential customers in your target range and see what they think.

Consider it From Every Angle

Think about your business idea from the perspective of an investor. Be objective and analytical. Consider who your target customers are and what they really need. How big of an opportunity is there for you in this niche and is the timing right? Make a list of all the steps it will take to execute your business plan and assess if the payoff is worth the risk involved. Also, think about what type of business plan you’re going to utilize.

Get Plenty of Feedback

Talk to people who are familiar with the market and the type of business model which you intend to use – people who have this type of experience can help you understand what works and what doesn’t out there in the business world. You cannot do enough research before laying out your business plan.

Take Your Feedback Onboard

Don’t just ignore feedback, especially if it was not what you wanted to hear. Use it to make wise changes to your business plan and your go-to-market strategy. Make sure that you crunch some numbers so that you can develop an idea of how much you need to invest in key milestones. Now’s the time to decide who you need on your team to help you put this plan into practice.

Come up With a Minimalist Product or Service

In your mind, picture your product or service in its simplest form. Strip it down to the very basics that your customers need: the minimal requirements. This exercise will help you to build a prototype. Once you’ve got the basic model designed, go ahead and make it as quickly and inexpensively as you can. You can add a full set of features later.

Start Selling

You don’t have to wait until your product is 100 percent perfect before you open shop. Once you have it out there on the market, you will be able to listen to customer feedback and see where tweaks and improvements need to be made. This will give you a greater ability to react to customers quickly and upgrade your product as you go along. The key is to get your core product to market as quickly as you can.

Test Your Products

Now you have products in the marketplace; you can try to make them a better match for what your target customers need. For example, you can test different elements such as optional features, pricing, and branding features. Then you can search for a cost-effective way to draw customers by experimenting with sales pitches, promotions, marketing campaigns, and distribution channels. Once you have your results in, you can see which ones are most effective.

Don’t let the Process Stagnate

Now you’ve learned which aspects of your branding and marketing you need to change, fix them as quickly as possible. But you will have also gotten some things right, and obviously, you will want to leave those as they are.

Prepare for Expansion

Now is the time to update your business plan and gather all the resources you need to grow. Start raising capital if you need to. Pitch to investors, start crowdfunding, whichever path you choose, now is the time to do it.

Speed Up Your Start-Up

At this point, you have a market-tested business plan and resources at the ready. You should be ready to expand. Make sure your whole team is on board, and you’re all in line with the same goals.

Following these steps can help you move your business from concept to plan to reality.

Top Ways A Vanity Number Can Enhance Your Business

A vanity phone number differs from a traditional phone number because it is not assigned to a specific country code or area code. With your vanity phone number, a traditional string of numerical digits is replaced with letters or a word. These letters come together as a keyword or phrase related to your business.

Because your vanity number will be combined with your virtual phone number, forwarding calls from a vanity line to the destination of your choice can be done almost instantly. Furthermore, a vanity number can be forwarded to a landline or cellular phone. Forwarding calls to personal cell phones is also a smooth transition for business owners because virtual phone numbers work well with both IOS and Android operating systems.

Here are some of the top ways a vanity number can enhance your business.

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A Vanity Number Helps With Tracking Advertising Efforts

A business owner can’t determine the best marketing strategies to increase sales and brand visibility if specific performance metrics for individual campaigns are unknown. Every marketing outlet is unique. Business owners must be aware of customer preferences and analyze what changes should be made to encourage more phone calls that convert to sales.

Analyze key metrics by gathering data that answers questions such as:

  • What is the call duration time before closing a sale?
  • Are advertisements being properly placed to attract target customers?
  • What time or day of the week does your business receives the most phone calls?

Along with tracking data, call recording can also be used as a feature of your vanity number to find key conversation points that motivate customers to buy.

Vanity Numbers Encourage Brand Recognition

One of the top ways a vanity number can enhance your business is by making your brand more recognizable. Regardless of your chosen field, most entrepreneurs are working within competitive markets. Therefore, it’s important to stand out with product knowledge and personality.

A vanity number has a unique impact because it shows potential customers that your business is both professional and creative. In fact, some of the most popular and nationally known businesses hold their rank and relevancy by using a toll free vanity phone number. Consider 1-800 Flowers, which is one of the most commonly referenced businesses with a vanity line. This floral business stands apart in a saturated market because the company is memorable and easy to contact.

By taking the time to find the right vanity number, you’re setting your business on a path to long-term success. The best way to determine which vanity number is right for you would be through testing multiple numbers to see which number truly resonates with customers and potential business partners.

Vanity Numbers Show Accessibility

Building customer loyalty is important because loyal customers will continue to buy from you and recommend your business to others. A vanity number increases referrals because it is easy to remember and customers are likely to refer your company through word of mouth recommendations.

Another advantage when choosing a vanity number as part of your marketing strategy is that your business will have a more trusted presence. Consumers are more likely to associate your company with the traditional brick-and-mortar stores they are accustomed to when shopping. Large businesses often have vanity numbers, so it’s a symbol of being highly established. If your business also has these professional phone numbers, customers are more likely to call and buy your products.

Remember to Research

Researching the best vanity number to use is a critical step when selecting your phone number. There are many instances where businesses have mistakenly used similar phrases and words to describe their products and services. These same keywords and phrases are the terms customers use for online research and when browsing local directories.

Similar numbers can be problematic if your vanity number closely resembles the contact information of a competing company because this can result in a competitor getting more calls from consumers looking to buy from your business.

Finding the right balance through research is important. If you use a local phone number, you’re limiting the ability to reach out to local consumers instead of building national or global awareness, which is more profitable. If you choose an uncommon term that is misleading, callers may confuse your messaging and think you are offering a different service.

Use Vanity Numbers For Long-Term Growth

Every business owner is different, and all entrepreneurs have unique visions for their business and creative ideas that can’t be replicated. Still, what many company heads have in common is the desire for a profitable business that continues to expand as a visible and respected brand.

Before a business can begin to thrive, a company budget that implements the use of modern technology and strategies is essential. Today, more companies are recognizing how a vanity number is a strategic method to enhance their business, promote their brand, and attract more customers.

Improving Internal Communications in Your Company

Failing to address the challenges that arise when companies due to poor communication within a company is a recipe for disaster. Miscommunication leads to losses in productivity, creates tension amongst coworkers, and results in a higher turnover rate.

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Overlooking internal communication issues in your company also makes the hiring process much more difficult because the lack of communication makes it harder to translate company goals to new team members. When a new hire is brought into the business, it’s difficult for the individual to learn or seek guidance from other team members because there isn’t a clear path to follow or specific strategies for success. Furthermore, team members will not know how to properly represent the company.

The Importance of Improving Internal Communications In Your Company

Why is improving internal communications in your company so critical? There are many answers to this question, but one of the main reasons would be harmony and balance must exist between coworkers and management to build trust and encourage open, honest dialogue.
A lack of proper communication has a major impact on productivity and it can be the difference between reaching company goals and falling short on completing critical tasks.

Another negative impact of miscommunication is a high turnover rate. Turnovers cause companies of all sizes to lose money because the business must invest in the hiring and onboarding process, not to mention the training and compensation of new employees. When a new hire leaves unexpectedly, the process must start over and it will require more funding. When this happens on a frequent basis, the high turnover rate also brings the integrity and management of the company into question.

Strive Towards Improving Internal Communications In Your Company Regularly

Many business owners wonder what specific methods can be implemented to improve internal communications in your company. This answer will depend on your unique company structure and team, but there are actions that every company should take to improve their ways of communicating.

Internal communication can be improved in your company with the right mindset, transparency, and the use of technology. Whether your business is large or small, communication is key.

These key methods should be helpful for companies striving to communicate and improve their workplace with more clarity and efficiency.

Establish A System For Sharing Information

One of the biggest communication errors companies make is deciding to use a middleman to relay information. This can go wrong for various reasons. If communicating information between select employees, they may not understand the importance of making sure that everyone on the team receives the message. With so many daily tasks to handle, it’s easy for team members to forget sharing information that is not related to the immediate task at hand.

Another conflict that may arise from handing off information and priority documents to specific employees is the possibility of favoritism. If your staff feels that only one person or a few people on staff can be trusted with sensitive information, it may result in tension in the workplace. Hence, another reason improving internal communications in your company will be necessary.

Maintaining a high level of transparency through the use of technology is the best way to avoid communication gaps. This is crucial for improving internal communications in your company. There is a wide selection of cloud technology that will allow managers to quickly upload important documents and notes so that all employees can access with just a username and password. When looking to share quick notes and attachments, there is the option of Dropbox, along with team messaging services such as Slack and WhatsApp for constant convenient communication. These apps also allow employees to give their input and ask questions in real time and read responses on similar topics.

Host Online Meetings

Consistent meetings are great for improving internal communications in your company. Just as the internet allows companies to share important documents, businesses can also use online technology to host online meetings, which is especially beneficial if you are working with remote teams.

Remote teams will not be able to attend most company meetups due to their location or time zone differences, however, this can be easily supported. The best way to make meetings convenient and cost-free for everyone is by using cloud phone numbers for conference calls or video messaging. Employees appreciate this because a feeling of inclusion through the sharing of information is great for team morale.

Hosting meetings online makes sure that everyone has access to the same information, eliminating silos and hierarchy. Hierarchical environments can make employees feel isolated, and this can make everyone more reluctant to communicate openly. This resentment often results in a loss of motivation and prolongs the time it takes for teams to take action and achieve success.

Define Your Company’s Mission and Set Goals

You know your company goals and mission, but do your employees know? When your aim is improving internal communications in your company, this is really important to set a foundation. Discuss company goals in meetings and have your company mission statement clearly visible in the workspace and online. These reminders will help keep everyone on track while helping employees better assist customers.

Understanding a company’s goals and mission creates a better customer service experience because representatives will demonstrate more confidence in their role and product knowledge. Along with in-depth knowledge, customer service associates will be able to provide support while respecting the tone and communication style of the brand.

Suggestions for Providing Excellent Customer Service

Businesses that place more emphasis on their customer service experience are much more likely to see better profits than a company who lets their customer service drop off. This comes from a straightforward idea that people want to be heard and cared for. It is a basic human need that a business can easily provide by ramping up their customer service efforts.

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Every business can provide excellent customer service no matter what size their company is. You do not have to be a large corporation to use these tips and tools. From start-ups to small businesses, all companies can benefit from their customer service efforts without spending all of their capital. Here is how to create an excellent customer service experience for your customers.

1. Make the Right First Impression

From the moment that your customer walks into your store, your employees should know how to greet them in a way in which they feel comfortable and cared for. This goes for online businesses as well. Although a live, smiling face won’t greet your customers, they can have a great online experience through original web copy and an easy-to-navigate website.

2. Follow Up

Just like making a good first impression, you must also leave a lasting impact on your customers. This can be done through emails, birthday wishes, Christmas cards, member rewards, and sending out exclusive coupons. Small gestures like these can go a long way in the eyes of your customers.

3. Go Above And Beyond

One way to service your customers is to go above and beyond what your competitors are doing. Some companies provide free tea or coffee for their customers. Others pamper their customers by giving them hot towels and allowing them to relax in meditation rooms. Whatever works for your company and sets you apart will help you stand out and keep loyal clients in the end.

4. Bring More People Into Your Store

If you have a space available that can be rented out during times that you are not usually open for business, do it. Some companies will host movie nights in their stores or provide a place for charity events. These events often attract more people than just your regular customers. It is a great way to be known in your community, and once you are a seen as an essential part of the city, you will see an influx of customers coming in that may not have heard of you before.

5. Respond on Yelp

Yelp and customer review pages on your website should be responded to, no matter what the review is. If a customer leaves a positive review, remember to thank them and maybe let them know when a sale is coming up on an item that they like. It is also equally important to respond to negative reviews. It can make the difference between saving or losing a customer for life.

6. Ensure There’s a Way for Customers to Reach You

Customers want to be able to reach the business that they buy products or services from. So it is essential to have a phone line where your clients and customers can call to speak to a customer service representative. If you cannot afford to have a customer service line open 24/7, then you must set up a voicemail system, and it is also imperative that you call your customers back as soon as you can. If you cannot call them back immediately, be sure to let them know when your office hours are and when the best time to call back will be. With Global Call Forwarding, you can get a virtual phone number that is equipped with voicemail, sequential forwarding for when some employees are out of office, and call recording, which is an excellent tool for learning which customer service techniques work best.

7. Work With What You’ve Got

If you have a smaller business, then you can use that to your advantage. While larger companies have to rely on large customer service teams and automated emails, a smaller company can pick up the phone and speak to their customers directly. They can also send personalized emails and send letters, when needed.