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IVR: The Office Automation Tool That Makes Business Communication Easy


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As a new company or one that has been running for a few years, you are always looking for ways to improve office productivity and efficiency. And with advancements in technology, businesses are finding more and more utility for office automation tools like interactive voice response (IVR), product and content management software and applications, and more. Here we will look at how IVR improves internal and external communication.

Interactive Voice Response: A Necessary Office Automation Tool

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a communication tool that allows an automated voice to answer incoming calls and assist callers. This is achieved through highly effective technology that enables a computer to speak with a client using voice and digital tones. When an interested individual calls a company, this feature can be set up to welcome the caller, provide information about your company, and ask what task they’d like to complete today.

How Does an IVR System Work?

IVR systems work based on how you program them. You first need to purchase the service from a cloud-based phone service provider, like Global Call Forwarding. Then, you create a phone tree that maps out how customers will interact with the automated voice. They could either use their keypads or say words, or both, to move closer to completing their task. Then, you input this map into the software offered by your provider. Now, when callers call in, they will have a custom welcome greeting and a menu of options. Click here for information about how such systems work.

How Businesses Are Using This Feature

For small businesses to large corporations, IVR can be programmed and customized to meet your specific communication needs. Say, you are a pharmacy and want to cut down time spent on the phone refilling prescriptions, you can have the IVR take care of it. For example, your IVR could ask callers to “Press 3 to refill prescriptions.” Callers can then be asked to provide their information and the name of the prescription they’d like filled. Then, your business gets a notification of the renewal request. Here are some other examples of what an IVR system can do:

  • Place orders
  • Process payments
  • Verify accounts
  • Activate services
  • Register complaints
  • Collect caller information
  • Checking account balances
  • Record surveys
  • Make appointments
  • Direct callers to appropriate departments
  • Provide business information (like office hours or movie showtimes)
  • Provide customer support options
  • Interviews to streamline hiring processes, and more.

Having automation take care of these simple tasks can considerably cut down phone time and free up agents or employees for more complicated tasks or to resolve bigger customer issues. And that is the main reason why office automation is growing more and more popular with businesses. It creates an environment that supports high productivity and reduces time-consuming tasks.

Benefits of Including Automation In Your Communication System

With a well-developed IVR office automation system, calls are answered immediately, instantly improving the caller experience. Customers trying to contact your enterprise or store or wanting to complete a task don’t have to wait in long lines, and they appreciate the convenience. You can create customer greetings providing company information and important departments. You can also include announcements, new promotions, etc. Additionally, you can control and coordinate your IVR system, provided it is from a cloud-based provider, from anywhere in the world. This helps with companies that have multiple offices and employees spread across the globe.

Make Your Office Phone System Efficient and Professional

You can get IVR with your purchase of virtual business numbers from Global Call Forwarding. Tailor and customize this feature based on the number of employees or lines your company uses. Streamline and organize your office communications to increase productivity. Talk to an expert at Global Call Forwarding to find out how we can help you set up the perfect IVR system for your business needs.

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