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The Importance of a Virtual Phone System for Businesses

the importance of a virtual phone system

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Many businesses are beginning to see how necessary it is to use a virtual phone number to connect themselves with their current customer base and as a great tool to establish connections across new markets. This new technology allows sales teams to establish contact in local and international regions for more affordable prices than ever before. This affordable service also comes with many features, like time of day routing, call recording and customized voicemail greetings which were previously very costly features in the past.

Most entrepreneurs don’t start off with a lot of disposable capital that they can use on fancy corporate offices. Most small business owners have to invest every dollar earned in the early years for growing their company. Many small businesses don’t survive as a result of wasting money on unnecessary resources. Entrepreneurs in the know realize that when they’re trying to grow their businesses, having a virtual phone number is a great investment that will be rewarded at a tremendous rate. Virtual phone numbers keep you connected and relevant in today’s markets, without a major financial commitment

Read on to discover four reasons why it is important for your business to have a virtual phone number:

Work From Anywhere

With all of the features a virtual phone system provides, there is no need to sit by the phone in your office. With call redirection services, you can take important phone calls when you’re traveling or working from home. And there is no delay for the caller to get in touch with you. They simply dial the same number as your office and you are instantly connected to your mobile phone or the device of your choosing. Missing phone calls is nearly impossible, but if you do, you can even forward voicemails as MP3s or text messages through to your email or fax machine. So no matter where you are, you can remain connected.

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Call Forwarding

Similar to the way that you can redirect your office phone to your cell phone, you can also redirect calls to their proper departments within your company. Using a handy greeting menu, callers can choose an option on their keypad that will redirect them to the best person to help them out. And if that customer decides that a customer service issue actually was meant for the sales department, the sales department can easily take over and redirect them to the proper place themselves. On the other hand, if you are waiting for a very important call and need to go into an emergency meeting but cannot afford to miss the call, you can always redirect them to someone who is available during that time frame to take the call. The best part is that when you’re away, you don’t have to worry about missing any important calls; you can even set an away message. Whether you’ve stepped out to lunch or went home for the day and need to spend time with your family, you can notify your clients why you cannot come to the phone and redirect them to an alternate means of communication, or details on when they will be called back.

Better Customer Service

The best way to see your business grow to new heights is to have stellar customer service skills. After all, loyal customers are the lifeblood of any business. The best way to excel in your customer service skills is to be available to your customers at all times. Features like simultaneous ringing and sequential forwarding mean that your customers will never have to hear a busy tone when trying to reach you.

Easy To Grow With

With the number of different plans available from virtual phone system providers, you can easily find one that meets your current demands. However, sooner or later your business will begin to grow and you will demand more from your service provider. Service providers like Global Call Forwarding will grow with your company and offer several different plans that will work with you at any stage of development, along with the additional services you may need for maximum efficiency in handling your communication needs.

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