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Why Should I Get a Virtual Phone System?

Virtual phone systems are powerful tools for cutting out landlines, expensive hardware upgrades, and very limited call forwarding capabilities. This type of phone system is fast growing in popularity and it is sure to take your business communications to the next level. However, those who are new to the game aren’t necessarily taking advantage of all the features it offers. Learn more about why you should choose a virtual phone system for your enterprise needs below.

You’re Free to Travel

Virtual phone systems allow you to work from any place that has a reliable internet connection. This is mainly what separates a virtual system from other options. And since most public places now have easy Wifi access, such as major airports and local cafes, you don’t have to worry about missing the next big conference call while traveling for work.

This is excellent news because you won’t need to feel tethered to a physical office or landline any longer. Instead of waiting at your desk for hours, you can route incoming callers to your smartphone before leaving for the day. Or if you are on the road, you can set the virtual phone system to deliver voicemails as SMS text messages or emails. This kind of flexibility means you can stay completely connected to your network no matter what’s going on, or where you happen to be.

You’re Free to Ignore Spammers

Often when you get a call and it’s from an unfamiliar area code, you’re less inclined to answer. It could be a new sales opportunity from a new city, or it could be a telemarketer who somehow got the name of your company and phone number. One is a valuable opportunity, the other is a great waste of time from the moment you pick up the call.

Virtual phone systems offer call screening and black and white lists for this reason entirely. You can prioritize or block certain numbers, or you can automatically redirect a caller to a different number. This feature also is useful if you would rather have sales calls go directly to the sales department instead of your office line. And with virtual phone systems, callers won’t have any idea if they are put on certain lists or if they are being redirected.

You’re Free to Grow

Whatever system you choose, you want it to be both flexible and scalable so you can grow as much as you need. A virtual phone system has unlimited capabilities, so you can add phone numbers and routing information as you go. You can accumulate thousands of lines, and all you have to do is add them to your online account! Virtual phone systems work for small companies just as well as large ones, so there is no pressure to find a new system for communicating with customers if your company expands overnight.

More than that, many startups and midsize companies don’t necessarily want their clients to know just how small their business is. With a virtual phone system, you now have the appearance of a company with vast amounts of resources at your disposal. You will be able to use toll free numbers and vanity numbers to create the illusion of a national corporation.

Save Every Penny

When your business relies heavily on new revenue, you need to have the right resources to cut down on costs. Virtual phone systems maximize savings simply because they are virtual. What does this mean? Everything you need to run the system is online and stored on the cloud. This means that you do not need to buy additional software or hardware to make it work. Plus, since the system is easy to manage and intuitive to use for the average person, you are also cutting down on training costs. A new employee can get started using a virtual phone system almost right away. And when you’re saving time, you’re also saving money!

Separate Personal Calls From Professional Ones

New business owners often make the mistake of using a personal cell phone or home number when they first set up a line for communications. This unfortunately is a dangerous habit to keep because it mixes personal calls with work calls. This means you might get interrupted with customer service complaints while you are trying to spend time with your family at home.

Instead, a virtual phone system will still allow you to use the same cell phone or landline, but offer you different phone numbers, different outgoing messages, and different forwarding rules. For example, a 1-800 toll free number and your local area code number can both be directed to your smartphone. However you can also control when you receive incoming calls from each. So no matter where you spend your time, you are sure to be free from distractions.

Get an Auto Attendant

Businesses with call centers, even small ones, can save an inordinate amount of time just by using a virtual phone system auto attendant. This is because when most current customers call your company, they are looking for essential information such as business hours and location. Instead of having a call center employee answer the same question hundreds of times a day, an auto attendant will explain these points through a pre-recorded menu.

This is also beneficial for your customers. By having a predetermined list of frequently asked questions and answers, you are saving their time, as well. They won’t have to leave a voicemail or wait on hold just to know what your closing hours are. This can give an even bigger boost to your current customer service teams.

Talk to a Virtual Phone System Specialist

Now that you understand how to use a virtual phone system to streamline processes and save resources, it is vital to talk to a professional who knows how to get you started the right way. At Global Call Forwarding, we have extensive knowledge on helping you make the most of your new virtual phone system. Give us a call at 1 (888) 908-6171 and we can walk you through the features that will benefit you the most.

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