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What is a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center or remote call center is a customer support or service center that operates virtually. That is, it works remotely and usually not from one central, physical location. Such a center may have multiple small offices in different locations or work with remote employees across other cities, states, and regions.

What connects these locations and employees is a virtual call center software with cloud-based communication solutions. Businesses that have customers or that want to target markets in different time zones will find a virtual call center platform more useful.

Opportunity for Global Coverage

Virtual call centers can connect with customers and business contacts from different parts of the world. Moreover, they are not limited to one physical location. And so, as a call center manager, if you want to provide your clients with 24/7 global support, then a virtual center may be the way to go. You can hire remote employees from across the world or from high-profile areas, train them to use your software, and offer companies the opportunity to take their businesses global.


Affordable Pricing for Businesses of Every Size

We offer multiple pricing plans suitable for all types of businesses. Choose from five different phone number plans with included minutes and an additional per-minute rate. Each of our plans comes with a feature set. But you can get advanced features for a small additional rate. Ask us about our flexible payment options so that you are comfortable with how you pay for your service.

Advantages of Virtual Call Center Software

Virtual call centers are thriving for many reasons, with more and more businesses choosing cloud communication solutions. A virtual call center helps you…

check Reduce Costs
Low operating and equipment costs. Most virtual call center platforms is workable over only a computer and a reliable internet connection.
check Increase Flexibility
A flexible and mobile platform that users can access from any location and through any device.
check Provide Global Support
Ability to offer clients geographic expansion so that you can meet your customers wherever they are.
check Offer Round-the-Clock Service
Assist clients in providing 24/7 customer support for their customers by adopting the follow the sun support model.
check Access Advanced Solutions
Use advanced, scalable, and secure cloud communication technology and features.
check Increase Agent Success
Reduce turnover and attrition rates with work-from-home options and features that support employees.
check Stay Connected
Keep in constant contact with your employees and teams through your communication system.
check Expand Services
Offer lead generation, customer service and support, and appointment setting services.

Running Your Own Remote Call Center

To start a virtual call center, you need to get the right tools and software to support your inbound and outbound call volume. Global Call Forwarding offers many cloud communication solutions to help you build a reliable and well-connected remote-working contact center. Some of our top services include:

call tracking
  1. International Call Forwarding - Route and redirect calls based on time and location; forward calls to different offices or employees when one office is unavailable, so no call goes unanswered.

  2. Outbound Calling Solutions - Customize your outgoing caller ID to display different toll free and local numbers purchased and reach global customers.

  3. Call Recording Service - Record up to 100% of incoming and outgoing calls; review recordings for quality assurance, liability prevention, performance evaluations, etc.

  4. Cloud IVR - Assists callers by identifying the purpose of the call and directing them to the right person or department.

  5. Call Logs and Activity Reports - To keep track of inbound and outbound calls and to assist in studying customer patterns and preferences.

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