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Bio: Sam Stevens is a travel enthusiast who writes about new trends in communications and technology. After getting her degree in writing and public relations, she climbed her way up the ranks from copywriter to content manager while working with several different marketing agencies. This experience helped her create a business that makes killer content for busy entrepreneurs.

Posts by Samantha Stevens:

Debt Collectors Have to Follow FDCPA Rules

Whether you owe a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands to a debt collector, you may be on the receiving end of some frustrating phone calls. Unfortunately, this is one of the many harsh realities of being in debt to a third party. Collectors seem to follow you everywhere.   This is a significantly [Continue Reading]

Quantum Communications is Changing Telecom Forever

Hackers are smarter and more capable than ever before, leaving virtual phone lines, computers, and smart home technology susceptible to hacking. Just as software and internet programs are created to help better society and assist us in carrying out daily tasks, there are also people using technology to invade the privacy of others, manipulate information, [Continue Reading]

How Many Phone Numbers Are Prime?

About Prime Numbers Remember doing middle school math? That was around the time we started learning about complex algorithms, multiplication, long division, and prime numbers. If you can recall, a prime number is a natural number (also called a whole number) that is greater than 1 and cannot be formed by multiplying two other smaller [Continue Reading]

Vacation Days and Productivity in the U.S. vs. Other Countries

Paid Vacation Days in the United States The United States is the only developed country in the world where paid time off is not required.   Yes, you read that correctly. Though the average American takes off about ten days off per year, none of them are actually required by law. While The Fair Labor [Continue Reading]

The Most Clever Business Cards In The World

Why Use Business Cards? While we are living in an increasingly digital world, business cards still matter. This is because networking can happen at any time and any location, including a person’s own circle of friends. They are especially convenient if you want to make a good first impression but happen to be out of [Continue Reading]

To Conference or Not to Conference – That is the Question

Being active in your trade involves quite a lot these days. Pursuits such as continuing education and constant networking can really take a toll on the average professional, and conferencing may seem like one of these time-consuming activities. However, when done the right way, participating in regular conferences offers a return on your investment that [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Effective Project Management

Companies of all sizes should know the importance of proper project management. As C-level executives become busier than ever and deal with the many responsibilities of leadership, funding, and keeping investors happy, they simply do not have the energy or space to handle projects on a working level. However, they do hire managers for a [Continue Reading]

Are You Sleeping Enough?

It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep impacts your physical and mental health. Many recent studies have all concluded that there are links between insufficient sleep and heart disease, obesity, and even diabetes. These serious health risks come into effect if sleep loss occurs over the span of a lifetime.   If you [Continue Reading]

The Best Office Pranks

For years practical jokes have been used as a way to welcome or “initiate” employees into a new or unfamiliar office environment. The great news is that harmless pranks are an excellent way to help promote camaraderie and an overall positive attitude in the workplace. When pranking is done the right way, it also helps [Continue Reading]

The 7 Different Types of Managers – Which are you?

When you’re first thrown into a management position, how do you handle workflow, delegation, and conflict resolution? Managers have different styles for taking on some of the more difficult aspects of leadership while others “let things be.” But how do you know which style is right for your team? Quality leadership involves finding a balance [Continue Reading]